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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the Stockdale family

December 02, 2007 07:51 PM by Joe Reality

By DA Southern. Ty Pennington and designers Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis, Eduardo Xol and John Littlefield, continue their trek across America to assist a family in each of the fifty states as they head into the town of Middleton, ID and the Stockdale family. Of the many Extremes I have seen, this family has got to be one of the most affected in terms of threatening situations.

Ryan and Karia Stockdale were high school sweethearts who married right after graduation. They now have four children, all of whom suffer from a rare yet devastating disease known as Eosinophilic Enteropathy. EE is a white blood cell disease that attacks proteins, preventing the ingestion and digestion of food. It also affects and causes diseases of the lungs, kidneys, blood, intestines and immune system.

As Ty and the family watch the video on the bus, they see Ryan and Karia talk about the illness that has struck their kids, Kayden the oldest of the kids, Jetty who is five, Baylee the four year old, and baby McKinnon, who is two and the conditions of the home they all reside in. In addition to the kids, Dad, Ryan has his own battles as well, but through it all the family continues to work in various community projects that extend aid and comfort to many.

Day 1 8:52 am Ty Shouted with the megaphone and the family rushed to meet Ty and the designers. Karia was grateful to see the design team knowing that her life was soon to change. Ty told them that they were headed to Philadelphia, PA where some of the research for EE is being done.

Ty went in with Ryan and Karia to see the general conditions of the home and the different medical equipment that they must use to give the kids a sterile environment. Ryan told Ty that he wasn’t sure of how long that he might even have the kids and how he was determined to be because the inability of doctors to give them information. As Ty was moved by Ryan’s story of determination to help find a cure for the kids, the other designers were with the other kids to see what the themes wer to be for their rooms. Paul was with Jetty and determined that he was a huge Star Wars fan and saw that Kayden was an Abraham Lincoln fan; Paige was with Baylee and saw her love of cowgirl stuff and finally, Eduardo was with the baby girl an saw her love of Winnie the Pooh. So with all of the designers set, Ty sent the family to Philadelphia for their week vacation.

Day 2 started at 9:19 am with Ty showing the family the arrival of Cory from CBH builders as he actually skydived onto the build site immediately followed by 1500 of his crew and volunteers. Cory made an emotional appeal that had many crying in the group and the builders immediately started the demo, with the help of several very large implements.

Day 3 started with us at 10:41 am and the house was in full build. Ty was telling us that much of this build was unseen as he said that the drilling crew spend most of the night drilling a well that would provide clean water. Paige was seen working on the cowgirl room barn that would be filled with toys and poor Eduardo was seen designing practically the rest of the house. Oh sure, he was smiling but I was sure that I saw a look of fear in his eyes, begging the question, “What was Ty doing?”

Day 4 again had the action picking up at 10:45 am with Ty showing us the massive air-filtration system that was being installed to ensure the kids had clean air, which was an important aspect of keeping their disease at bay. In Philadelphia, we saw the family going into the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where the kids were being tested completely for the extent Eosinophilic Enteropathy is having on them. In a touching scene, we saw the kids first time eating fruit that the doctors had determined they could eat. Paul had made the trip to see th family and was touched to witness the first time the kids had an opportunity to taste food. Paul was also there to delver exceptional news for Ryan and Karia by telling them that CVS Pharmacy had picked up their medical bills and had decided to pay for Ryan’s college bills, which had both of the weeping.

Day 5 again had the action picking up at 10:23 am and saw the build nearing completion as the landscaping was being completed with Eduardo showing how recycled tires were being used to make concrete-type slabs safe for the kids. We finally saw what Ty was up to as his secret project was the family kitchen, a somewhat unusual project as the kitchen is usually part of the family room area. The coolest part was designer John making a trip to Lucas Films and the Star Wars empire to borrow props from the vault for Jetty’s room. When John went back to the build he had Chewbacca with him to help because wookies are much taller and can change light bulbs better.

Day 6 rolled around at 4:20 pm for us as the furniture was being rolled in and the house was being completely stocked and prepared for the families arrival. Day 6 seemed to finish up with Ty and Chewbacca sitting on the porch and Ty convincing Chewbacca to take him on the Millennium Falcon.

Day 7 and the family arrived home to a throng of family, friends, the builders and, of course, Ty and the gang. The family had a quick meet and greet with the builders as Ty and the family said the classic line, “Bus Driver, Move That Bus…” and the bus rolled away to the beautiful home awaiting the family, which immediately sent Ryan and Karia weeping and hugging Ty and the designers. Ty sent them into the house and this build had a different look to it as the needs of the family were slightly different. Ty came in and pointed out the features of the rooms and sent them all to their rooms.

Kayden was first into his room, the Abe Lincoln room and it was very stylish, just as Abe would like it. McKinnon was next into her Winnie the Pooh room and was cute as she touched all of the pooh toys. Jetty, a fitting name for a Star Wars fan, by the way, was so excited to see all of his Star Wars toys and, finally, Baylee was very happy in her cowgirl room. The final room reveal had Ryan and Karia looking at their Master Suite and happy to have a retreat to be able to relax in. Ty then took Ryan into his study and Ryan was happy to have a tranquil setting to focus on his school work and then Ty took Ryan outside to see the new 2008 Ford Taurus X for Ryan and the family.

In the big reveal from Ty, he showed them a sterile kitchen that would give Karia a chance to prepare meals and then showed her a separate kitchen that was completely separate from the main kitchen for Karia to prepare the formula needed for the kids.

Ty finally had the designers in to meet the family for the final time and gave us the, “Welcome home, Stockdale family, Welcome home.”

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