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America’s Next Top Model Results – Heather is Out

November 29, 2007 05:42 AM by Joe Reality

Written By Jennifer Brown. The models try their hands at go-sees, China-style; Heather is eliminated.

It’s all about personality tonight – who has it and who doesn’t. Well, okay, we all know that Heather struggles with personality, but tonight more than ever we get front row tickets to Jenah’s diva-style personality issues as well.

For tonight’s challenge, the models go on “go-sees,” a stressful and maniacally-paced timed challenge for any model, but even more so for a model traveling in a foreign country. Each model is given a portfolio, a map, a taxi, a translator, and a firm time-limit, and told to get to and wow as many designers as is humanly possible.

Saliesha and Bianca are all over this challenge. “That is, like, the best challenge ever!” Saliesha cheers. Bianca is determined that she will win. Heather, on the other hand, is nervous, knowing her own personal limitations when it comes to first impressions.

The models head out in a strong rain. Saliesha gets good reviews on her chipper personality (I wonder if that includes the way she’s treated Heather these past few weeks,?), but not such great news on her shots (one designer calls her “so dull”). Chantal, too, gets points for perkiness, but gets a big minus when she mistakenly wears hot pink and black lace panties rather than the professionally appropriate skin-colored ones. Jenah’s got the look in photos, but her walk gets criticized and she reacts with a who gives a care attitude that’s most unappealing to the designers. Bianca brings it – “Going home is not an option,” she says. And Heather,poor Heather,just gets lost. My feet hurt just watching her traipse around Shanghai looking for her first designer location.

The claws definitely come out during this challenge and it’s clear that we’re now down to an “every model for herself” kind of game. Saliesha kisses up to the designers, oohing and ahhing over their designs so much that Chantal is disgusted, but then Saliesha freezes good buddy Bianca out when Bianca asks for directions to a particular designer’s studio. “We can’t be sisters all the time, you know,” Saliesha says (*hissss*).

No matter how they did at the go-sees, it comes down to traffic for the models, as almost all of them underestimate how long it will take to get back to the modeling agency from their last go-see. Saliesha plays it safe and arrives with plenty of time. Bianca squeezes in at the last moment. But Chantal and Jenah don’t make it. And Heather, who loses her taxi and wanders around some more, is 40 minutes late. The three of them are disqualified from winning the challenge. They all head out for a night on the town and, while they’re out having fun, the winner of the challenge is announced. It’s Bianca, for her first challenge win!

The next day the models show up for their shoot, which is going to be shot by none other than Nigel Barker. The theme of this week is Standing Out in the Crowd. The models must be photographed surrounded by colorful Chinese lions and dragons, and yet must take command of the shot themselves. (Incidentally, it’s during this shoot that we get to see again one of the best ANTM shots ever – Caridee’s bullfighter shot)

Jenah, who is “not intimidated by Nigel at all,” comes across as ultra-sarcastic and arrogant and totally turns Nigel off. Heather, who’s so overthinking everything these days, second-guesses herself at every turn and comes off stiff. Chantal can’t hide her giggly smile every time she’s praised and thus loses shots. Bianca has a problem with fluidity. But Saliesha struts on set with a confidence we’ve never seen in her before, quickly becoming Nigel’s favorite of the day.

The judging panel is tough, with Tyra giving lectures about being on time with go-sees and Nigel handing out advice about attitude problems. “Be careful, because you’re stepping on a very fine line,” he warns Jenah.

Tyra stands before the models and tells them that the four left standing will be jetting off to Bejing, China’s fashion capitol. Saliesha gets the first spot, followed by Bianca and Chantal, leaving Heather and Jenah in the last two spots. Not a surprise here – it all comes down to personality. And, even though Jenah’s got the sarcasm that “turns off the judges,” she gets that fourth and final spot, sending Heather home.

Heather is stoic about it. She gives hugs all around (even to backstabbing Bianca, which shows Heather’s grace, if you ask me), and literally skips off the runway. “We love you, Heather,” somebody (was that Chantal?) calls after her, and she waves.

Privately, in tears, Heather tells the camera, “I wanted to prove that I could do this. ,The experience is much more than the prize.”

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