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Project Runway: Eye Candy; The Kids in a Candy Store

January 02, 2008 10:17 PM by DA Southern

Photo Courtesy of Bravo TV; Phot by Barbara Nitke

The last Runway episode of ’07 saw Jack leaving for medical reasons, Chris returning to keep the competition in a comedic tone, Christian winning a design-off, finally, and Steven hearing the words “Auf Wiedersehen” after his “French maid” inspired design. We settle in for the first episode of ’08 as we view another wild episode of high style with our quirky designers. Now, unless Steven manages to take the place of another designer who has become ill or whatever, we are fairly certain we have seen the last of him as we find the designers arising to a new day of sweetness…literally. Kevin was seen lamenting Steven, his roomy, being “awfed” as the rest of the designers were glad it was Steven and not them being cut.

The designers headed to Parsons to greet Heidi for their next task and Heidi called the models out to be chosen. Christian, the winner from the last challenge, picked first and immediately ruffled feathers by picking a different model. Those designers get very protective of their girls, that much is for sure. Heidi told the designers that they were going on an early morning field trip, so they needed to go and rest up.

The day passed quickly and the next scene had Tim Gunn showing up at 6 am to have the designers ready themselves for their next challenge. Kit was funny as she greeted Tim and remarked that she didn’t even have a bra on. Jillian said that whoever woke her up was usually her enemy, but not Tim Gunn; that you could only be polite to him. Tim rounded up the designers and took them to the center of Time Square to the Hershey’s store – The Sweetest Place in New York. Tim explained to the designers that they were going to use items in the store and that they had no budget, but that they only had five minutes to grab whatever they needed for their designs. What happened next was every kid’s dream – running in a candy store and grabbing all of the candy that you could possibly hold. The designers, most with no thought of what they were going to do with what they were holding, grabbed every conceivable candy bag and Hershey article they could grab. Chris was funny saying that he was only grabbing Hershey fabric and pillows as he was not using foods to make a design. By the look of it, no other designer seemed to share his concern. Tim called time and the designers, high on the sweet aroma of chocolate, took their spoils back to Parsons to begin their designs. Tim told them that they had until midnight to complete the designs, which sent the designers into immediate overdrive with 13 hours until the deadline.

Kit said that everyone seemed to be having so much fun with this challenge and that they needed a “fun” one for a change. Tim was in quickly as the designers were immersed in their designs and told them to “make it work”. Rami said that the smell of chocolate actually made him dizzy after a while and Christian began his assault on the lack of talent on the other designers and, of course, his superiority. Christian said that he was “very instantaneous” in his designs as he spent a good part of time unwrapping over 1000 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for his “instantaneous” design. Chris once again said that, “Using real food was not practical at all.”

With seven hours remaining, Elisa was seen telling how she had actually become involved with Project Runway because of her daughter and continued telling how she had been hit by a car while launching a tee-shirt design in Paris and actually spent days in a coma. She said that Project Runway was her chance to “reclaim a life she could have had had she not been hit by a car.” The story meant one of two things, that she was going to win this challenge or be the loser and be “auwt”.

Christian was heard saying that other designers don’t have a real direction like he did which caused Kevin to say that he wanted to “auf” him and that you would never see him again. Ricky said that the challenge started out as so much fun but that now, not so much.

Tim was in with a little over two hours left to inspect the designers’ progress and had several cautionary tones for some of the designers. Tim thought Rami’s dress was, essentially, Jillian, who had a penchant for wearing dresses. Tim was concerned for Jillian from a time standpoint as she was working with a completely edible dress using Twizzlers. Tim also had grave concerns for Sweet P’s dress, that it looked like a big coffee filter or a maxi pad and Elisa’s design because it was not exuberant. As time dwindled down, the designers were in the final blur before the midnight bell and Jillian was seen saying that she had a devastating feeling of not finishing.

Day of Runway Show…We see the designers getting ready for the Runway, and more specifically, Jillian and Victorya talking about their designs and Jillian being very worried about her design and the time left. The designers filed into the Parsons design room and Tim was in to tell them that they had two hours to get their models fitted and into the Tresemme Hair Salon. Jillian was struggling with her design and actually had her model asking if she could help her to get it ready. Chris said he felt for Jillian; that he had worked with food many times before. Christian was seen saying, “Oh my God, some of these designs are so ugly.” Chris was seen saying that he thought that if Sweet P wasn’t in trouble, he would be surprised and finally, Rami was very concerned about how delicate the candy wrappers were in his design.

The Runway Show…Heidi greeted the designers and told them that they were to have designs using “Unconventional Materials” and that all of the designs would be auctioned off for a Hershey Project that the company was involved with. Heidi introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest Judge, young designer, Zac Posen.

The order of the designers coming down the runway were, Ricky, Chris, Kit, Elisa, Kevin, Christian, Sweet P, Rami, Jillian and Victorya. In this challenge, these designs were probably the most finished of all of the challenges. As we begin to eliminate more and more of the designers, the designs will become even more dynamic to judge. After the Models finished, the judges had a quick scoring and told Ricky, Kit, Kevin and Christian that they were safe and could leave the runway, leaving Chris, Elisa, Sweet P, Rami, Jillian and Victorya on the runway. Heidi called the models out and the judges had a go at each of the remaining designers. They seemed to have some fairly glowing comments for Rami, Chris and Jillian. They were especially pleases that Jillian’s Twizzler dress was totally edible and very nicely done and the intricacy of Rami’s design.

Heidi sent them the remaining group off for the final gab-fest between the judges. The judges seemed to pretty much follow the critique that they had given the designers liking Jillian, Rami and Chris, although they were not thrilled that Chris had not taken too much of a chance. They savaged Elisa, Victorya and Sweet P’s design individually and announced that they had a winner and a loser and the designers were called back to the runway. Heidi announced that Chris was safe and immediately announced that Rami was the winner of the challenge. Victorya was announced safe by Heidi, leaving Elisa and Sweet P in the spotlight. Heidi announced that they were disappointed in each of the designs and that Sweet P was safe and Elisa was “Auwt”. Of all of the designers that have left, Elisa has been the most gracious to date saying that she was graced and blessed to have been a part of the competition. Finally some grace and style from a contestant.

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