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Kid Nation: I Just Like The Recess Part

November 29, 2007 01:41 PM by Joe Reality

By DA Southern

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, we once again revisited the surprising council vote as we saw every district elect new leaders in Michael, Blaine, DK and Greg. The subsequent upheaval had several very vocal kids stand up during the town council and complain about the new leadership and particularly called out Greg for his inability to lead by failing to listen to the kids. After Greg said that he would listen to the kids, the Gold star ceremony was held with Laurel winning the gold star and it looked as though the kid Nation may have settled down.

Until the start of this week’s episode, anyway. Immediately we see Taylor with a brown chicken and not wanting any harm to come to the chickens who lay eggs. However, Greg and the rest of the town council boys had decided that it was time for a feast and they decided to kill ten chickens for a feast for the Kids. Taylor was incensed that the chickens were going to be killed because they lay eggs. Gregg immediately retorted that all chickens lay eggs. A melee ensued over which chickens would be killed for dinner. Welcome to this week’s episode of Kid Nation.

Taylor and the girls who were protesting were approached by a level headed Sophia who mediated which chickens Taylor wanted spared, which satisfied Taylor and her posse. Gregg immediately took the chickens and started to get them ready for the dinner by dispensing with their heads. Taylor, still not happy, led a march with two other girls for saving the chickens. Did she eat? We may never know for sure.

As Taylor was on her rampage, we saw 9 year old Alex, Anjay and Jared discussing the philosophical nature of the universe, but enough about 9 year old Alex. The council boys headed to the journal room for the first time and consulted the Yoda of Bonanza City, the Holy Journal. It seems that education -or a lack of it- was an issue for Bonanza City and the council members found History study books about Bonanza City that each district was to study, probably for the showdown. Each council member had to try and convince his district members to study and Blaine was sure that his district, especially Taylor, would not even attempt to study.

The council announced that the kids would have to study and Taylor, as usual, was being quite belligerent about studying while one of the other girls announced that studying would probably have something to do with the upcoming showdown which sent Taylor’s face down.

Alex, the 9-year-old genius was trying to get his district to learn the history and was going way to fast for most of them. Over in the green district, Sophia had the district act out scenes to better learn the history. In the yellow district, anarchy ensued as Taylor and Leila left to go to pet the chickens. Blaine rounded up the posse, know as the town council, and they approached Taylor and told her that since she was making no attempt to study, that she would not partake in the reward should the town win it at the showdown.

Jonathan met the kids to explain the show down and told the kids that it was about history that they were supposed to have studied earlier. Jonathan was alerted that Taylor was the only one who had not studied and would not share any reward, should they win.

Jonathan then told the kids that they would be quizzed on the history they were to have learned. The kids were to use sling shots to pop balloons with the answers of the questions and that the first district that popped three right answers, they would become the Upper class. For the entire town to win reward, the left over ammo would have to fill a jar, so the districts would have to aim carefully.

Jonathan began to question the kids and off they went with the shooting of the sling shots. Green popped their way to the lead and blue quickly popped back into the lead with two quick winning answers. Yellow scrounged their way into the game while the pitiful red district could not even hit the balloons. Green made short of every other district as they became the Upper Class and green quickly secured the Merchant Class. Red managed to tie with yellow and yellow broke the tie to become the Cooks, leaving red to be the lowly Laborers. The districts poured their left over ammo into the jar and red was able to have enough for the kids to win reward.

Jonathan announced that the first choice was a library, which many of the kids, led by Sophia greatly cheered. The second choice revealed by Jonathan was a free arcade, which sent most of the kids screaming for joy. The council retreated to discuss the decision and seemed split as to which of the prizes to choose. DK explained that they only had eight days left, so fun was in store. Greg announced that the council had chosen the arcade, which sent the kids screaming for joy, but that Taylor could not play since her work ethic was so poor.

