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Wife Swap Features Pageant Queen Mom Swapping With Feminist

January 02, 2008 01:01 AM by Joe Reality

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The 2008 season premiere of Wife Swap kicks off tonight with the Boss and Gustaferro families. Karen Gustaferro is a former pageant queen Mom with a daughter following in her footsteps. Karen swaps families with Angie Boss, who is a feminist Mom who homeschools her kids. Angie disapproves of makeup and beauty.

Karen Gustaferro is fifty-four years old an lives in upstate New York. Karen waits on her fifteen year old daughter Alisha hand and foot. The Gustaferro home is filled with pageant trophies and sparkle. Alisha Gustaferro started winning pageants at 11 months old. She says that she “feels sorry for anyone who’s not gorgeous.”

Karen Gustagerro gives Alisah a gift every single day under the family’s year-round Christmas tree. Sixty-one year old Ralph Gustaferro works hard to provide Alisha’a $100,000 a year pageant lifestyle. Alisha’s schedule of pageants, social activities and cheerleading dominates the entire family’s lives.

Karen swaps places with Angie Boss. Thirty-six year old Angie lives in Indiana with her husband Duwain and their three daughters, Kaylyn, Clara, and Katy. The Boss family lives a modest and religious life.

Angie is a feminist, who wants her children to live a life free from pop culture and typical female stereotypes. Angie homeschools her three daughters, and their coursework even includes auto mechanics. DuWain is employed as a special education teacher. DuWain’s hero is Mr. Rogers, and he is super strict with his daughters.

In the first week of the swap, Karen doesn’t mix well with what she considers to be the boring lifestyle of the Boss family. Karen breaks the household rules and paints Clara’s nails, and Kaylyn tattles to DuWain. Angie has her own problems with the Gustaferro family. Angie is taken aback by Alisha’s spoiled behavior and doesn’t like Ralph’s attitude to that beauty is more important than brains.

In the second week of the swap, a dispute erupts between Karen and DuWain when Karen brings beauty pageant gowns and makeup into the house for Clara. Even though DuWain initially storms out of the house with the girls, his attitude starts to change when he watches his daughter compete in her first beauty pageant. In the Gustaferro house, Ralph actually kicks Angie out after she rips up one of Alisha’s promo shots. When Angie returns, she is able to bond with Alisha over cooking.

At the end of the swap, the couples are reunited. Wife Swap premieres on Wednesday, January 2, 2008 from 8PM to 9PM ET on ABC.

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