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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Chapin Family

December 16, 2007 07:57 PM by DA Southern

Extreme Good Morning by CRAIG SJODIN

Ty Pennington arrived on our screens in Kirkland, WA on a ferry boat in Washington as he and the team continued their 50 state trek to aid a family in need in every state in the nation before they extend their trip to other countries before going into the outer reaches of the galaxy. “Bus driver…move that spaceship…” OK, maybe not, but we see Ty as he introduces us to the Chapin family of Kirkland, WA to the team on route to the home.

Ty and designers Michael Moloney, Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis and John Littlefield watch the submission video of Connie Chapin and her kids, Molly, Rachel, Anna and Daniel, who are active in several community charities, their church and local awareness groups. Connie is a hard working single mother and avid swimmer who turned her backyard swimming pool into a much needed community resource, Angelfish Swimming, teaching over 200 kids, some who suffer from various disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy, how to swim, a life saving skill Connie believes that all children should have.

In 2005 the city inspectors informed Connie that her facility was not up to code in certain areas and gave her a list of required improvements to make. For two years Connie had been getting extensions from the city as she tried to make these improvements. She has held regular volunteer work days, soliciting help from clients, neighbors and members of the community, but the problems have become too great for her to fix on her own. During this time, Connie’s home was also inspected and she received even more bad news: The home had been poorly constructed and was on the brink of collapse. Now Connie is facing the possibility that she might lose her business and quite possibly her home at the same time.

Day 1 at 8:32 am had Ty giving us the phrase we have all come to love, “Gooood Morning, Chapin Family, Connie, Molly, Rachel, Anna and Daniel…” as the family raced to meet Ty and the designers. After the quick discussion about the house and the plight of the community outreach program that Connie had established, Ty told them that they were going to go on vacation to Vero Beach Florida Disney Vacation Club.

Ty headed into the home with Connie and Ty had a chance to see the conditions first-hand as well as the dilapidated pool that Connie had used to help the local kids. Ty walked through and noticed that the outside of the home was not that bad, but that the inside was seriously impacted with structural design problems. Ty and Connie went to the pool and saw the problems that were associated with the pool as well. Ty’s most striking comment was that i was not so much if the house would be in danger of falling in but when.

We next saw Paige with 14 year old, Anna as she noticed how much Anna was into hanging with her friends but barely had a place to sleep. Paige was going to design a friend hangout for Anna to entertain her friends. John was with Rachel and determined that she wanted to be an actress and was going to build her a “Star” room. We next saw Paul with Daniel and saw how much he loved the outdoors and decided to make an outdoors-themed room for him to be a kid in.

Ty was seen with Molly and saw that she had a flair for design, and in what was a first, took Molly to Sears with him to pick out the colors, furniture and design elements for her room before the family went on vacation. Ty finished with Molly and met the rest of the family at the limo and sent them on their way.

Day 2 started as 9:12 am with the huge construction crew comprised of the Building Industry Association of Washington, led by Doyle Custom Homes and hundreds of volunteers and workers rebuilding their home. Ty grabbed the video camera for the family and told them that the construction crew was going to recycle as much of the house as possible, while getting rid of the dangerous Asbestos that was in the home. In a funny scene at the end of the video, Ty told the family that they were going to try to save the Basketball hoop just as the demo equipment crashed through the roof of the garage.

Day 3 had us seeing the action at 8:58 am and Ty showing us the special treatments that were being applied to the lumber to keep out the mold because of the dampness of the region. Paul was knee-deep into the design for Daniel’s room as was considering an actual mountain made of steel in the boy’s room that would give him an outdoor experience. Michael was working on the pool design by building a lifeguard tower for the pool area, something that Connie never had. In a hilarious scene, Paige was seen meeting with Anna’s friends and actually asked them if they passed notes in school, which had the girls saying, “No…Txting!” Uhh, Paige, Like, Didn’t you, Like, Know that?

Day 4 11: 15 am had us seeing the brutal Northwest weather coming into full force as the construction crew was being hampered with the build with serious doubts to the ability of the home being completed on time. John was moving to complete Rachel’s acting-themed room by making an awesome changing screen with a full picture of Rachel on it.

Day 5 rolled around at 10:24 from our perspective and the house really looked as though it was lagging in terms of being done. Michael’s lifeguard tower for the pool was nearing completion and Ty was seen giving the family a call at the resort to tell them to meet Sonya, who represented the Disney Resort, for a surprise. The family went to meet with Sonya and she informed them that they would be getting a 3 year Disney Vacation Club membership, which had Mom, Connie, crying as to the gift that she could never give her kids.

Day 6 had the cameras rolling at 11:05 am and Ty showing the heaters that were being wielded to try and give the construction crew a chance to “catch-up”. Michael showed us an awesome UV coated shied that could be blown up for the pool to be able to be used all year round and John was finally finishing up the screen for Rachel’s room.

Day 7 at 4:20 pm it was obvious the build was not close to being completed. For one of the first times, the build was not completed in the seven-day time schedule and would have to stretch into Day 8. Ty called the designers close to him and told them that they would be working through the night to get the family home on Day 8. Late in the evening, the furniture was being moved in and the final details of the house were being completed.

Day 8 Finally…the Chapin family arrives to a beautiful, sunny day and a cheering crowd…and, of course, Ty ready to give them the keys to a grand new abode. “Bus driver…move that bus..” was uttered and the Bus moved to reveal a truly northwestern-themed home on the grounds of the former home. Ty sent them in and the family was greeted by a more open themed home that is typical of many of a build. Ty was quickly in and showed the family some of the downstairs amenities, like the Sears kitchen, and then sent the family into their rooms.

Rachel was first into her “Actress” room and was truly inspired by what John had done. Daniel was awed by the “outdoors” room and immediately climbed the steel mountain. Anna had a “Friend-Themed” room by Paige that had the coolest feature that enabled her to see text messages on her TV screen and, Finally, Molly’s “Interior Design” themed room truly was a designers paradise and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on a future Extreme episode.

Connie’s retreat room truly was as peaceful as could be imagined but Ty was very excited to show her the new “Angelfish Swimming” offices that Michael had designed for her. Ty pulled the family together for the final reveal of the beautiful “Angelfish” pool that will be the cornerstone of the families business. Connie finally said that she was so thankful to be able to have the ability to have the opportunity to help many families with her business as Ty gave us the “Welcome home, Chapin family, Welcome home” for the final time in 2007.

In 2008, the 50 State mission will continue as Ty and the gang ride to the rescue of families in need across this great land.

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