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Kitchen Nightmares: Who’s Hot and Who’s Flopped?

December 12, 2007 01:00 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Kitchen Nightmares ââ¬

With tonight being the season finale of FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares, it seems like a good time to look back and see if Gordon’s touch turned failing restaurant’s into gold.

Who’s Hot?:

The Mixing Bowl — a small restaurant in Belmore, NY, with big problems in management. This is the restaurant where Gordon tossed a slew of expensive “specials” signs into a chipper in the parking lot. Since Gordon’s visits, claims owner Billy Galetti, the staff has become a real team, and sales have gone up. “We received hundreds of emails and calls from all over the country,” he says.

The Olde Stone Mill — The gorgeous Tuckahoe, NY restaurant renovated by the hands of the owner himself, this restaurant had big problems when it came to food quality. This one’s still going strong, owner Dean Mazzio says, and is “finally living up to everyone’s expectations.”

Finn McCool’s — the West Hampton, NY Irish restaurant with the huggable owner, Buddy Mazzio, and the son-turned-chef (Brian) with some serious anger management issues. When Gordon left, it looked like a place where you’d want to hang your cap, grab a Guinness, and sing “Danny Boy.” Buddy calls business, post-Gordon, “white hot.”

Sebastian’s — “We are grateful for our experience with the Kitchen Nightmares Crew,” says Sebastian’s owner, Sebastian De Modica. This Burbank, CA pizza restaurant annoyed Gordon with its complicated menu, actors-on-the-make staff, and owner with his head in the clouds. Gordon’s menu-trimming must have hit the mark in sunny California.

Campania — Gordon took on Joe Cerniglia and his Fair Lawn, NJ restaurant, Campania in week 9 of the series. In a recent interview, Joe told us here at Reality TV Magazine that he feels “so lucky” to have gotten Gordon’s help. Campania is doing better than ever.

Who’s flopped?:

Lela’s — This Pomona, CA restaurant was plagued by way too many bills. Gordon’s help in the kitchen just wasn’t enough to save owner Lela from those debt collectors and Lela’s was forced to close its doors.

Seascape — Was this the sewage-smelling restaurant in Islip, NY? Since Gordon’s visit, owner Peter Matthews has sold the restaurant.

Catch the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares tonight 9PM ET, on FOX

Photo Courtesy: FOX

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