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Bravo Announces 24 Finalists for Make Me a Supermodel

December 13, 2007 10:08 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Bravo TV

Watch out, Tyra! Bravo’s itchin’ for a runway smackdown with its new series, Make Me a Supermodel. With a New York Model Management contract and $100,000 on the line, both men and women will compete for the top spot in this American version of the popular UK show. Make me a Supermodel will be hosted by Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor, and will feature the following 24 finalists:

*Angelica – 18, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Angelica is a law firm receptionist and translator, and part-time babysitter.

*Aryn – 20, Lownesboro, Ala.

Aryn enjoys equestrian sports and has worked as both a Hooters girl and a fifth grade teacher.

*Ashlie – 20, Lexington, Ky.

Ashlie is a Kentucky girl who lives with her mother, sister, two dogs, four cats, and mini-turtle.

*Ben – 22, Nashville, Tenn.

Ben is married and a corrections officer, who calls his wedding day the best day of his life (insert awwwww here)

*Brandon – 24, Dowagiac, Mich.

Brandon has two sons at home and loves to play football.

*Casey – 19, Atlanta, Ga.

A skater-dude and songwriter who lives with his mother, brother’s boyfriend, and friend.

*Dominic – 25, Orange County, Calif.

Surf’s Up! This guy loves modeling and…the waves, dude.

*Frankie- 20, Miami, Fla.

Frankie studies business administration at the University of Phoenix online and works as a valet at a condo complex.

*Holly – 21, Coeburn, Va.

Holly is a survivor, who suffered third degree burns on her face as a teenager. She describes herself as “sassy.”

*Igor – 21, Chicago, Ill.

Igor is studying to be a lawyer and loves heavy metal music, and works to fulfill his childhood dream of being a professional wrestler. Having grown up in war-torn Bosnia, Igor has a tragic and triumphant history.

*Jacki – 21, Cleveland, Ohio

Jacki is a parttime cocktail waitress, animal rights activist, and sports fan.

*Jay – 22, Roswell, Ga.

Jay works at Firestone and lives with his Pit Bull, Gotti.

*Jathniel – 23, Tampa, Fla.

This family guy works retail at Armani.

*Josiah – 23, Fort Smith, Ark.

Josiah is a model and musician, and is a member of rock band, The Brotherhood.

*Karol – 20, Chicago, Ill.

Karol is a Poland immigrant and recently lost 35 pounds of muscle by eating massive amounts of sugar (is that fair?!)

*Kate – 18, New York, N.Y.

Kate attends Pace University in New York and is an animal lover. She has three horses, two dachshunds, ten parrots, three guinea pigs, and two chinchillas (and a partrige in a pear tree).

*Katy – 21, Auburn, Ala.

Katy works in data entry at a cardiologist’s office.

*Lee – 19, Orlando, Fla.

Lee describes herself as a “goofy people person.” She works part-time at a 7-Eleven.

*Perry – 22, Los Angeles, Calif.

Perry lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and is a part-time waiter.

*Ronnie – 24, Chicago, Ill.

Ronnie studies political science at the University of Illinois and is a real go-getter.

*Sarah – 20, Miami, Fla.

Raised by a single working mother, Sarah describes herself as a social butterfly.

*Shannon – 22, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Shannon recently moved to New York City and is a fan of bloody horror movies.

*Stephanie – 21, Plano, Texas

Stephanie is an artist who says normal people bore her.

*Steph – 18, Clinton, Wis.

Steph is a farm girl and biology major at Whitewhater. She’s a real family type, who goes home to visit her family often.

Don’t get too attached — 10 of these 24 will go home on the premiere show, whittling us down to the 14 finalists who will compete for the ultimate prize. Each week, Bravo viewers will vote on who stays and who catwalks right on outa here.

Make Me a Supermodel premieres Thursday, January 10, 2007, 10PM ET, on Bravo.

Photo Courtesy: Bravo

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