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Survivor: China — Peih-Gee Outplayed Leaving Four Fei-Long

December 13, 2007 08:55 PM by Ryan Haidet


Lit with an eerie full moon, the five remaining contestants returned to camp after voting Erik out leaving Peih-Gee as the last original Zhan Hu member.

Day 34 brought treemail bright and early with a bundle of arrows, a tease for the challenge to come. Later that day, each contestant had to fire arrows from a replica of a 4th-centurty Chinese repeating crossbow. Each timea player’s name was hit on the board, they would score a point. The twist? Each player was given five arrows to distribute among the other contestants. This left each player with a different number of arrows ranging from Peih-Gee at oneto Courtney at 12.

The winner would be flown to the Great Wall of China where a meal would be provided as well as a night spent there. Denise was the first to score hitting her green square in the dead center. Then Amanda scored for Denise twice in a row giving her a lead of three to nothing. Todd hit his own name five times in a row only missing once. Then it came to Courtney. Her arrows were hitting all over the board making it a close contest between Todd and Denise. It came down to one arrow. It was a seven to seven tie between Denise and Todd when Courtney won it – for Denise!

Denise was given the opportunity to bring along two people, so she brought Courtney and Todd. Peih-Gee was upset and said right there at the challenge that Denise should have paid her back by taking her. The three left for the reward and the two others were sent back to camp empty handed.

Back at camp, Amanda asked Peih-Gee why she disliked her so much. They brought up all their opinions and frustrations and became newfound friends. Suddenly, they were fishing, cooking together and started strategizing. It looked like the Fei-Long four was crumbling.

On the plane Todd showed off his flight attendant skills as they flew to the Great Wall. Following the reward, the three returned on day 35 to camp – but only Denise brought snacks back for the others.

At the immunity challenge the players were given a second chance – a contest made up of previous challenges. It was played in four rounds: 1) throwing ninja stars; 2) a gross food challenge; 3) ball bouncing around a bunch of obstacles; and 4) putting together a wooden puzzle.

Eliminated from the ninja star throwing portion was Todd. Then Denise couldn’tswallowin the food portion and was out. Courtney was bounced out of the ball-obstacle course and Amanda was the first to finish the last round taking the immunity necklace.

The strategy back at camp revealed that it was going to be either Todd or Peih-Gee becoming the next member of the jury.

At Tribal Council, when Jeff Probst revealed the vote it was four for Peih-Gee against one Todd.

After Peih-Gee Law, the jeweler from Marina Del Rey, CA, was voted off she said, “I’m glad that I played to my utmost, I pushed myself physically, mentally, strategically and ultimately everybody was scared to death to go against me in the final three. So I’m not going to be a millionaire, but I still feel like I walked away way richer than I was before I came into this game.”

Three days remain for the contestants in the game. Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others to become the sole Survivor? This Sunday the two-hour finale and live reunion show will reveal it all. It starts at 8 p.m. on CBS. And stay tuned to this site as Ryan Haidet will have exclusive coverage from the finale in Los Angeles including red carpet interviews. Check it all out soon!

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One Response to “Survivor: China — Peih-Gee Outplayed Leaving Four Fei-Long”

  1. polker Says:
    December 14th, 2007 at 7:20 am

    I was thrilled PG finally left. She looked miserably all season and make no mistake, this is the worst Survivor since Thailand. Dull characters, flat challenges, and like the casting department needs to step-up or else this show has had it. Ratings matter but watching the first seven episodes was a chore!!!
    All the intersting types went early–except Chicken Man–a blight on Survivor.
    The show has picked up slightly but the worst Finale and Winner coming up.
    My Prediction:
    Amanda wins by default and another UNDER The Radar winner to not CROW about!!!


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