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Survivor Contestant Gives Public Apology

December 19, 2007 11:59 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Denise Martin Courtesy CBS

When Survivor: China contestant, Denise Martinrevealed during the season finale that she’d been demoted from her job of lunch lady to custodian for Douglas Public Schools, she set off a firestorm reaction among viewers, who immediately began emailing superintendent, Nancy Lane, angry letters. Problem was, Denise Martin was lying, at least that’s what Nancy Lane says.

As Reality TV Magazine reported,many people were waiting to hearan explanation from Martin, who was still in California at the time of the release of Lane’s statement.

OnDecember 18th,Martin answered that call for explanation,appearingin a split-screen alongsideLane on theCBS Early Show.

“I’m sorry,” Martin told viewers. “And I apologize to everybody. Believe me, I wish none of this had happened. I couldn’t say I’m sorry enough.”

She goes on to explain that she’d never intended to “be misleading,” and gives kudos to Lane for being a supportive boss, even giving Martin leaves of absence to appear on the show.

Lane’s response was one of outreach to the community of Douglas, who she feels has suffered a negative light as a result of the lie. She wants the community, she says, to understand how sorry Denise is.

But for some Denise’s apology may not be enough. There is, after all, the little matter of $50,000 handed to her by Mark Burnett to “get her life back.” When CBS reporter, Julie Chen, pressed Martin on the issue, asking if she’d be giving the money back, Martin was evasive. She simply shook her head as time ran out.

Martin took 4th place in this season’s Survivor: China.

Source: The Boston Globe

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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