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The Biggest Loser: It’s a Twin Win!

December 18, 2007 09:52 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Bill Biggest Loser Courtesy NBC

The crowd is pumped. The screaming is deafening. It’s almost like an Oprah’s Favorite things show, except it’s Alison Sweeney who’s looking festive in a satin purple dress (and nobody in the audience is getting a free refrigerator. sorry.). It’s The Biggest Loser finale, baby – prepare to be wowed!

First we take a look back over the weeks on campus, and then Alison brings back the 14 eliminated players who want to show off their transformations (some are truly amazing) and vie for that $100,000 cash prize.

A little chatting – Amy talks about switching trainers mid-way through the show, Neil reminisces about that 17-pound weight gain that made him the campus pariah – but with so much weighing to do, Alison wastes no time bringing out Bob, Kim, and Jillian, and getting their teams back onto the scale.

Here’s the final weigh-in for the 14 eliminated players (numbers are how many pounds lost):

Amber: 84

Lezlye: 55 (cheers, “This is real!”)

Jerry (who, by the way, made Biggest Loser history by being the oldest player ever, at age 62, and also by having the biggest single-week weight loss on campus, with 31 pounds): 110 (he strips off his t-shirt and flexes for the crowd)

Patty: 64

Jim: 186 (woot!woot!)

Phil: 145

Jez: 150

David: 140 (he blows kisses to his kids at home – insert awwww here)

Ryan: 133

Amy: 126 (mugs and flexes for the camera)

Kae: 97

Bryan: 122

Nicole: 105

Neil (who made Biggest Loser history by losing more than any contestant while on campus, ever): 211

Neil misses the mark by 5 measly pounds and Jim takes away the $100,000.

Next we go home with the final four, who are emotional about their transition away from Biggest Loser campus. “When you’re facing going home it’s much scarier than when you’re just contemplating going home,” Isabeau says. Julie and Bill cry, thinking about all they’ve missed with their kids while away. “I don’t want him to ever look back on the time that I spent here and think that it was wasted,” Julie says.

We get some cute moments with the kids, Julie’s son saying, “It’s good having my mom home. It was the best day ever,” and Bill’s son saying, “I didn’t think he would lose too much, but I’m just amazed by how much he lost.”

Once home, we get to see the struggles that the players are having. For Bill, the challenge is, and always will be, food. “I don’t know if I’ve done enough,” he worries. While Isabeau says, “This never gets easy,” she admits her weakness isn’t food but a desire to not work out. Julie complains that her busy lifestyle gets in the way of getting to the gym, and Hollie, who’s moved back to LA, says her biggest fear is that she won’t be able to keep the weight off.

And then it’s time to bring out our final four, who all look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in their tight, sexy black clothes. There are successes to talk about – Julie’s going to be speaking to Congress next month about healthy living and nutrition, and Isabeau’s decided to “pay it forward” by becoming a personal trainer. “I kick their butts just like Jillian taught me,” she jokes.

Bill, being the biggest loser at the last weigh-in, gets to decide the order of tonight’s weigh-in. He decides to go in age order, from youngest to oldest.

Isabeau steps up. She’s gone from being the heaviest female contestant ever on Biggest Loser to being 185 pounds, a 113-pound loss.

Hollie goes next, and puts up a 105-pound loss. And then Julie, who barely looks at her 97-pound loss before rushing down the stairs to embrace Jillian.

But in the end it’s Bill (remember Bill,the guy who won EVERYTHING this season???) who puts up the biggest numbers. He began the competition at 334 pounds and ended it at 170 pounds, for a difference of an amazing 164-pound loss (WOOT!WOOT!).

Bill takes home the $250,000 prize and the title of The Biggest Loser.

Before we go, Loser plugs its new challenge, the Million-Pound Matchup, a challenge for America to lose an unprecedented 1 million pounds. To find out how you can join in the challenge, log onto http://biggestloser.msn.com.

And then there’s a plug for the new Biggest Loser Couples season, which is set to premiere on January 1, 2008. Check out Reality TV Magazine’s coverage of the new season, including contestant bios and photos.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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