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The Amazing Race Results – Jason & Lorena Eliminated

November 25, 2007 11:59 PM by Joe Blackmon

LorenajasoneliminatedWritten By Jennifer Brown. The teams continue to race through Africa; Shana & Jennifer’s decision puts Lorena & Jason out of the running. Brother and sister team, Azaria and Hendekea are the first team
to set off on the 4th leg of the race, heading from their Pit Stop of
the village Bingo in Burkina Faso to a nearby village. There, they must
find the tribal chief, who will give them a gift and their next clue.

One by one the teams head out and find the tribal chief, who gives them a live chicken, which they must stuff into a mesh bag and carry with them throughout the remainder of this leg of the race. Tonight’s policy is, “No chicken, no check-in” (insert Redneck Hotel joke here) at the Pit Stop. Nobody seems to really have any problems with this task (although “Nate-ifer” – AKA: Nathan & Jennifer – do provide local village children a few giggles when their chicken gets away from them a time or two), and nobody seems put-out to be bringing along their feathered stowaway (Shana & Jennifer name their chicken “Phil” after their spikey-haired host).

The teams head, with chickens, by taxi to their next clue in Bouda Pelegtanga, where they’re met with a Detour: Shake Your Pan or Shake Your Booty.

En route, we get a feel for how some of the teams are doing today. Ron is feeling optimistic, saying, “Our relationship is definitely improving.” Nicolas sounds off with his own optimistic feelings about Gramps, when he tells us, “60 years of life experience is a great pool to draw from.” And Hendekea is struck by the good nature of the locals they’ve encountered in Africa, calling the people “happy,” “friendly,” and “warm.”

But back to the detour. The choice is to either pan for 1 oz. of gold or learn and perform a quick tribal dance in front of a panel of judges. Jennifer (of Team Nate-ifer) jumps on the dance, bragging that, back home, she was a Clippers dancer. They get up and boogie. I have to admit, they’re together, but rather uninspired. The judges tell them they had “no creativity” and they’re given a 10-minute penalty, during which they must wait before moving on to the next clue. “I’m going to get so much crap from the dancing world when I get back,” Jennifer jokes. TK & Rachel give the dance one look and pass, heading over to the mining task. But Azaria & Hendekea rock the dance and move on quickly. So do Kynt & Vyxsin (Kynt’s improvisation, which looked like a combination between jazzercise, karate, and baton-twirling, earned them the compliment, “,you are wonderful,” from the judges), and – surprisingly, given their weird, gyrating moves – so do Shana & Jennifer. But no such luck for Ron & Christina who, for some strange reason, decide on a butt-bump move – they get the 10-minute penalty, too.

Not surprisingly, Gramps has been a miner in his time, and he and Nicolas blast through their detour with no sweat (you go, Gramps!). And, eventually, TK & Rachel make it through the task as well.

And,pulling in from behind,remember Jason & Lorena? The ones who came in dead last during the traumatic camel-milking episode? Far, far behind the other teams, these two are still positive that they have a shot of staying in the race. “We’re not quitters, that’s for sure,” Jason says. They choose Booty and Lorena (who credits her Latino roots) is a Dance Master. They breeze right through the task. Maybe they have a chance of making it to the mat on time, after all,

But,En route to their next clue, which is at the Pelegtanga Market, and which is going to be a U-Turn (meaning, any team can choose another team to have to go back and do the other Detour task that they didn’t choose the first time through), Shana mistakenly thinks the team at their heels (TK & Rachel) is Jason & Lorena, and makes a snap decision to U-Turn them. Shana’s teammate, Jennifer, shows some compassion and tries to argue with Shana, calling it “wrong,” but Shana is relentless. She U-Turns Jason & Lorena, pretty much sealing their fate in last place. “Strategically, I think this was a grave mistake that we’ve made,” Jennifer says.

Once at the market, the teams are directed to take a taxi to the Tampouy Goat Market, where they’ll have to perform a Roadblock. During this task, one team member will have to load up a bicycle with various items and deliver those items to merchants throughout the market. There are some minor bike issues (Vyxsin’s keeps falling over, spilling everything everywhere and forcing her to start over) and some major language barrier issues, but everyone eventually makes it through, and are sent to their next destination: Hotel DeVille, their next Pit Stop.

Phil greets the teams as they come across the mat in this order:

1st: (In a super-dramatic foot race with Nate-ifer) Azaria & Hendekea, who win a pair of Yamaha motor scooters.

2nd: Nathan & Jennifer (who whines that “Everyone should get their time [in first place],” and Azaria & Hendekea have already had their time twice and so should have let Nathan & Jennifer get to the mat first, just to be fair.)

3rd: Ronald & Christina (who give each other cheers and “I love you’s.”)

4th: Nicolas & Gramps: “We’re steadily moving up the ladder.”

5th: Kynt & Vyxsin (who’s still having an emotional day, after breaking down in Kynt’s arms in the taxi ride leaving the goat market. Both the squalor and the kindness of Africa has touched this team immensely)

6th: Shana & Jennifer

7th: TK & Rachel

8th: Lorena & *sniff* Jason (who we ladies will sorely, sorely miss). Jason, who’d given a sad Lorena a pep talk in the taxi on the way to the pit stop, had promised her, “We’ll make a million dollars another way, baby.” He tells Phil, “I’m down for any adventure.”

Next on Amazing Race: Ronald has a nasty fall. The blonde bombshells bicker. Shana & Jen have a traffic scare.

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4 Responses to “The Amazing Race Results – Jason & Lorena Eliminated”

  1. Kynt Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 8:17 am

    Karma will bite the blondes so bad lol.

  2. cactusqueen Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    I’m sorry, poor Jennifer feels everyone should have a “turn” at first place???? Sorry, this isn’t a playground game during recess time but a reality show with adults racing for a million dollars. Does anyone think that if the situation were reversed she would hand over their first place to A and H just to be “fair”???

  3. Belle Book Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    The Jennifer who came in second is a very sore loser, and quite likely a hypocrite as well. I doubt she’d be willing to give up first place if she & Nathan were the ones in first twice before and Azaria & Hendekea were the ones who’d never been in first.

    Well, although Shana might’ve mistakenly believed that Lorena & Jason were right behind them, I still think the blondes were right to use the U-Turn. And since Lorena & Jason are out, at least they won’t be giving the blondes any payback. Nor should T.K. and Rachel use the U-Turn on the blondes unless they’re both near the back of the pack. After all, *they* weren’t the ones who got the U-Turn this time.

    Belle Book

  4. Danno Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

    Nathan & Jennifer: Girlfriend… Are you serious? You expect charity in this race? Nuh uh!

    And as for the blondes, by the same token that Jennifer was misguided about how the race should be played, most everyone else is misguided about their play with the U-turn. It is a game for a million bucks. Why not use the U-turn. It is possible that they could’ve gone home (didn’t turn out that way as they were third from last, but still–it is a game!)

    Having said that, they probably can expect some “foul” play directed back at them.

    And Jason… Damn bro! You’re making every guy in America look like a bad boyfriend compared to you. Probably one of the most supportive teammate in the history of the Amazing Race. Lorena, I hope you consider yourself lucky.


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