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True Life Episodes Focuses On Panic Attacks, Family Standards, And Alcoholism

January 05, 2008 01:01 AM by Joe Reality

True Life is coming back to MTV. True Life tells stories through first person accounts that provide an inside look into the lives of other people. New episodes to air on January 5, 2008 focus on panic attacks, conforming to a family’s standards, and overcoming alcoholism. The episodes are entitled “True Life: I’m The Black Sheep,” True Life: I Panic” and “True Life: I’m An Alcoholic.”

MTV episode descriptions are provided below:
True Life: I’m The Black Sheep starts at 2PM ET/PT on January 5, 2008. Most families have their differences, but what if you actually feel like an alien among your own flesh and blood? On this episode of True Life, you’ll meet three young people who consider themselves outcasts in their own homes but still are desperate to win their parent’s approval.

True Life: I Panic starts at 3pm ET/PT on January 5, 2008. Everybody worries sometimes. But what happens if you’re one of the estimated two and a half million Americans whose anxieties spiral into recurring and uncontrollable panic attacks? On this episode of True life, we’ll meet three young people struggling to overcome their panic disorder so they can live normal lives.

True Life: I’m An Alcoholic starts at 4PM ET/PT on January 5, 2008. What if every time you took a sip of alcohol you couldn’t stop drinking until it was hard to walk, talk, or even think? That’s the grim reality for the estimated five and a half million Americans under 25 who are alcoholics. In this episode of True Life, you’ll meet two young women struggling to overcome this relentless addiction that’s destroying their lives.

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