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Survivor China Delivers Recap Episode

November 22, 2007 09:18 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Ryan Haidet. We should have seen it coming. For “Survivor” fans wanting to feast their eyes on a new episode, CBS served up a load of leftovers – but who’s hungry for regurgitated stuff on Thanksgiving Day?

But we should have seen it coming.  Right after Jeff Probst was teasing the Tribal Council twist (for the second time in two weeks), they showed the scenes from the next episode, which included Todd clean-shaven and wearing a red Fei Long buff.  It was inevitable.

In the rewind, we’re back with all 16 contestants 27 days ago.  From the start at the temple to Frosti’s ouster last week, fans were seeing familiar things with a few new events in between.

“Survivor” brought it back to the basics when they showed the contestants doing things to survive in a slew of new scenes.  The food issue finally came up and we got to see the contestants eating worms.  Big deal, it’s “Survivor.”  Frogs were also on the menu along with “sea celery.”  The issue of sleep and building camp were also showcased.

Great highlights of this recap included watching Dave and his conflict with his fellow tribemates.  Also amusing was seeing the Fei Long members trying to mock the other contestants as was watching Todd and Amanda get plastered. 

Next week the twist they have been teasing for the last three episodes should finally be revealed.  What could it be?  Tune in next Thursday for a fresh helping of “Survivor” to see what’s coming next for the seven remaining contestants.

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