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Beauty and the Geek: And The Winners Are…

December 04, 2007 08:02 PM by DA Southern

The Final Four The final four settled in for the final vote from America and were reunited with all of the original mansion dwellers from Season 4 as we see if America decided on LARP-er Dave and his partner Jasmine, the happy Nanny, or the team that changed the game — male beauty Sam and female geek Nicole?

Host Mike Richards bounded onto the stage where the live studio audience awaited to welcome everyone to the live reunion/results show as we saw a quick recap of the arrival and some of the antics of the Beauties and the Geeks as well as the transformation results of the Geeks. Mike then introduced the couples in the order that they were eliminated and they all came in and took their place on the various couches. The most surprising…well, not really…was that William and Jen were not very friendly to each other. Mike even asked them if it was too soon to see each other and Jen responded that it was “OK” and William just smirked.

Mike showed a quick montage of how Will had seemed to irritate almost everyone and Will was genuinely embarrassed to see himself displayed in that manner, but made no excuses for it. Instead, he apologized for his actions to everyone and said he had taken steps to truly change out he was perceived.

After the break, Mike introduced the first of the four finalist, Dave and Jasmine. They hugged each other very hard and truly were glad to see each other. Mike invited them to the couch and remarked how much they seemed to had missed each other and Jasmine agreed. Mike then took them on a journey of how they were put together and how Dave was not excited to have Jasmine as his team mate. We then saw how Dave and Jasmine struggled through the first five challenges and that it took a comment from Joshua and Shay to get Dave to actually have the fear of God put into him and Jasmine and how they then pulled it all together. Jasmine and Dave picked up steam at the Superhero contest and never looked back, winning the final three challenges propelling them into the finals.

On the couch, Mike talked to Dave and asked him how Jasmine had changed. Dave said that Jasmine was helpless and had become more sufficient. Jasmine said that Dave had become much more social since coming into the mansion. Mike then talked to Jasmine and how she had not been able to conquer her fear of Tarantulas in one of the challenges and brought a cage with one out for Jasmine to touch. Dave took it out of the cage and it got away from him and then crawled on his back. Jasmine finally got up the nerve to touch the furry creature as we went to break.

Sam and Nicole were brought out and after a warm hug, sat at on the couch to talk to Mike. Mike narrated the twist of Sam as the Beauty and Nicole as the Geek and how they had a target on their backs from the first day they were in the house. The clips then showcased how Sam had grown close to Rebecca during the competition and how Nicole had thought she was a threat to their game and orchestrated her departure from the house, playing both Rebecca and Sam in the process. After Rebecca left, Sam buckled down and ended up winning 5 of 8 challenges to garner a spot in the final four for he and Nicole.

Mike immediately asked Sam about his and Rebecca’s relationship and how this was the first time he had seen her since she had left. Sam shot a longing look towards Rebecca and Mike asked if they wanted to say hello to each other, which immediately sent Sam up from the couch as Rebecca made her way down to Sam. They embraced each other and kissed until Mike said that it was only an hour show. Mike then asked Rebecca if she had any animosity towards Nicole and she said she did not, that it was a game and she understood. Rebecca’s partner, Will, then spoke up and said how much he admired the way that Nicole played both Sam and Rebecca, saying that it was “Magnificent”.

After the break, Mike talked about the fan favorites, Joshua and Shay and how they were referred to as “an old married couple” by the rest of the house. Mike narrated as we watched how much they did indeed seem like an old married couple as Joshua mainly acted like a henpecked husband. On the couch, Mike asked Shay what she learned from Joshua and she quickly said, “Patience”. Joshua said that he thought that he thought Shay more of a bossy Mom which had Mike asking what his Mom thought. Mike then said that he would ask Joshua’s Mom himself about what she thought and then had Joshua’s Mom, Marla come out. Marla looked like a older version of Joshua as she came out to greet her son and Shay, which turned into a group hug. As Mike talked to the ladies, Joshua ended up saying that he was afraid to interrupt either of them.

Mike then told of a poll that was done showing Sam as the biggest Beauty crush and Joshua as the Geekiest Geek. Mike then asked Josh how he was doing since the show and Josh replied how he had changed. Mike said that he changed himself and gave himself his own makeover and had all of the hair removed from his body, telling Mike that Rebecca had said that promised him a massage. Mike had a massage table rolled out as Rebecca made good on her promise as they headed to break.

Mike glided out of the break with classic and very funny moments from what has turned out to be the best season yet of Beauty and the Geek showing how the Beauties and the Geeks had come to appreciate each other. Mike then asked how some of them had changed. Luke said that he got his hair done at a salon now and that he was now a dating magnet; Holly said that she was going back to school; Jen said that she had gained confidence to become a Realtor; Luke said that he now had a girlfriend and in the most surprising of all statements, William said that he said not to judge a book by a cover. Maybe William had indeed grown a bit from the experience after all.

Mike finally got the two couples, Sam and Nicole and Dave and Jasmine up to center stage and presented them each with an envelope. One had the check for $250,000 and the other was empty. Mike said on the count of three, they were to open the envelopes. Mike counted, “one…two…sorry, we are going to break”, which we knew was going to happen…we still had several minutes to fill.

The final segment had Mike counting once again and Dave and Jasmine opened the envelope with the check in it sending Sam and Nicole home empty handed. Mike announced that the next Beauty and the Geek was now looking for their next contestants and to log on to the CW website if you have what it takes to be the Biggest loser…I mean, the biggest Beauty and the Geek, as Dave and Jasmine were swamped by the other contestants and the credits rolled.

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