The arcade was set up and the council announced that everyone would need to work before enjoying the arcade. The upper class immediately went to the arcade since they were immune from working, which had Mike and Jared very unhappy. We see Sophia, who proclaimed herself a 30-year-old in a fourteen year old body, pulling a wagon to collect books to open up a library in Bonanza City, proclaiming that the arcade was not for her. Mike and Jared had finally had enough as we heard Jared say, “Screw the job” as he and Mike went to the arcade. By this time, most of the time was at the arcade, leaving the Taylor virtually alone. Zach encouraged Taylor and asked her to help with the dishes, which had Taylor shouting a resounding “NO”.

Zach goes about his business and we see Taylor giving a look at the piles and piles of dishes and announces that she was going to clean the dishes as clean as they had ever been. Taylor began her longest stint as a worker since arriving at Bonanza City, which garnered the notice of Zach, who looked on with pride, and Greg, who looked shocked to she her working, in spite of hearing “This arcade is so awesome” filtering from the arcade. Hunter, who we had seen saying that he decided not to do the arcade, but instead make his Dad proud by working hard, decided to help Taylor.

The Bonanza City patriarchs, Blaine and Greg, announced that Taylor had passed the test and would be allowed in to the arcade to play and then Greg carried her to the arcade.

Day 34 had Sophia waking up and seeing the town deserted; noticing everybody was up all nigh gambling and playing in the arcade all night like drunken sailors. Sophia said that the arcade was like a drug and DK was regretting the decision of the arcade because the town was not getting any work done. Sophia was even “cooking breakfast for 37 kids” as she said, because everybody was in the arcade. Finally Sophia confronted Blaine about his not making breakfast which had Blaine telling her that he couldn’t go because he had money on the game.

At the town hall meeting, Jonathan asked who liked having the arcade in town, which had most raising their hands. When he asked who didn’t like it, Sophia led the charge by saying that it had become disruptive. DK announced that the arcade would be padlocked until work was accomplished and the council decided to give Sophia the title of Sheriff to keep the arcade policed.

At the gold star ceremony, Hunter was awarded the star and he announced that his father had been out of work and he knew that he could use it. When Hunter called home, his parents were shocked at the value of the star and hunter was given a congratulatory hug by the other kids at the end of the episode.

While the credits rolled, we saw Taylor and Leila with a chicken and a funny comment from Leila saying that either the chicken smelled or it was Taylor’s breath while we learned that next week Sophia will be in charge as the council is away.

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2 Responses to “Kid Nation: I Just Like The Recess Part”

  1. Christine Fix Says:
    November 29th, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Nice recap! :)

  2. polker Says:
    December 2nd, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    The above recap is very good but there were more moments to cherish which proved this show has the sterotypes down pat;although the kids offer humor, sass, and general wickedness.
    Loved gossipy Bea elected to Town Crier after she had passed along some malicious gossip about Jonathan, Greg, and Midge.
    Wanda losing one of her gold teeth during the Chinese Water Torture challnege and Divad finding the hidden watershed with the unknown, Hunter, who lived on insects. His surprising win of the Gold Star was astounding since he had been out of the Kind Nation loop for weeks.
    Laurel breaking into an inpromtu rendition of “Home on the Range” during the Town meeting. DK doing a softshoe with a cane and a straw hat!!!Wow!
    And of course, the intrigue. Ratso’s mishandling of the Bizarro Funds and his banishment to the Island of Misfit Kids. Amy’s wild hula during the Dance Marathon and Taylor baking cookies for the Nation.
    The red team’s sour looks after the competions’s and Greg’s saving Kennedy from further injury when a tree fell on him.
    Kennedy in the make-shift hospital revealing the Treasure Map is somewhere in Gultch’s Cove!!!! What is that???
    And the ongoin drama between Divad and little Fee-Fee for who is prettiest girl competion!!!!
    Next week, everyone’s true colors emerge during the Sheep Shearting Competion followed by the building of Laural’s Candy Factory!!!! Wow!!! What resourceful kids!!!
    Stay tuned for more draman!!!


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