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Saleisha Wins America’s Next Top Model

December 12, 2007 08:33 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Saleisha - Courtesy CWTV

The girls are going into a big week this week, and, as the last three in the competition, they know it. Seems each is committed in her own way to grabbing the winning spot, and each is counting on taking home the title just as much as the others. “Going home’s not an option,” Jenah, who wasn’t sure she wanted to be there at all just last week, says. “This is a big journey for me. I’m so proud of myself,” Saleisha gushes.

The girls head off for their final challenge, which will be a print ad and commercial for Cover Girl cosmetics. Last season’s winner, Jaslene, shows up to give them tips and pointers (and, yes, Jas is just as sweet and adorable as always). The girls suit up in adorable strappy, brightly colored, satiny gowns and get to it.

Chantal struggles a bit at first but then nails the commercial. Jenah blanks out as soon as the camera is turned on and then has to go through many takes (and a threat of cue cards) before she can finally come up with something passable. Saleisha’s nerves get the best of her and she has to take a break after several takes so she can cry. Jay tries to give her a pep talk. “I don’t want to see somebody else take my dream out of my hand,” Saleisha cries. After she gets the emotions out, she does fine.

We get right to the Elimination Room, where Tyra and the others are waiting to view the girls’ commercials and photos, but also grill the girls on who has the most and the least Top Model potential. Up first is Saleisha, who says Jenah’s “rude,” “disrespectful” attitude makes her the least likely to be a Top Model. Nigel is “very impressed” with Saleisha’s commercial and, though Tyra nitpicks Saleisha’s enunciation a little, overall her marks are high.

Chantal’s up next and agrees with Saleisha, citing that Jenah’s attitude tends to be superior and makes her not good Top Model material. Nigel thinks Chantal’s technique is “bad” in the commercial, but Twiggy admires Chantal’s charm. Her photo is Chantal-beautiful, and Tyra notices that Chantal has learned how to smile.

Jenah thinks Chantal is the “most amateur” of the group, and votes her as having the least Top Model potential. Tyra thinks Jenah’s commercial comes off like she’s making fun of it, and once again Jenah comes under fire for her attitude. Jenah cries during the critique and then gets mad at herself for crying, saying she’s afraid it will make them see her as weak.

It gets a little “Tyra Banks Show” for a few minutes, with Tyra doing a little armchair therapy on Jenah. In the end, she feels like Jenah has “broken through” somehow, but it’s not enough. Jenah is eliminated, leaving Chantal and Saleisha to battle it out as the final two (it is, by the way, the biggest elimination cry-fest I’ve ever seen on Models). “I wanted to win this really bad,” Jenah says, but honestly she looks a little relieved to be going.

So we’re down to the Top Model “final exam” – the Seventeen magazine cover shoot and the runway face-off. The models meet with Miss J and Jay, who tell them all about their “Forbidden City” show, which will include 500 extras, dressed in Ching Dynasty garb. Saleisha and Chantal are to represent “the modern.” And – surprise! – the show will be opened with Jaslene. The show is quick and interesting (nothing like the cool ethereal show between Caridee and Melrose a few seasons ago), and only one minor catastrophe occurs (the train on one of Chantal’s dresses gets caught under the stilt of one of the extras and knocks him on his butt). The girls come off the runway in tears, relieved and happy and proud.

Back in the Elimination Room, Tyra reminds us that the prize is a modeling contract with Elite Model Management, a cover and 6-page spread with Seventeen magazine, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics. From the critique it’s obvious that Saleisha won the runway challenge. But will it be enough to take the prize away from beautiful and sexy Chantal,?


Saleisha wins America’s Next Top Model. “I’m so happy with myself right now,” she cheers.

Photo Courtesy: CWtv

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