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Another Season in Paradise with Fox Reality Channel

December 06, 2007 10:49 PM by Jennifer_Brown


So what happens when you gather 11 sexy singles-on-the-make and check them into a secluded hotel, dangling a cash prize in front of their noses? I’m thinking excitement, drama, and,yeah, probably some pretty sizzling naughty stuff, too. Add to that the edict that each single must bunk with another single of the opposite sex and that the odd man is literally out, and you’re likely to get some pretty good mayhem to boot. Bring in more singles – more chaos, more scrambling, more manipulation, and,yeah, more of that naughty stuff I was talking about.

This is the gist behind Paradise Hotel 2, set to return to MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality Channel this winter, with all new episodes promising “the exciting unpredictability of a reality show with the addictiveness of a night time drama,” says Fox Reality Channel President, David Lyle.

Viewers hooked on the first season of Paradise Hotel can expect an outrageous cast, intriguing challenges, and enough twists to keep the game exciting. Additionally, viewers can catch an even naughtier and more explicit version of the show on Fox Reality Channel’s late-night mature audience version. Let the hanky-panky begin!

Paradise Hotel 2 will debut Monday February 4, 2008 on MyNetworkTV at 9PM ET, with a late-night TV-MA version on Fox Reality Channel at 1AM ET.

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