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The Biggest Loser — The Black Team Picks Off Nicole

December 04, 2007 10:08 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest Loser Nicole ââ¬

Jillian’s Black Team has been mighty successful in making sure we have a first-ever single teamed finale, and they proved themselves again last week when sending sole remaining Red Team member, Bryan, home.

“I think it’s poetic justice,” Julie tells us, adding that the Red Team’s winning streak early in the season made it all the sweeter to see the team now extinct.

Kim’s not calling the loss of Bryan – and her team – sweet, however. “There was not an ounce of hope in me that he was still there,” she says, as she sits down in front of a TV and watches a video of Bryan thanking her for all she’s done for him. It’s emotional for both of them, and the usually-sunny Kim walks away, still smiling, but with tears running down her cheeks.

It’s 6AM and the lucky remaining players get an early wakeup call from their trainers. From the Blue Team, it’s a nice, easy Bob-style alarm, as he strides in calling, “Good morning, my little children,” and snuggles in bed next to Nicole (instantly, I would guess, making millions of women everywhere hate Nicole bitterly). Team Black, however, gets a Jillian-worthy wakeup call, which involves a lot of screeching and jumping on beds and heads and generally annoying everyone until they get up.

Why the early wakeup? The teams are going to work today in preparation for their re-entry into the real world. The trainers want to get them into the gym for a 30-minute workout and get their lunches packed before heading off to work.

There’s probably not much more temptation to stray from the diet path than being surrounded by pizza, so guess where our contestants will be working today,Stone Fire Pizza Co! Neil calls it “torture,” and Julie adds, “This is going to be bad – real bad.”

But they work hard, burning off calories by washing dishes and scrubbing toilets and taking out garbage, and they keep their noses clean, eating their salads while surrounded by cheesy, greasy (yummy) pizza. During lunch, Julie expresses her worries that going home and keeping her routine while immersed in the daily mix of life will be overwhelming.

The teams come home after the end of a long work day and collapse on the couch, only to see the smiling faces of their trainers, who demand more gym time (ouch!). Groaning, everyone trudges off to the gym for their pre-challenge workouts.

It’s challenge day and it’s a doozy. The teams are going to be on trampolines (which will all be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation after the challenge – snaps for NBC for setting up that one!) with speed bags overhead, just out of reach. The players will have an allotted amount of time, during which they’ll have to jump up and hit their speed bags as many times as possible. The player with the lowest number of hits per round will be eliminated, until there are only three players left. Before each round, the bag will be raised even higher. The player with the highest number during that last round will be awarded a 1-pound pass at the next weigh-in.

Nicole’s the first one out. Neil’s beat out by 1 hit by Bill. But – surprise! – Bill doesn’t win this time. He’s next out, leaving it down to the three Black Team ladies – Isabeau, Hollie, and Julie. In the final round, Hollie skunks the other two and wins the 1-pound pass hands-down. When Bob finds out how his team performed in the challenge, he laughs, “One of them better win this show because God knows they’re never going to win a challenge.”

On to weigh-in day, and everyone’s coming to it nervous and hopeful. Nobody wants to go home this close to the final. It’s another all-loss week (woot! woot!). Neil loses another 10 pounds, breaking season 3′s Erik’s on-campus record (you go, Neil!), and Bill takes off another 9 pounds. But Julie only sheds 3 and poor Nicole, though she worked out as hard as ever this week, only loses 1. It will be Blue vs. Black in the Elimination Room.

This is bad news for Nicole and she knows it. She knows she doesn’t have a fighting chance in that room against a roomful of Black Team members. She breaks the news to Bob, who flops down on the bed with her and tells her, “I have a real bad feeling.” Meanwhile, in the Black Team’s room, Julie’s crying on Jillian’s shoulder: “I just want one more week,” Jillian shows a soft side they don’t usually let us see with her and pumps Julie up.

Bob’s got a different way of pumping up Nicole: by having her put on the clothes she wore to the first elimination round so she can see how far she’s come. She can hardly keep the pants on her body, they’re so big on her now. “You were huge,” Bob says, laughing (Sheesh, Bob, why don’t you be painfully honest,).

The players file into the Elimination Room and already Julie’s an emotional mess, saying she feels ashamed of herself for being there. Neil says it doesn’t matter who he votes for because Black Team’s got a foothold on the voting, anyway. But he wants to make a statement to the Black Team that the Blue Team’s strong and will never die (Note to Neil: the other players would like you better if you’d stop “making statements” during elimination,). He, of course, votes for Julie. But it’s a no-brainer – Isabeau and Hollie vote for Nicole and she’s out.

“I’ve loved every second that I’ve been here,” Nicole says. “It’s been the best time of my life.” It’s the most tearful elimination we’ve seen in a long time and you get the feeling that the other players feel like “Lil Sis is moving away.” She gives hugs, kisses, and tears, and leaves to join her super-supportive family back home.

Today Nicole looks GORGEOUS and has lost an amazing 91 pounds. She says, “I’ve always said I was a skinny girl trapped inside a fat girl’s body.” She’s now got confidence and is hanging with the girls and doing things she never could before.

Next on Biggest Loser:It’s a week of “One More,”One More player eliminated before the finale.

One More record broken.

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