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Next Great American Band Results – Light Of Doom Eliminated

December 14, 2007 09:51 PM by Joe Reality

Light Of Doom

On the seventh Next Great American Band results show, one band was eliminated and the top three bands performed three songs each. The top three bands performed one song picked by producers, one song picked by themselves, and one song hand selected by the judges.

For their first song, Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed the judges’ pick “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire. John Rzeznik said “I think that you guys are an incredible impressive live act and you guys do great cover songs, but I just worry about how it’s going to turn out when you have to make a record.” Shelia E. said “Everyone in Earth, Wind, & Fire, they’re my personal friends, and I think that they would be proud of the job that you just did.” Dicko said “I think you would make a great record as a souvenir for a terrific live show. I don’t know how it’s going to go on its on in the big, bad world of the record industry.”

For their first song, The Clark Brother performed the judges’ pick “Change The World” by Eric Clapton. John Rzeznik said “That was a really unique, original interpretation of that song, and you guys hammered it.” Shelia E. said “I think you guys just have to let your hair down and just be who you are.” Dicko said “I’m a cynical old hack, but when I see you guys play, I’m a believer.”

For their first song, Sixwire performed the judges’ pick “Reeling In The Years” by Steely Dan. John Rzeznik said “You guys really welded a set right onto that song.” Shelia E. said “That was a great song for you guys to do.” Dicko said “You turned a judge into a fan.”

For their second song, Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed “Vehicle” by the Ides Of March. John Rzeznik said “It’s a really, really exciting live performance by you guys.” Shelia E. said “You guys were powerful.” Dicko said “Denver you look really sharp tonight, and you’re growing into a really engaging performer.”

For their second song, The Clark Brothers performed “Amazed” by Lonestar. John Rzeznik said “It was a beautiful version of that song.” Shelia E. said “What you guys just did was simply fantastic.” Dicko said “For me, it was the wrong sort of song for you.”

For their second song, Sixwire performed “”I’d Really Love To See You Tonight” by Englad Dan & John Ford Coley. John Rzeznik said “It was really well done, but it was just bordering a little bit on smooth jazz for me.” Shelia E. said “I think that the approach that you guys have for this song was great.” Dicko said “To me, it just felt like an old boy band that forgot to break up.”

For their this song, Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed their song “You Move Me.” John Rzeznik said “I think that was really well written song for you guys.” Shelia E. said “You guys inspire us, and thank you for that.” Dicko said “You never shortchange the audience.”

For their third song, The Clark Brothers performed their song “This Little Light Of Mine/Faith, Faith, Faith.” John Rzeznik said “I don’t think anyone deserves to win this contest more than you guys.” Shelia E. said “You guys have let the light of God shine through you every single week and that’s why you’re still here.” Dicko said “Magical.”

For their third song, Sixwire performed their song “Good To Be Back.” John Rzeznik said “I love that song, and you guys wrote it, which makes it even more impressive.” Shelia E. said “That was the song that you guys played for us in Vegas and that’s what got you through to the top twelve, and it’s still a fantastic song.” Dicko said “Fantastic way to sign off with what I would regard as you statement song.”

Light Of Doom was eliminated from the competition. Shelia E. said “I just want to tell you guys that I’m so proud of you. I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished in all these weeks. Use this experience, go out learn some more, do your homework, listen to your parents, and go make a record.”

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