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Supernanny Returns With Back To Back Episodes

January 02, 2008 01:16 AM by Joe Reality

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Supernanny is back for her fourth season with back-to-back episodes. In the first episode, Supernanny comes to the rescue of over-protective parents. Donna and Billy Jo Drake have a four year old named Josie and three-year-old twins named Jared and Justin.

Donna’s mom, Mimi, lives next door and often watches thechildcare. Mimi calls the children “her heart,” but Supernanny worries they’ll give her a heart attack. During a time out, the twins literally pull Mimi in different directions on the floor.

The Drakes have a new RV, but the parents are so over-protective, they are afraid to take the kids on a family vacation. The first episode of Supernanny airs Wednesday, January 2 from 9PM to 10PM ET on ABC.

In the second episode, Supernanny visits the Chapman family. Instead of the parents, teenagers Brittany and Moriah actually call in Supernanny for help parenting their three little brothers, four year old twins Ethan and Cole and three year old Quinn.

The teens are expected to homeschool themselves and watch the kids, while former stay-at-home Mom works at her photography business. While Britney and Moriah are frustrated, Dad Glenn doesn’t see the problem with them helping out so much with the kids. The second episode of Supernanny airs on Wednesday, January 2 from 10PM to 11PM ET on ABC.

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