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The Biggest Loser Couples: Father/Daughter Team Goes Home

January 01, 2008 08:57 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Lynn & Jennifer Courtesy NBC

What better day to premiere a new season of Loser than Jan 1st, when it seems like everybody isre-dedicating themselves to weight loss? There’s a buzz of exciting things to come this season, as players have teamed up to battle for the title of Biggest Loser…uh Losers.

This season, there will be 10 teams (read about the teams here), each a different color, tossing out the old way of doing things. Yes, there will be Jillian and Bob, but no more are the Blue Team and the Black Team. This season it’s all about every-team-for-itself. “I don’t like the fact that they’ve brought their enablers with them,” Jillian complains.

As soon as the teams step on campus, they’re given their first challenge, which is to race to the top of a distant hill, touch a flag, and then race back down to choose their desired trainer. The catch: each trainer can only train 5 teams, which means those teams coming across the finish line last may not get the trainer they want.

They’re off and…well, sort of running. Most are walking. All are panting. And is someone actually crawling up the hill? It’s a tough challenge, and brothers Mark & Jay are the first across the finish line. Bette-Sue & daughter Ali are last, Bette-Sue crying, “I’m so embarrassed.”

Now that the teams have trainers, it’s time for their first weigh-in. “None of you have ever seen a scale quite like this one,” Alison tells them, unveiling a double-scale. The teams climb on. Here’s where we begin the season:

Friends Maggie & Jenn: 493 lbs.

Brothers Jay & Mark: 578 lbs.

Curtis & Mallory, married couple: 598 lbs.

Bette-Sue & Ali: 495 lbs.

Jackie & her son Dan: 556

Lynn & daughter Jenni: 676 lbs.

Neill & Amanda, newlyweds: 521 lbs.

Strangers, Bernie & Brittany: 504 lbs.

Kelly & Paul, the happy divorcees: 574 lbs.

Former teammates, Roger & Trent: 799 lbs.

It’s time for the teams to hit the gym, and Jilliandishes about how everyone is wrong in thinking that Bob is the “easy trainer.” Though he may be easy on the eyes (*purrrr*), Jillian says, “He’s a monster!” And Bette-Sue agrees. “He does that taunting and I wanna smack him. He is just a mean little booger. He is not Mr. Save the World.” But Bob, who wastes no time in working his players till they’re puking (Bernie) and passing out (Paul), doesn’t mind the reputation. “Bette-Sue might be the one giving people a run for their money,” he predicts.

The teams are then taken to the hospital to meet with hair-licious Doc Huizenga and some other docs on staff. Doc H takes them to the morgue to scare them a little. It works — the teams are somber, and some are crying (Jackie & Roger). They also talk with a cardiologist, a fertility specialist (a former Loser contestant herself), a sleep apnea specialist, and a radiologist.

And then it’s on to the 2nd challenge. The players are hooked to a giant balloon and are charged with dragging their balloons behind them, racing around a course and to a finish line. With about 100 pounds of resistance holding them back, the challenge proves to be no easy feat. And the stakes are high. The winner gets to subtract 2 pounds from their team’s weight at the weigh-in. The loser…adds 2 pounds to theirs.

Again, Jay & Mark prove themselves to be the team to watch out for, as they pretty well smoke everyone else for the win. Best friends, Maggie & Jenn come in last, and get that awful 2-pound addition.

It’s back tocampus and Last Chance Workouts. Right away we see who’s going to be holding down whom. Neill “gives up” too much; Bernie’s in the hospital, unable to keep anything down; and Lynn’s…where’s Lynn?

Daughter Jenni is one peeved chick, when she can’t get her dad into the gym to work out. She confronts him and he refuses, saying his 60-year old feet are blistered and painful. She tries everything — even telling him he’s disappointing her, but it doesn’t work. She leaves the house in tears, while Lynn goes back to bed. But in the morning, Lynn thinks better of it and heads to the gym before everyone else.

Already it’s weigh-in day. Right away, Kelly & Paul set the bar high by losing an amazing combined 30 pounds (Kelly talks smack: “Game’s on, guys!”). Right behind them, groups put up 36, 40, even 49-pound losses. The numbers are great! In the end it’s Maggie & Jenn, whose 2 additional pounds from the challenge loss push them under the yellow line (with a 20-pound loss); Lynn & Jenni’s 26-pound loss isn’t enough to keep them afloat(although, surprisingly, it was Jenni’s tiny 7-pound loss that does them in).

Alison announces that the teams will not be given the traditional 24-hour deliberation time, but will only get 1 hour to make up their minds about who should leave the Biggest Loser campus. In that one hour, while Maggie & Jenn beg to stay, Lynn basically tells the group that he wants to go home.

Not a big shock — in the elimination room it’s Lynn & Jenni who are soundly voted out. Jenni’s distraught, but Lynn looks happy. “I’m gonna be there for you when we get home,” he tells his daughter. “I don’t wanna go home,” she says. “…I still love you, though.”

Six weeks after their elimination, Jenni & Lynn, while still struggling with eating and exercise habits, are more or lesssticking to the program. Jenni has lost 20 pounds, and Lynn has lost 30. Not too shabby, guys!

Next on The Biggest Loser:

Amanda & Neill don’t have the same commitment.

Bob & Jillian join forces.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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