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Kid Nation – The Boys Are Back In Town

November 21, 2007 10:30 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  We quickly had a recap of last week’s episode as we saw the power shift as three of the four teams welcomed new team members and anger as to the council’s decision running rampant.  With the addition of Blaine to the gold star ranks to the yellow district, we were left with a town council meeting that was in turmoil as Jonathan announced elections once again in Bonanza City and a "to be continued" banner flashed across the screen to set us up for tonight’s edition.

Jonathan immediately got into the election process as he had Zach stand up to give a quick speech as well as his opponent Blaine, who said that he thought that the council should motivate more and that he would.  In a surprise move, Guylan got up and said to "vote me off," immediately having Jonathan ask if there were any objections, putting DK immediately on the council.  Laurel was up next and she told the kids that she loved th job and wanted to continue  Michael got up and said that he wanted to test himself to see how he would do.  Anjay wanted a second chance and, finally, Greg wanted everybody to know that he was not such a bad guy and that they should not worry if the was on the council

Jonathan announced that it was time to vote and the kids quickly filled the ballot box.  Jonathan announced that by a 6 to 3 vote for the yellow district, that Michael had beaten Laurel.  By a 7 to 2 vote, Greg clearly beat Anjay for the leader of the blue district.  In the closest vote of 5 to 4, Blaine barely edged out Zach, sending a completely new council to helm Bonanza City, leaving many of the kid shaking their heads at the possibly upheaval in the town, especially Mike and Sophia.

A surprising couple of scenes wondering about the fact that Greg and Blaine were in power and what that would do and Zach was seen lamenting the fact that he was no longer in power and was thinking of going home because he missed his parents. 

Day 29 had the new council seen meeting and talking about the lack of respect that everybody seem to have towards everyone else in Bonanza City.  What was strange was that there was no Diary Room conclave this week for the council to ponder, so we had to know that the new council was in control of the situation.  The newly formed council decided to get hold of the situation by having a town meeting to illustrate the whole respect ordeal in their minds.  The kids were assembled in the saloon and listened as the council said that they were going to all come forward and talk about themselves and if anyone talked or made a sound that they were going to start all over again.  As the kids started, Natashia was the first to make a sound, starting the process all over.  This went on repeatedly for maybe 5 or more times until one kid was heard asking if he could pee and having Greg looking totally frustrated with the entire disastrous communication exercise.

On Day 30, we are led to presume that the kid did indeed get to pee and we are now seeing Michael talking to the green district about how he was too timid in allowing the communication exercise to continue. As he talked, Greg and Blaine were seen sneaking around and listening to the conversation between the members of the green district.  Sophia and Michael were talking about how Greg and Blaine didn’t deserve the gold star because of how they were acting.  Markelle and Eric went on to say that the council should just sit and give compliments to everybody instead of working, which they had not been doing that much.  So the council decided to do just that, and in a hilarious scene, sat in the middle of town and hurled sleazy compliments to everybody as they passed.  When they did so to Sophia, she immediately marched to them and confronted them with Laurel.  Michael joined the fray and a word battle ensued, sending Laurel away in tears and had Greg yelling that the council may not give anybody the gold star when it came to the town meeting.  Sophia likened the council to a Nazi regime as she turned and walked away in what was one of the most explosive exchanges to date on Kid Nation.

The council boys were seen having a "sitdown" with Michael to try to re-establish control as a cohesive group.  Greg apologized to Michael for listening in on their private conversation and Michael shook Greg’s hand.  Blaine then said that they needed to get people to work and Greg started talking about how Taylor was not working hard enough.  DK announced that Taylor would not share in the reward, should they win, because of her work effort.  When Taylor was seen being of the possible infraction, she said that she was probably going home anyway.

At the showdown, communication was at the forefront, or lack of it, for the challenge this week.  The challenge involved pies, 6 each team, that each team would transport to a lift and another team member would have to lift up to a platform.  Then two other team members each holding a log pole, would work together to transport the pie to the awaiting district leader.  The council member would then go though the pies to find various communication devices and have to put them in the proper order of their respective invention.

Blue was the first to get a pie to their leader, followed by green, yellow and then red.  The pies were pretty much finished in that order as was the correct naming of the proper order, making blue the upper class, green the merchants, yellow the cooks and red the laborers.  As the clock wound down, red had a final chance to name the communication devices in the correct order.

As Jonathan revealed that DK had indeed gotten the correct order giving the kids their first reward in 3 weeks.  Jonathan revealed that the first choice were ponies, that were cute and could haul water and the 2nd choice were letters from home.  The council quickly discussed the pros and cons and greg announced that the ponies were out and the letters were in.

As the council started to pass out the letters, Taylor was conveniently left out of the letter loop.  As the council had one letter left, Greg called Taylor up and told that "her consciousness would be added to their own and that she would be assimilated…."  Sorry, wrong show…I mean, she said, yes, that she would work harder, and she was rewarded her letter for her compliance.  All the kids were scene reading and, generally, crying, when they read their letters.  In the last scene, we saw Laurel still sad as to being out of power and thinking about leaving Bonanza City.

In the townhall meeting, one that followed no gold star debate, Jonathan asked if the town was satisfied with the town council and it looked like a pretty even split.  Several kids were upset how Greg was acting and generally being insensitive to the kids in general.  When Jonathan asked Greg if he would change, he agreed to try harder.  Jonathan then asked if there was anybody wanting to go home and, surprisingly, no one did.  The big gold star awarding was at hand and we were genuinely led to believe that no one would be awarded one this go round.  In a surprising move, the council awarded former council member, Laurel the gold star making the green district the leader in the golden awards.

Laurel was ecstatic with the award and gave the council hugs which had Greg saying that he wanted an individual one.   Laurel made the usual call home and was seen at the end with Greg and once again thanking him and hugging each other. 

This episode was one of the most explosive to date and is one that will surely define the final stretch of the kid Nation experience.  RealityTVMagazine will look forward to the final episodes of this show as we see if the Nation will come together.

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One Response to “Kid Nation – The Boys Are Back In Town”

  1. Mike C Says:
    November 22nd, 2007 at 9:36 am

    Another episode loaded with highs and lows and the kids behaving like young turkish clowns.
    Best scene: The incredible moving, rousing scene when Laurel let the entire kids nation in a moving rendition of “Camp Granada”(“Hello Fadda..Hello Madda..were all crazy here…at Camp Granada”) What a scene!! And Divad’s face was pricelessly joyfull.
    Followed by the great scene of Jonathan,Midge, and Wanda trying to find Kennedy lost in the Mind Shaft. Wanda’s gold teeth lighted the way.
    And the classic, “Find the Clues in the Tombstone Cemetary”with a cheating DK, Mallory, and a scheming Anjay cheated their Red team to a hollow victory!
    Amy is banished to the Island of Myfit Kids when she tattles on Laural for stealing Greg’s Cattle Prod for the Cattle Rustlers Challenge.
    Laurel’s scream when she won the Gold Star for bravery when she rescued Taylor for the Scorpion pit!! What a scene of suspense, terror, and just plain unbelievable!!! How did she get that slingshot?? Who made it and what’s with the close-ups of scorpions stinging a frog??
    The Election of Town Sheriff of Divad and Mallory as C0-Sheriffs was ruined by Midge’s voted three times for Divad.
    And the worst scene as always, shocked and appaled me!
    Why the mysterious kid hiding in the woodshed?? What’s he up to?
    And why did Jonathan recieve a rarely given Silver Star for finding the lost girl, Deidre??
    Next week:
    Kennedy reveals some secrets as the teams scramble during the Chinese Water Torture challenge!!!
    Can you stand it??!!!


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