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Amazing Race: “The Leg From Hell…”

December 23, 2007 10:56 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Nicolas & Donald Courtesy CBS

Is it the 7th leg of the Race already?! We’re down to just five teams and have yet to run into old Amazing Race standbys, such as a Fast Forward or a Non-Elimination round.

The racers begin in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the last leg ended, and will be heading across the Adriatic Sea by ferry to Ancona, Italy. TK & Rachel are tense because it’s been so long since they last saw another team. Kynt & Vyxsin, however, are feeling quite confident, as they spend their ferry time getting dolled up with make-up and nail polish. “Kynt and I will never let each other be less than our very best,” Vyxsin says. Boy, have we Race fans heard those famous last words before…

The players arrive in Ancona and get their next clue, which is to drive to Empoli. They each get a Blackberry, on which they’ll receive a “message” at some point during this leg of the race, with the strict warning that they’re not to use the Blackberry for any other purpose.

The teams head off to Empoli — some with better driving directions than others. But TK & Rachel suffer their first blow when they discover that they’ve lost their clue when stopping to get directions from some locals at a cafe. For the first time we see them bicker and hear TK uncharacteristically snarl, “If we don’t find the clue we might be completely freakin screwed!” They have to turn around and go back to the cafe; luckily the clue is still there!

While on the road, the contestants get thier Blackberry message. They’re messages of encouragement from home! Vyxsin gets emotional, saying she’s been missing her mom so getting the message was perfect timing.

Just as the teams get some steam going toward Empoli, there’s a traffic jam and they have to detour, causing three of the teams to lose precious time. Kynt & Vyxsin get so hopelessly lost, Vyxsin loses it again and has to let Kynt drive.

Surprisingly, Nateifer work cooperatively and put themselves in the lead. They arrive at Empoli and find a Roadblock. One player from each team has to fly an Ultralite airplane over Tuscany, looking for a message — the word “Vinci” –to relay for their next clue. They also find a Fast Forward…but will anyone risk taking it?

Most of the teams have no problem with the Roadblock, but TK, in keeping with tonight’s “leg from hell…” can’t find the clue for the life of him. He has to fly over Tuscany three times before he finds it. “This might be the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever been a part of,” he says.

Nicolas and Gramps decide to go for the Fast Forward. “Gotta take a risk,” Nicolas keeps repeating. Gramps, ever the supportive one, answers, “I’m with ya all the way…”

But they quickly discover that their Fast Forward task will mean a permanent change to their bodies. They must each get a permanent tattoo on their shoulders, the letters “FF,” to stand for the words “Fast Forward.” Gramps is not so sure he wants to take the plunge on this one. “I don’t know if I can do this,” he worries. But he goes for it anyway, making him so much cooler than the traditional old, “hey, kid, pull my finger,” grandpas out there.

Back on the ground after the Ultralite challenge, the teams are instructed to go to Vinci, Italy, birthplace of Leonardo DaVinci. It’s there that they find their next clue: a Detour.

They must choose between Invention and Tradition. In “Invention,” the teams must construct and use a replica of a DaVinci invention in order to get their next clue. In “Tradition,” they will have to learn a traditional Italian flag routine. Everyone but TK & Rachel choose Tradition, and really there are no big problems there.

Instead, for Kynt & Vyxsin, the problem lies in actually getting there. Vyxsin has another meltdown and Kynt loses his patience, making her stop the car and get out so he can drive. “Stop this car! Stop this car, Vyxsin!” he shouts. “You can’t be throwin your little temper tantrums!”

As if their day couldn’t get worse, their car breaks down on them. A replacement car will be sent, but (after a lot of fighting we’d more expect to see with Nateifer than with the Neon Ninjas) Kynt & Vyxsin decide to run to their Detour than wait for the car. The car will be waiting for them when they get back, they decide.

And speaking of bad days, once TK & Rachel rock their task and get a foothold on the lead over Kynt & Vyxsin, theircar blows a tire. “This is the leg from hell,” Rachel complains. But TK fixes the flat and they’re back at it in no time.

Off everyone heads to Boboli Gardens, which is the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race. Here’s how they come across the mat:

1st: Nicolas & Grandpa Donald, who win a 5-night trip for 2 to Cancun. Guess that tattoo was worth it after all, eh Gramps?

2nd: Nateifer (If we don’t hear a snarky remark or afull-out screamfest from them soon, the earth might reverse on its axis).

3rd: Ronald & Christina, who breezed through this leg of the Race with no trouble (and, good news!, we didn’t have to hear about Ronald’s hernia even once tonight!)

4th: TK & Rachel, who are both shocked. “Unbelievable,” Rachel breathes.

5th: Kynt & Vyxsin…but good news! It’s a non-elimination round. They’re still in the race.

The bad news for Kynt & Vyxsin is that there will be a “Speed Bump” at some point during the next leg of the race — and will include a task that must only be performed by them, giving the others time to pull ahead of them.

Vyxsin cries. Somebody get that poor girl a bed and a little shuteye!

Next of Amazing Race 12:

Ronald gets gripey

The game’s on for Kynt & Vyxsin. Will they have what it takes to get out of last place?

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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