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Project Runway: Attack of the Outdated Fashion Designs

December 05, 2007 10:28 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway's Victorya We once again had Tiki Barber’s grand attempt to pick between some grand designs and some not so grand for a Today Show stint. The disruptive styling of Tiki had the designers in a tizzy as very few of them had ever touched men’s fashions before. In the end, Tiki chose Jack’s outfit and Heidi sent Carmen home.

The sun spread across the New York apartment of the designers as we saw our designers lament Carmen going home. Sweet P said that she was sorry to see her go but “better her than me”. Parsons was the next stop as we saw all of the designers waiting for Heidi to talk about the next challenge. Heidi, in a classic black dress, first called the models out to be chosen by the designers. Immediately the claws came out as Jack took Ricky’s model and after they were all chosen, the one model that was skinny and had long hair, was out. Wait, that’s what they all look like.

Anyway, the designers were told to go and meet Tim in the design room and he will have Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Elle with him, which had Sweet P saying the next challenge was going to be a “Senior Citizen” challenge. Hey, now…let’s not be dissing my Nina. Tim asked Nina to tell the next challenge and she showed the designers outdated fashion styling from years past that Elle has tracked through the years. The challenge had each designer pick one of the outdated fashion designs. Nina explained that there would be three teams and that each team would incorporate all three styles into one cohesive grouping. Tim told them that they would have $220 dollars and two days for the project. Tim gave them an hour to pick teams, sketch and then off to buy fabric.

The teams were, Jillian, Kevin and Rami; Chris, Sweet P and Steven; Christian, Jack and Kit; and Ricky, Elisa and Victorya. The pace at the fabric store was frenetic, as usual, and it looked like none of the teams were able to communicate effectively.

As the teams got back from the store, the tension between team members immediately ramped up into high gear as Victorya and Ricky immediately started sparring. Ricky immediately called her bossy and called her “passive aggressive”, which only meant one thing…we were in for a fun night. Ricki did not spare Elisa either, saying that he was used to talking to her type, he said it was like talking to someone on pot, so he knew how to handle her.

Day 2 found the pace as frantic as before as the designers struggled to pull their designs together in a cohesive manner. Kit was seen telling how difficult it was to pull off three cohesive styles that contained outdated styling. In a funny moment, Steven was seen doing a flawless imitation of Tim Gunn as he was saying that his design was screwed.

With 7 hours left to go in day 2, Tim Gunn bound in to tell the designers that the models would be in to try on their designs and as the models were seen trying on the designs, the designers were all seeming to have second thoughts as many of the garments were ill fitting. Victorya was heard saying that Ricky’s design was blarringly awful.

Tim was in with two hours left to critique the status of the designers progress. Tim said that Team Chris had absolutely no cohesion; Team Jillian had a lot of work to do; satisfied with Team Christian’s progress and finally found Team Ricky’s designs not finished looking or refined. Victorya stepped up as the apparent leader with Tim questioning who was really in charge of the team, which left Ricky shaking his head and having words with Victorya once again.

Day of the Runway Show had all of the designers worried about their designs, except Christian who was confident as usual that he would win by saying that his designs were “fabulous”. Kevin had Elisa worried because his shorts were no where close to being done and Kevin said that he would have to pull them “out of his ass”. As the models poured in for the final fitting, Ricky and Victorya once again were at each others throats as Victorya had made a change without consulting him. With minutes to spare, Kevin was seen finishing the shorts for their collection which gave Elisa some relief.

Heidi got the show underway as she once again stated the parameters for the challenge where each designer had to incorporate outdated designs into a cohesive and relevant style for today. Heidi announced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and special judge, fashion designer, Donna Karan.

Team Jillian took the runway first, followed by Team Chris, Team Christian and finally, Team Ricky. As always, all of the designers thought their designs were the best, except for Victorya, who thought their designs were not cohesive enough.

Heidi immediately announced that their was a clear winner and that was Team Jillian’s (Jillian, Kevin and Rami) designs and they immediately left the stage victorious. Heidi then sent Team Christian off as safe and you could see how disappointed Christian was to have lost again, knowing that he should have won. Team Ricki and Team Chris were the lowest teams and the models were brought out and their designs were then duly savaged by the judges.

Donna Karan really liked Victorya’s design as well as Sweet P’s. All of the judges seemed unanimous for their dislike of Chris and Ricky’s designs. The judges questioned Ricky and Victorya’s working relationship and Michael Kors said their lack of harmony showed up in their designs. Poor Elisa was stuck in the middle of those two for sure. As Heidi asked the designers who should go from the teams, Chris and Ricki were the clear leaders of negative votes from the other designers. Heidi sent the designers off the stage for the deliberation and the judges pretty much followed the same line of discussion that they had started while the designers were present, savaging Chris and Ricky fairly aggressively.

The designers were brought back and Heidi immediately told Sweet P, Elisa, Steven, and Victorya they were safe, leaving Ricky and Chris on stage. Heidi told Ricky and Chris how bad each of their designs were and finally told Ricky that he was safe and could leave the stage, leaving Chris as odd man “ouwt”. Heidi gave him the kiss of death and Tim told him to get out and Chris said that he would “stick by what he made” and that hoped that he brought fun to the group because that was what he was all about. You were, Chris, you were.

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