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The Biggest Loser Results – Kae is Voted Out

November 20, 2007 11:57 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. The players get a much-deserved reward; Kae wins a $5,000 challenge, but can’t stay above the yellow line. It’s been a tough and dramatic elimination, with Isabeau’s
“betrayal” voting Amy out of the competition, but Alison’s about to
perk up the players by giving them a surprise reward. She hands out
envelopes, which contain photos of the players as they looked when they
first came to campus. There are gasps and cries. “This is a person I
really didn’t like very much,” says Bill, looking at his photo. Nicole
dwells on how “gross” she looked back then. “I just never want to go
back there,” she says. Alison instructs the team to go back to the
dorms and get some rest – she’ll give them the rest of their surprise

Back at the dorm, Jillian’s mighty hot under the collar over Isabeau’s decision to vote off Amy. She calls Isabeau’s decision a “massive mistake” and tells Isabeau that she’s secured a place below the yellow line for herself. Julie aggress that Isabeau’s decision jeopardized the whole team, but tries to pump up Isabeau, who’s feeling outcast, by telling her to stand up for herself. Kim, in the meantime, is thrilled when Bryan tricks her into thinking he’d been the one voted off, only to pop out at her and tackle her in a fit of laughter and hugs. He’s got even more resolve than before to stay in the game.

The next day the players are escorted to NBC Studios and onto the set of Days of Our Lives, where Alison awaits with Bryan Dattilo (“Lucas”) to divulge the rest of their surprise to them. The players are about to get an “Ultimate Makeover,” complete with photo shoot – and one lucky player will appear on the cover of Prevention Magazine. The players are pumped. “I feel like I’m definitely living a dream,” Isabeau says. Bryan claims the new haircut and clothes has given him his “swagger back.”

But the real surprise is what lies behind a three-way mirror that each player is instructed to look into once their look is complete: Their families and friends! There are tears and hugs and shouts and,did Julie say “Holy crap!”?,all around as the players are reunited with their loved ones. They go into their photo shoot feeling glamorous and the smiles are genuine. They even get to have lunch on the Days set with their families, which only furthers the resolve of pretty much everyone there.

But soon it’s back to real life and that means it’s challenge time. In tonight’s challenge, the players, quite literally, have to keep themselves suspended above a yellow line, continually climbing a moving rope. The last player to fall below the line wins a $5,000 shopping spree from Prevention Magazine. Hollie’s the first one out, and the rest of the challenge turns out to be a grudge match between Kae and Bill. But in the end it’s Kae who stays up the longest, winning her first-ever challenge. “Kae’s the ninja on campus,” Bill jokes, but everyone is happy for her.

Time for the Last Chance Workout, and Kim takes Bryan outside (looks hot out there, Bryan!). Bob’s got the team on treadmills. And Jillian’s got her team in the gym and is not letting up, even when Julie begs her to stop.

Soon the players are in the weigh-in room, everyone knowing that this is a pivotal weigh-in – for Bryan because he’s the last of Team Red and for Team Black, who’s feeling weakened by the loss of Amy. It’s a good week on the scale – everyone’s lost – but there are no huge numbers put up there. It comes down to Kae and Bryan. Byran’s 6 pound loss is enough to push Kae’s 3 pound loss below the yellow line. This is a no-brainer – Kae’s a goner.

In the Elimination Room, one by one the players talk about how much respect they have for Kae, but how they must eliminate her because she’s the greatest threat. All except Neil, who further solidifies his place as Most Unpopular Player by saying that he wants the tough threat that Kae brings and feels he can beat it. He’s the only one who votes for Nicole and also the only one who gets a hearty round of rolled eyes from the black team as he goes on about feeling like he could actually be the biggest threat.

Kae cries openly as Alison tells her that her time is up. “It’s been fun,” she cries. “,a chance of a lifetime.” Alison reminds Kae that she’s outperformed any and every female Biggest Loser contestant ever, by losing 30% of her body weight. Kae walks out with hugs and waves, saying, “Just remember why you’re here.” She goes home to greet her family, where her own mother barely recognizes her.

Tonight for the first time, The Biggest Loser brings this week’s eliminated player back for a live weigh-in. Kae looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Bob bounds out to give her huge hugs. “You’re what this show is all about!” he says. She steps on the scale. Her final weight is 137, for an 88 pound loss. She claps, yells, and laughs. “I feel like I’m so much stronger now,” she says.

Next on Biggest Loser: Whole teams stand chance of elimination as the trainers go head-to-head. It’s a close weigh-in!

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