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Beauty and the Geek – A Surprise Ending and Home Town Visits

November 27, 2007 10:24 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern. Last week’s recap had the final three teams "wining" for the chance to
get to the finals and the chance for $250,000.00 prize money.  We
watched as we finally saw the lovely Jen and the lovable William saying
goodbye to the mansion and the chance to win the ultimate prize.  The
saddest part was that, for once during last week’s episode, the pair
actually had glimpses of compatibility, albeit for a few moments, as we
narrowed the field down to Dave and Jasmine and our reversal couple,
Nicole and Sam for the final showdown.

We opened with the Evening of the Final elimination and the two finalist couples dressed for what appeared would be the final elimination dynamics as explained by our host, Mike.  Mike greeted the couples and remarked how no one gave Jasmine and Dave odds on being in the finals.  Mike said that the pair had the biggest turn-around in Beauty and the Geek history as they won the final three challenges.  Mike then turned to Sam and Nicole and said that certainly no one expected them to even be in the running, which had Nicole saying the they certainly showed them.  Mike told them that the game was not headed to the elimination room tonight and that the game was changing once again.

The banner displayed announcing "3 Days Earlier" and we saw Mike talking to the two couples in the study and telling them that they were all going home and taking their partners with them to meet the people from their respective hometowns and that cars were waiting to take them to the airport immediately.

Jasmine was very excited to go home and to take Sam and was seen giving last minute fashion advice to him.  Nicole was seen saying that she was excited about seeing her roommates and seeing if they noticed the change in her.

Two Days Before.  We see the teams flying to their respective hometowns and Dave and Jasmine arrived in Boston to see Dave’s friends and get a taste of his life.  It was funny to see Dave’s role play friends and how much they seemed to be like Dave.  Jasmine said she was surprised to see how social Dave was and that she did not expect that.  Dave’s friends surprised Jasmine by taking her to a local park and dressed her up in the role playing garb and they all played a role playing game.  Jasmine seemed to be fairly confident as a LARPER; maybe it was beginner’s luck or maybe they were going easy on her for the cameras, but Dave and Jasmine were the victors in the end.

We next head to Davis, California, Sam’s stomping grounds and get to see Sam taking Nicole to his gym for a strenuous workout.  Sam was funny as he said that he didn’t imagine Nicole had been to the gym that much and Nicole said that chocolate was the reason for her beautiful physique.  Sam then took Nicole to The Graduate Bar to meet his brother, Joe along with some of Sam’s friends.  They all sat around drinking and Sam noticed that Nicole didn’t drink much and said that probably the only reason she drank was to please him.  What was a very funny scene was Sam and his friend doing the dance based on The Matrix movie and Sam noticed that his friend had obviously not been practicing because Sam was considerably more flexible as he did The Matrix moves.

The next scene had Nicole taking Sam to Tufts University in Boston and explained to Dave that she was not a voice major, but instead studied music and then proceeded to blow Sam away with her vocal skills as she sung on stage for him.  Sam was amazed how far Nicole had come and that she felt comfortable enough to sing for him.  Nicole then took Sam to meet her roommates and they greeted Sam and noticed that Nicole had started to accessorize more, saying that she had never bothered before.

We finish our home town excursions with a trip to Columbus, Ohio, home of Jasmine.  Dave actually met Jasmine’s mother and sister and he got to see a collage of pictures of Jasmine and her life.  Jasmine then took Dave to the kids house where she baby sits and had fun playing with the kids.  In a daring trampoline move, Dave, our Mexico flipping Geek, did not so great on the trampoline and took somewhat of a header.  Jasmine said "no more of that" and was talking about how much of a big kid Dave is.

Day of Final Elimination back in LA had the four noticing how big the mansion felt with just the four of them there.  Dave was seen packing and Jasmine came in to talk to Dave about the final elimination.  We got to see the journey the two had taken to get to this point and Jasmine talked of how she was originally hurt that Dave had not wanted to be paired with her.  Dave was please with how much the two changed and grown together nd you could see that both Dave and Jasmine had a definite fondness for each other.

Sam and Nicole’s journey seemed to be slightly different as they seemed to have a target on their backs immediately because of the "twist".  Nicole said that she had definitely learned many lessons from Sam in learning to relax and be more adaptive.  Sam said that he thought Nicole had really become less shy and really had come out of her shell.  He also said that he thought that Nicole had given him a gift of being more confident in studying and being more diligent.   

The final four had a last dinner together and I was struck how much these four genuinely had a fondness for each other.  It was gracious to see how each team was genuinely confident that, no matter what the results, they were all fine with whoever won.  Jasmine said that they would be friends no matter what and in a very touching scene, Dave gave Jasmine a charm that his mother had gotten from a trip to China, which really touched Jasmine.

Final Elimination Day and we arrived back to where we started at the top of the show.  Mike said that the game was changing once again and that there would not be a final elimination as before, in a huge surprise, America would be voting on the final couple.  The couples had a few minutes to prepare a speech for America and both teams retired to plan what they were going to say.

Both teams wanted to take a more "from the Heart" approach as they planned their appeal to America, especially Sam and Dave.  Jasmine and Dave went first and Dave appealed to America about how far they had come together.  Jasmine was much more free flowing in her approach saying that she and Dave had come so far together and that she would hope that America could notice that.

Nicole was the first to speak for her and Sam and said that she and Sam were so different but they had truly become a true team that had come to respect each other.  Sam agreed and said that Nicole had taught him to be come so much more diligent and that they truly had become a great team together. 

Mike thanked the teams for their appeals and told America that it was up to them.  If they wanted Jasmine and Dave, they were to text the letter A to 72227; if they wanted Sam and Nicole to text the letter B to 72227 and that if they wanted to vote online, they could go to CWTV.com and vote anytime until noon eastern time on Friday, November 30th.

Next week the votes from America will be revealed between two of the most likeable teams of this season and a winner will be crowned.

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2 Responses to “Beauty and the Geek – A Surprise Ending and Home Town Visits”

  1. Debora Medlin Says:
    November 28th, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    I think Dave and Jasmine should win. I didnt know where to go to cast my vote.

  2. Debora Medlin Says:
    November 28th, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    I think Dave and Jasmine should win. I didnt know where to go to cast my vote.


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