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Survivor China Winner Is Todd Herzog

December 16, 2007 08:15 PM by Joe Reality

Todd Herzog

On the Survivor China season finale, Courtney, Amanda, Denise, and Todd celebrated making the final four. For the final reward challenge, the remaining four competed in an obstacle course and puzzle challenge that included Survivor’s version of the Great Wall of China. Amanda won the reward challenge and received a prize of pizza, beer, soft drinks, and brownies.

Jeff Probst gave Amanda the option of keeping the reward entirely for herself or inviting one or two of the other castaways to join her. Amanda invited Todd to share the reward with her. Over pizza, Amanda told Todd that she didn’t trust him, but Todd reassured her.

After setting off fireworks in memory of each of the previously eliminated castaways, the final four took part in the final immunity challenge. Courtney, Amanda, Denise, and Todd had to balance porcelain dishes on the end of a balance arm. Todd was the first one out, followed by Courtney. The challenge came down to Amanda and Denise, and Amanda kept her plates balanced the longest and ultimately won the final immunity challenge.

At the final four tribal council, school lunch lady Denise Martin was voted off. Denise said “I definitely believe that I would have won this entire thing if I would have stayed in the game. I’m just proud of what I’ve accomplished. I think I did a great job. I never gave up, and to make it thirty-eight days out here is spectacular thing for a forty year old woman.

At the final three tribal council, Amanda, Courtney, and Todd pleaded their cases to the Survivor jury. Amanda apologized to anyone whose feelings she had hurt, Todd thanked the jury for helping him in the game, and Courtney asked the jury to give her credit for making it to the end.

During the jury questioning, James wasn’t bitter and asked Courtney to tell him something good about the game of Survivor. Jean-Robert confronted Amanda over breaking her word and helping to vote him off and confronted Todd over blindsiding him. Peih-Gee called Amanda out for always being apologetic. Frosti told Courtney that she surprised him when she lied and backstabbed him. Jaime asked the final three to explain why they shouldn’t vote for the others for the million dollars. Denise called Amanda out for lying and Todd out for being deceptive, but told Courtney that she respected her.

At the live Hollywood part of the finale, Jeff Probst read the final votes. Probst revealed that Amanda received one vote, Courtney received two votes, and Todd received three votes. Flight attendant Todd Herzog was announced as the winner of Survivor China.

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