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The Next Great American Band Results – Dot Dot Dot Eliminated

December 07, 2007 09:25 PM by Joe Reality

Dot Dot Dot

On the sixth Next Great American Band results show, one band was eliminated and the top four bands performed two songs each. The top four bands performed one Queen song and one song they wrote themselves.

For their first song, The Clark Brothers performed the Queen song “These Are The Days Of Our Lives.” John Rzeznik said “That was so amazing to watch.” Shelia E. said “I loved it. It was fantastic.” Dicko said “You’re probably the best front person we’ve got in this competition.”

For their first song, Light of Doom performed the Queen song “We Will Rock You.” John Rzeznik said “I think the vocals need a lot of work.” Shelia E. said “As a unit, you guys just didn’t come together.” Dicko said “You’re a rock band, you’ve got to be cool, and that wasn’t cool.”

For their first song, Sixwire performed the Queen song “Fat Bottomed Girls.” John Rzeznik said “A lot of really awesome things come together with you guys.” Shelia E. said “In this competition, every week you guys come with something really great.” Dicko said “You seem to have found your inner naughty boys.”

For their first song, Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed the Queen song “Sleeping On The Sidewalk.” John Rzeznik said “That was a really great version of that song.” Shelia E. said “If you’re going to play the trumpet, choreograph it, you know, don’t walk around the trumpet, you’re not doing anything.” Dicko said “It was a really good, sassy rendition of that song.”

For their second song, The Clark Brothers performed “Homestead.” John Rzeznik said “I think your songwriting is really, really strong.” Shelia E. said “I can tell that in this competition that every time you guys come back you come back with passion and conviction.” Dicko said “I thought that was a crap song.”

For their second song, Light of Doom performed “A Matter Of Time.” John Rzeznik said “I don’t really hear a big hook in that song.” Shelia E. said “You have a long way to go, but you’re getting a good start.” Dicko said “I wasn’t expecting anything to flash and that’s exactly what I got.”

For their second song, Sixwire performed “Go On.” John Rzeznik said “The song is a hit.” Shelia E. said “That’s an amazing song.” Dicko said “Really good song, perfect for your market.”

For their second song, Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed “Big White House.” John Rzeznik said “That song was pretty cool.” Shelia E. said “The song is great. It’s just there’s no hook to the song.” Dicko said “I thought it was a good album track.”

Dot Dot Dot was eliminated from the competition. Dot Dot Dot is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois.

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