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Amazing Racers Kynt & Vyxsin Talk Highs, Lows, & Elimination

January 05, 2008 06:48 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Kynt & Vyxsin Courtesy CBS

We were shocked last week when America’s favorite goth racers, Kynt & Vyxsin, were eliminated from Amazing Race 12. Some critics calledKynt’s U-Turnthe dumbest move in Amazing Race history. Others blamedthe teamfor making what looked like avoidable fatal errors, costing them their chance to vie for the finish line and the $1 million prize.

“What’s hard for viewers to understand,” Kynt told Reality TV Magazine in a recent interview, “Is that when you’re watching the show you get to play God. ,It’s all so obvious.” But, the pair claim, it’s not so obvious when you’re playing the game, in part due to isolation (not to mention exhaustion, dehydration, confusion,) and in part due to interpretation of theRace “clues.” “The clues are just that – they’re clues,” says Kynt. “They’re very short. They’re sometimes not very clear. That’s part of the game. [Viewers] get a much more detailed breakdown.”

The pair was coming into last week’s leg of the race at a disadvantage, knowing that they would be faced with a “Speed Bump” due to their last place status during the previous leg. “It was a very fatiguing day,” Kynt says. But the team raced through their Speed Bump “yoga” challenge very quickly. “We didn’t slow it down by falling or making mistakes,” he says, adding that the watching Vyxsin twist and turn during the challenge was the high point of his day. “I think it was the high point of the day for the instructor as well,” he jokes. Vyxsin adds that she, as a vegetarian, was just relieved not to have to “eat something gross.”

After leaving the Speed Bump challenge, the pair was surprised to see Nateifer still working on their flower challenge. “Nate and Jennifer are always at the front of the pack,” Kynt explains. What they didn’t know was that Nateifer had spent an hour looking for the first clue and were actually at the back of the pack.

Kynt & Vyxsin thought that their suspicions that everyone was still behind them were confirmed when they reached the U-Turn and found that nobody had U-Turned them. “We would’ve bet money that we were going to be U-Turned,” Vyxsin explains. Kynt agrees, “Our first thoughtwas shellshock that weweren’t U-Turned. We thought, ‘Maybe nobody’s been here yet.’”

Going with that reasoning, the pair decided to choose a team – any team – to U-Turn, with the hope that they would keep at least one team coming across the mat behind them. “We didn’t actually know we’d made a bad move until we hit the Roadblock,” Vyxsin says.

Still, the pair says, they were only beat to the mat by Nateifer by “less than five minutes.” Though they were thrilled to be declared Most Fashionable Racers by host Phil, “Our hearts sunk when Phil said, ‘you are the last team to arrive,’” Kynt says.

There are no regrets for the self-proclaimed “Pink and Black Attack.” Kynt & Vyxsin definitely feel as if they stayed true to themselves during the race, and soaked up memories that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

“We were really touched by how warm and friendly and joyful the people were [in Burkina Faso, Africa]. The people just looked happy. They were so sweet to us. ,To see such lovely people in such poverty was completely heartbreaking,” Vyxsin says, recalling her emotional breakdown after the bicycle delivery challenge in Africa. “,There were huge mountains of garbage, [with] children climbing and picking through it. It’s burned in my mind forever.”

The “magical village” in Vilnius, Lithuania will stay in their minds, as well. “It was the one moment in Amazing Race where Vyxsin and I felt underdressed,” Kynt says. “We felt right at home.” So much at home, in fact, that the 10 minutes or so that they spent having tea and biscuits with the elves and gnomes cost them the spot of first place during that leg.

The team used their strengths to take them through 8 legs in the infamous “Race Around the World”: patience, teamwork, and,The Force? During the African dance detour, Kynt used his skill with a light saber to rock the judges. When Kynt saw the staffs they were supposed to use to dance with, he says, “The first thing I thought was light sabers.” Vyxsin laughs, “I think we were the first team in history to use The Force to win a detour.”

So what’s next for the Pink and Black Attack? “Oh, my, my,” is all Kynt will say. Vyxsin, however, has real optimism about what may lie ahead for the two of them.

“We won 8 legs of an adventure around the world,” Vyxsin says. “We’ve been so close for so long, there’s not a lot about each other at this point that we don’t know. We both enjoy watching each other blossom. For me, Kynt has been such a huge wonderful force in my life. I feel like he’s helped me grow. On the race and off, I feel like I have the best teammate ever.”

Note to fans: Kynt & Vyxsin call themselves “myspace addicts,” and openly welcome visitors:

www.myspace.com/kyntxox or www.myspace.com/vyxsin

Amazing Race 12 airs Sundays, 8PM ET on CBS. Kynt & Vyxsin tell fans of Reality TV Magazine not to miss the last 3 episodes. “They should be nail biters!”

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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