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America’s Next Top Model Results – Lisa Goes Home

November 22, 2007 12:29 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. The models travel to Shanghai, China; Lisa is eliminated. We join the remaining 6 girls as they pack for their big adventure to China. Everyone’s excited, but a couple are still reeling over last week’s performance. In particular, it’s Lisa and Heather who are most worried about their position in the competition.

The girls arrive in Shanghai, China, and are really excited about it. "I feel like we’re a part of the The Jetsons or something," Chantal says. Heather compares the city to Las Vegas.

They meet up with Jay Manuel and Miss J., who remind them that only one of them will go back home with the title "America’s Next Top Model," and that "the competition’s going to get really, really tough."

The girls are sent off to their new China-home, which is a gorgeous high-rise penthouse. They quickly discover, however, that there are only 5 beds, and although one of them is big enough to sleep 2, Saleisha refuses to share, leaving Heather, as usual, odd-man-out. Heather gets worked up, which Bianca and Saleisha think is "hilarious," and starts to cry. "Heather is really annoying," Bianca reminds us,once again. But Heather vows, "I’m not going to let this get me down."

Chantal, the peacemaker, doesn’t think what they’re doing (making Heather sleep on the couch when there’s a bed for 2 to be had) is fair and sets about forcing them to change their minds. Thanks to Chantal, Heather gets a bed, which only further annoys Bianca, who is disgusted that Heather gets someone to stand up for her.

The next morning the girls show up for their challenge at a film studio. They’re given a quick instruction on karate "forms" by a martial artist, which they all discover looks a lot easier than it is to do. He then takes them to an area where they are dressed in Chinese robes, wired up and hoisted high above the ground, where they’ll have to perform their forms in mid-air. This, of course, causes problems for some of the models who are squeamish with heights. But none as much as Bianca who, after giving it a quick try, demands to be brought back down to the ground. Bianca is disqualified, saying, "I wanna go shopping – I don’t wanna hang off buildings." Heather, who is fearless as always, rocks the challenge and wins a $500 shopping spree in Shanghai! She chooses Chantal to go with her and the two take off for a night on the town.

The following morning the girls arrive back at the studio for their shoot. They’d been instructed to bring along their own clothes and prepare to do a shoot that will show off their own style. But when they get there, they discover that the shoot is only half of the challenge. They must also, they’re told, shoot a commercial for a new line of Cover Girl cosmetics – The Queen Collection. This challenge is right up some girls’ alleys (Saleisha’s confidence shines through; Chantal’s sweetness is beautiful on film), and for others,not so much. Heather flubs her lines so much and so many times, Jay has to eventually begin feeding her line-for-line (and still she messes them up!). Lisa gets so flustered she cries, her video coming off looking panic-stricken and teary-eyed. And Bianca, while beautiful, is way too choppy with her lines.

Tyra greets the girls in the judging room and it’s like a whole new panel in there. They’re tough on the girls this week. "Collectively, you all did really bad," Tyra tells them. But Chantal’s video stands out as better than the others. Heather’s still shot is amazing and sweet (missing the vampiress look she normally has in her pictures). Bianca’s still shot is also gorgeous and Jenah’s still shot is captivating. But Chantal, while the best on video, comes off looking like a milkmaid in her shot.

Regardless, Chantal gets top billing this week. Jenah, Bianca, and Saleisha are also in, leaving Heather and Lisa as the bottom two. Tyra says that both girls are beautiful, but Lisa worries too much about being critiqued and Heather chokes every time she’s given lines to deliver. But it’s Heather’s picture that Tyra turns over, sending Lisa home. Lisa cries and thanks Tyra for the opportunity, then hugs all the girls, one by one. She leaves the runway blowing kisses, saying, "I’m not gonna walk away a loser."

Next on America’s Next Top Model: The girls race around China on designer go-sees. Jenah struggles with the shoot.

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