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Survivor: China — Erik Ousted As Alliance Holds Strong

December 06, 2007 08:11 PM by Ryan Haidet


With James blindsided in last week’s exciting Tribal Council, this week started with Todd relieved to be in the top six.

Having seen the original Fei Long members turn on their own the night before, Peih-Gee was instantly hopeful. “I’m not giving up until I’m voted out,” she said. “I love it that I’m still here.”

Day 31 arrived with a rainy day spent in the cave. The rain symbolized the tears that were about to flow at the reward challenge.

Host Jeff Probst told the contestants they would be paired into teams of two. Each pair would be separated at opposite ends of a giant maze and they would have to meet their partner in the center and climb up the platform to win. The catch? It all had to be done blindfolded.

But instead of drawing for partners, Probst revealed the “twist” by saying, “Erik, you’re gonna be paired up with your mom.” It was with those few words that the waterworks started. Peih-Gee and Courtney both got their fathers, Denise had her husband (whose socks she wanted), Todd and Amanda with their sisters. Each came out embracing their loved ones and in a Fairplay like way, Todd’s sister told him that “she miscarried it.” When asked for more information, Todd revealed that his other sister lost her baby.

The challenge began as Amanda and her sister began making bird noises to be able to track one another. But all that noise making only made them look ridiculous since Denise and her husband were the first to make it to the center, winning the reward – a boat trip on the lake, a huge meal and a phone call back home. As usual, the winner was invited to bring along two other Survivors and their loved one. She chose Todd and Amanda. Courtney, Erik and Peih-Gee left the challenge with nothing.

On their reward they got pizza, chicken and ribs among other things. They had chocolate cake and suddenly a Sprint cell phone rang. Good job with product placement, Mark Burnett. With that, Denise was able to talk to her daughter.

Following the food-filled boat ride, the loved ones were then given the opportunity to spend the night at camp.

Back at camp, the others were questioning Todd’s honesty. “Todd was going for the Oscar with his performance,” Courtney said in regards to his tears at the challenge after hearing the news of his sister’s baby. Was he being honest? Although some doubted it, Todd said it was true.

When they all got back, Todd and Amanda saved as much chocolate as they could on their hands. And yes, Peih-Gee, Erik and Courtney were licking it off their hands. MMMM, Finger-lickin’ good.

On day 32, the family members were taken away and soon after that the immunity challenge began.

At the challenge, Probst took the immunity necklace from Erik – the exact thing he would need at Tribal Council that night.

It was a physical and mental challenge. Attached to a rope, they had to untangle themselves around a rope path. At the end of the rope path, there was a true/false statement about Chinese inventions. They had to choose an answer, go back to the start and try to open a lock. If it was wrong, you had to go back and get the other key. The first person to unlock all three locks would win immunity. Todd held the lead for a while, with Peih-Gee trailing close behind. Todd’s third and final key didn’t work because he chose the wrong answerleaving Peih-Gee with her second individual immunity win.

Day 33 at Hae Da Fung saw Peih-Gee shocked and crying that she won. With both hidden idols out of play, she was so excited to be in the position she was. Todd said this would be the easiest vote for him, to take out Erik. But Erik and Peih-Gee tried to convince Denise that Todd would be the choice tonight.

Would Denise flip at Tribal Council? It sure did sound like it, but it didn’t pay off.

It came down to two votes for Todd and four votes for Erik. With that, he became the fifth member of the jury. Denise played it safe and kept her alliance.

After he was voted off, Erik Huffman, 26, of Nashville, said, “I wanted to go all the way to the top in this game, but unfortunately today was my day. I think I could always look back and say, ‘Well I could’ve done this differently, or I could’ve done that,’ but I’m mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I made it 33 days. I’m really proud of myself. The five remaining contestants are going to battle it out and I’m really curious to see who comes out on top.”

Just two episodes left with five contestants. Did Denise make the biggest mistake in the game by not choosing to take out Todd? Will Peih-Gee continue her winning streak? Who will make it to the final four? Tune in next Thursday to CBS to find out.

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