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Amazing Race: The Race is Over for Kynt & Vyxsin

December 30, 2007 08:14 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Kynt & Vyxsin Courtesy CBS

It’s the 8th leg of the Race tonight, and the tension’s high for the Racers, who know that, because last week was a non-elimination leg, tonight someone will go home. The question is…will it be Kynt & Vyxsin, who came across the mat in last place last week and who will have to complete an extra task, called a “Speed Bump,” tonight? “I feel like I’m waking up from a bad dream,” Vyxsin says. Or will the neon ninjas take down another team? “I swear they have witch powers or something,” Jennifer says.

The teams head off to Mumbai, India, where they’ll have to find a newspaper stall and search through the newspaper to find an advertisement that holds their next clue.

The teams hit the airport and the vying for the perfect flight begins. Nick and Gramps use the almighty I (Internet) to their advantage, and Ron & Chris get a hold of some reservations as well. Nateifer gets lucky, but TK and Rachel don’t. The scramble is on. Kynt & Vyxsin, who spent their down time searching out flights offered by other airlines, score a much earlier flight than what TK & Rachel get, and Kynt resorts to “performance art” (pouty, forlorn look and sympathetic hugs) to make TK & Rachel think they got a later flight as well. It works! Thanks to a runway delay on the first flight and Kynt’s rather convincing “poor us” mime, Kynt & Vyxsin actually end up in Mumbai before anyone else!

Unfortunately, the newspaper stall is closed, giving everyone a chance to catch up to one another (Oh, well, Kynt…there’s always Broadway…).

The teams scour the newspapers and find that they’re to head to Chauhan Tailors for their next clue. Nateifer begins their usual bickering (there’s nothing like a good,invigorating I hate you in the morningto start your day off right) when they can’t find the ad.

The next task is a Detour: Paste ‘Em or Thread ‘Em. In Paste ‘Em, each team is to paste a six-panel movie poster to an underpass wall. In Thread ‘Em, each team is to thread a 108-flower wedding garland and deliver it to a bridegroom.

But FIRST…! The Speed Bump!

Kynt & Vyxsin must perform several complex yoga poses before they can do the Detour. This might be good, they think, to get a break from all the stress.

And, speaking of stress, I have one word for you: Ronald. He goes back to hyper-critical mode and even begins arguing with the guys in charge of the clue, forcing Chris to rip down the poster and start all over again.

After finishing the Detour, the teams must make their way to Kabutar Khana traffic island, where they’ll find a U-Turn, andtheir next clue, which is to head to Bharatgas Colaba gas service.

Most of the teams are so far ahead, they don’t even worry about the U-Turn. But two teams are gutting it out neck-and-neck at the back of the pack: Kynt & Vyxsin, and Nateifer.

And this is where Kynt makes his first tragic mistake of the night.

Kynt & Vyxsin arrive at the U-Turn ahead of Nateifer, and they even elect to use the U-Turn. However, Kynt reasons that if anyone’s still behind them it would be Nick & Gramps (who’re in 1st place at the moment), and so he chooses to U-Turn Nick & Gramps, keeping Nateifer right at their heels.

At Bharatgas Colaba, the teams stumble onto a Roadblock, which is to load up a cart with 6 tanks of propane and deliver them to locals, bringing back receipts to receive their final clue.

And now for Kynt’s second tragic (and fatal) mistake of the night. He leaves two of his receipts behind and has to go back for them, giving Nateifer that tiny space of wiggle room to get ahead.

It’s a close race for the first three couples, with Nick & Gramps rounding up the task first. Yet…Nick gets overheated during the task and has to make his taxi driver pull over so he can be sick on the side of the road, allowing for TK & Rachel to overtake them.

The Pit Stop for this leg is Bandra Fort, and the teams come across the mat in this order:

1st: TK & Rachel, who win a 5-night island getaway vacation. “Winning $1 million would be freakin’ awesome,” TK says.

2nd: Nick (still looking green around the gills) & Gramps, who fist-five.

3rd: Ronald & Christina

4th: Nateifer — Jen cries, “I’m so happy!”

5th: Kynt & Vyxsin. Phil tells them that he’s “Sad to see you go, guys.” He then tells them he gives them the award for Most Fashionable Couple Ever on Amazing Race, which appears to thrill them to no end.

Vyxsin says, “I know in my heart of hearts that as long as Kynt is in my life the adventure never ends.”

Read Reality TV Magazine’s pre-Race interview with Kynt & Vyxsin here.

Next on Amazing Race 12:

Gramps gets worn out.

Everyone’s wondering: Where are TK & Rachel?!

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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