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Project Runway – Sarah Jessica Parker’s Search for Good Design

November 22, 2007 12:22 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  The breakneck speed began immediately as we had a quick recap from last week as we saw the designers compete in their first challenge picking fabric from tents and watched as Simone was eliminated from the group.  As we joined the designers as they were arriving back to their apartment, Rami was sad to see Simone go over Elisa because he though that she had a better design sense for women.   

We quickly switched to the runway room and Heidi greeting the designers as she brought out the models and told them that they were in a contest as well.  Unfortunately for one of them, if they were not so fortunate to be with a good designer, usually hastened their departure from the competition quicker.  The designers all picked their models and, Wendy, the 28 year old model from Canton, Massachusetts, was the first one out.  Heidi then told the designers about their next challenge that would involve a pop culture and fashion icon, leaving the designers all wondering who it would be.  Heidi then told them to meet Tim Gunn at Parsons and he would explain the challenge in detail.

Back at Parsons, Tim arrived and readied them for the fashionista they were to design for.  Tim told her to come in and the designers lost it as Sarah Jessica Parker walked in to greet them.  She explained that she had her own fashion line, The BITTEN Clothing Line, and that she wanted them to design a woman’s sportswear piece for the line and that the winner would possibly be included in her fall/Winter collection.  The designers were told by Sarah Jessica that she wanted an affordable, 2 piece design that would retail around $40.00, which had the designers wondering about their budget.  Tim immediately told them that "retail" meant that the budget for their designs would be $15.00, which had a funny comment from Chris who said that they could afford toilet paper and scotch tape with that budget.  Tim then told them that they had thirty minutes to sketch their designs and then would present then to Sarah Jessica Parker.  She would then pick her top seven and the winners would pick team mates, which is always a volatile situation to watch.

Quickly the designers presented their design ideas to Sarah Jessica and it was hard to tell whose she favored as she really was quite kind to all of the designers, even trying to shake Kevin’s hand as he just got up and left and just seemed to ignore her.  Sarah Jessica Parker came back in with Tim and announced her top seven, giving the nods to Elisa, Kit, Victorya, Marion, Ricky, Christian and Rami, who was stood out for the second week with his design.

The winners then chose their partners and Elisa picked Sweet P, Kit picked Chris, Marion picked Steven, Ricky picked Jack, Christian picked Carmen and, finally, Rami picked Jillian.  The teams got their marching orders from Tim for the shopping spree and we quickly transitioned to the fabric store as we watched the teams pick what would be their winning design, so they all thought.  As we see the designers back at Parsons, Tim tells them they have until midnight to get the majority of their design done.

The pace was furious, as it usually is in the early part of the season, and Tim was seen checking in with the designers with under an hour to go before midnight.  Tim first saw Marion and Steven and was concerned how elaborate the design was.  Tim then saw Christian’s design and thought it looked a little "retro".  In a sidebar, Christian was not concerned with what Tim was saying and was determined to do what he wanted.  I can see a prima donna in the making already.  Tim was quick to call Victorya’s design "adorable" and was concerned that Elisa’s design was "coo-coo" because of Elisa’s metaphysical essence that she brings to design.  Tim announced that there were thirty-five minutes left which had Steven scrambling to try to get his and Marion’s design done.

The Day of Elimination found the designers with but a short hour before the models were to arrive to put the final touches on their designs.  Tim was in telling them that the models were coming in and that they had one hour to get them ready for the runway.  All of the designers, except Steven, seemed to be confident in their designs as the models headed to hair and makeup.  In a funny aside, Sweet P said that, even though she and Elisa were from different planets, that it seemed to work for this challenge.

Heidi met the designers and introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Heidi and announced the show was to begin.

As all of the designers models glided down the runway, the designers all were heard in voice overs that they were very satisfied with their designs, but I have seldom heard a discouraging word at this juncture.  The head designers order on the runway; Kit, Elisa, Rami, Marion, Victorya, Christian and Ricky.  The models all worked the designs and Heidi quickly announced, after the last model left the runway, that they had scored the designs.

She called out the teams of, Elisa/Sweet P, Victorya/Kevin, Marion/Steven and Christian/Carmen to step forward announcing that if she did not call their names, they were safe.  Kit/Chris, Rami/Jillian and Ricky/Jack were safe and sent to the room to await the results.

Heidi called out the models of the remaining designers as she told them that one was the winner and one would be "Ouwt".  The judges then critiqued each of the designs starting with Victorya’s.  They uniformly liked her design.  Marion and Steven were dissected next and the judges pretty much tore the design apart with Heidi saying a big "No" to the design.  Elisa’s design was liked by Sarah Jessica Parker, even as Elisa stated that she had spit on the fabric and that the design was "Polymorphic".  The final team to be castigated was Christian’s design as the judges all seem to show disdain for the design calling it "retro".  Christian, defiant to the end, wanted Sarah Jessica Parker’s opinion and she was not so thrilled with it either…but she said it in a nice way.

Heidi sent them away as they deliberated the fate of the designers and pretty much had played their cards in the question and answer session with the designers.  The only real question was who would win.  Heidi called them in and announced that Sweet P was safe and that Victorya was the winner and Sarah Jessica Parker told her that the design would indeed be included in her fall/winter design.  Heidi then sent Steven and Carmen off as they were safe, leaving Marion and Christian on the runway.  Heidi told each of the designers that their designs were disappointing and that Christian was "EEN" and that Marion was "Ouwt" and gave him the "Aufedersein".  Tim Gunn then said to get your stuff and get out, nicely, and the poor designer then said, as always, that he was leaving too soon.

As the designers leave one by one, the pace of the runway show will lengthen, but for now we will enjoy the frantic pace as we watch the quirky designers attempt to leave their mark on the fashion world.  RealityTVMagazine will keep you in the loop as we find the winner of Season Four.

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3 Responses to “Project Runway – Sarah Jessica Parker’s Search for Good Design”

  1. Lisa Says:
    November 23rd, 2007 at 9:58 am

    I’ve just seen a video that shows Sarah promoting her clothing line and thought the proposal very interesting (http://www.weshow.com/us/p/24488/sarah_jessica_parker_promotes_bitten). Besides, she looks great and, as many people say in the interviews shown in this video, it’s unfair naming her the unsexiest woman alive.

  2. Anonymous Says:
    November 28th, 2007 at 7:42 am

    Parker looks like a foot. She’s sweet, but definately not sexy. Unsexiest Woman Alive? Indeed.

  3. anonymous Says:
    November 28th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    Yeah, i have to agree with the judges there, Victorya had a great dress. I hope she wins more challenges in the future.


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