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James Makes Grave Mistake And Meets ‘Survivor: China’ Demise

November 29, 2007 08:41 PM by Ryan Haidet


Written by Ryan Haidet.

It was a night of temptation on “Survivor: China.” Would the remaining players be able to resist “biting the apple?”

More on that later because the episode began when the teased twist finally arrived. Just after voting out Frosti, host Jeff Probst announced that there was some unfinished business left for them to attend to at Tribal Council. After the jury was asked to leave, the camera couldn’t have captured any better the looks of concern from the seven remaining contestants. They all looked scared as many of them (along with viewers) were likely expecting another vote. But instead of another elimination, a reward challenge was set to begin.

Playing for a trip by plane to theShaolin Temple – a 1,500-year-old place where kung fu started. Along with spending the night there, the winner would feast and be shown a kung-fu demonstration. It was a game of questions and the first to five correct answers would get the reward. Once again, the self-proclaimed loser, Peih-Gee, won and was given the chance to take two people. It was no big surprise that she took both Erik and Denise.

After the three left for their reward on the morning of day 28, the four remaining at camp (Todd, Amanda, Courtney, James) were excited to have the place to themselves. They agreed that they should be in the final four together as it seemed so right. But Amanda didn’t feel confident in that at all. She was ready to make a change in the game.

While the others were at camp talking the three others boarded the plane and shared snacks, drinks and fellowship as they traveled to their reward. When they arrived, they were all in awe of the temple – especially Denise. “I could not thank Peih-Gee enough for picking me for this reward,” Denise said. “To take that experience back home for the rest of my life, there’s no words to really describe that.” A group of martial artists gave an amazing demonstration of their craft. Seemingly quiet Denise was put on the spot and asked to demonstrate the kung fu she is capable of doing. It showed a new side of the lunch lady.

Served some Chinese food and actually eating at a table, the three couldn’t have looked happier and it was actually pleasant to watch them all hang out on what Peih-Gee called “an amazing award.” The night just kept getting better for them as they were then taken to their room, which featured pillows and mats – far more comfortable than the shelter back at the Hae Da Fung camp.

Day 29 brought pouring rain to the members back at camp as the reward winners returned. In an attempt to keep Zhan Hu alive in the game, Erik approached James and asked him to join in an alliance with Peih-Gee and himself. James refused to flip and told Erik that it would be foolish for him to bail on his five and go with the two. Why would he want to “bite the apple” when the temptation would ruin his chance at moving on the in game?

On day 30 Amanda and Courtney took a walk to treemail and the strategy started. Amanda pitched to Courtney that now would be the appropriate time to blindside James. In doing so, both idols would be out of the game. “James keeps telling everyone, ‘Stay away from the apple, don’t eat the apple, this is our final four, that’s it,’” she said. “I’m not only ready to bite the apple, I’m ready to make the whole frickin’ pie. All we have to do is make sure he doesn’t win immunity today.”

At the immunity challenge, each player threw three ninja stars at targets scoring differently depending on where they hit. The contestants with the highest scores after their first three shots would move on to the final round. Here’s how it broke down:

-Peih-Gee: 0

-Todd: 3

-Erik: 6

-Courtney: 6

-James: 6

-Amanda: 6

-Denise: 2

Instead of three players, it came down to four in the final round featuring all those who scored six. Each player was given one throw each and the target was moved ten feet further back. After everybody got their turn, Erik became the newest owner of the individual immunity necklace after he won the final round, scoring three points.

Back at camp Amanda and Todd talked about blindsiding James. All the other Fei Long members agreed, but the only issue is if he would use one of the idols. So, Todd said they had to convince him they were voting out Peih-Gee.

After talking with Amanda, Peih-Gee, who was assuming she was going home, told Erik she thought James was being targeted. In response to that she said that she was going to vote for Todd because if James plays the idol, Todd would be gone. Either way, she would be safe. Tension continued to build as Tribal Council loomed and James said he would have the idols there in his possession just in case.

At Tribal Council, James made it known that the remaining two Zhan Hu members needed to be voted out. Peih-Gee was upset. “Calling us losers isn’t going to make us too happy,” she said. “You guys have to realize, these are going to be people that eventually, you’re gonna want voting for you in the end, right?”

Trust became the main topic at Tribal as everybody seemed to be on edge with this vote. The votes were cast and the tension was amazing. If James played the idol, the strategist, Todd, would be eliminated. If not, James would be gone. Would he play it? James, sensing his security, made the grave mistake in not playing either idol. It came down to one vote Todd, one vote Peih-Gee and the rest going to James as he became the fourth member of the jury. J

ust moments after his “Survivor” life was snuffed, James Clement, a gravedigger from Louisiana said, “I have the two idols, I guess I should’ve played them. I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I kind of caught a feeling, but I still didn’t do it. Dealing with those people and trying to hold those fruit loops together this whole damn time, it was killing me. You can’t be angry with anybody, it’s a game. I mean, they played their best hand, they did what they were supposed to do. I rolled the dice too many times and I just got caught.”

With nine days left and the finale looming, only six remain vying for the $1 million prize. Will Peih-Gee and Erik be able to keep Zhan Hu in the game or will the four Fei Long members stick together and take them out next? Tune in next Thursday to CBS to find out.

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