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Who Will Win The Biggest Loser?

December 18, 2007 12:45 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest Loser - courtesy NBC

This season of The Biggest Loser has been all about making history. Neil, the player voted out last week, broke many records on campus, as did Kae and Isabeau. But perhaps the most talked-about record-breaker is that this season only one team color will be represented in the finale: The Black Team.

Jillian’s team of “misfits” or “outcasts” has managed to outmaneuver, outscore, and outlose all of the players from the Red and Blue teams. Neil’s elimination last week made it official: it will be a Black Team finale tonight.

So who will take home the big prize?:

Julie: The blond with the quick wit, Julie has only been under the yellow line once. She’s sweet and supportive of her teammates, but make no mistake, this chick’s in it to win it. Julie goes home to ahusband and son. On the one hand, the busy lifestyle might make it tough for her tostick to thediet; on the other, maturity(not to mention the fact that her husband is dieting right along with her) will be a big plus on her side.

Isabeau: The “player with a conscience,” Isabeau hasbeen the only team member to voteagainst the crowd in the elimination room, makingher teammates at times angryand suspicious with her.Isabeau has lost more weight on campusthan any femalein BiggestLoser history, yetas of week 14 she was still resistingbeing pushed beyond her limitin the gym. Will Isabeau be enough of a strategizer to take home the prize? And will going home and getting back to a young person’s social lifeprove to be too much for her?

Hollie: The quiet one on the team, Hollie’s the one who, trainer Jillian says, has overcome the most mental obstacles to get where she is. She’s proven that she has the stamina (she won the triathalon a couple weeks ago) and she seems dedicated, but she, like Isabeau, will go home to friends who may have things other than weight loss on their minds. What’s worse, with the recent death of her mom, she’s missing a very important familial support system. Will she be able to stay the course despite the mental challenges still to come her way?

Bill: Good old Smilin’ Bill, who’s lost so much he looks like a different guy. Who cried on the scale last week he was so proud of himself. Who’sproven himself tobe the challengegod,winning many of the challenges,and still been nice about it. Bill’s got game, people, and he’s not afraid to use it. He’s got his challenges ahead, no doubt about it. He, too, will come home to a bustling lifestyle filled with work, kids, and family life. But for some reason he’s believable when he says he’s never going back to being the guy he was before. I think Bill will rise to meet his challenges and will come back to take home the big prize. And he’ll be so nice about it, he’ll make everyone happy for him.

No matter who goes home with the spoils, this season has America eyeing Jillian Michaels with interest. Recently, Jillian told Reality TV Magazine:

“I feel very blessed to have been a part of these contestants’ journeys and I think all of the contestants’ transformations this season are amazing and inspirational.”

Does this history-making season prove that Jillian’s tough, in-your-face training style prove to be the best? With the new (couples) season just around the corner (set to premiere Jan. 1, 2008), we will find out if trainer Bob can get a new Blue Team to rally and make it to the finals or if this is a new trend that Jillian intends to continue for seasons yet to come.

The Biggest Loserseason finale airs Tuesday, December 18, 2008 on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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