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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Tackles Haunted Home

January 06, 2008 01:01 AM by Joe Reality

Ty Pennington Photo by BOB D'AMICO

In what sounds like one of the most interesting Extreme Makeover Home Edition projects ever, Ty Pennington and his team are going to tackle a home that is over one hundred years old and is rumored to be haunted. The haunted home belongs to the Ray-Smith family of Milbridge, Maine.

After first meeting in nursery school, Brittany Ray and Ron Smith went their separate ways and attended different colleges, before getting back together. In 1994, they were married, and returned to their hometown of Milbridge. Milbridge held special significance from them because the town was founded by Brittany’s great-great grandparents.

In Milbridge, Brittany Ray and Ron Smith became employed as teachers, while also staying active in the community. Because of bills and school loans, the family moved into the one hundred year old family home that had been built by Brittany’s great-great grandparents.

As could be expected with a one hundred year old house, there are dozens of problems, such as an outdated septic system, no insulation, a cracking foundation, an outdated furnace, a leaky roof, freezing pipes, and ancient electrical wiring. To make matters worse, the house also appears to be haunted. The family has encountered such unexplainable events as a pair of scissors standing upright on the counter and shirt pins balanced in a circle in a candle. One night the furnace was even mysteriously turned up as high as it could go, causing the temperature in their home to reach 100 degrees.

House problems are not the only struggle that the Ray-Smith family faces. Their son, Thomas, suffers from Autism, and their other son, JoJo, may be autistic as well. Also, Ron and his daughter, Bayley, suffer from Hypolipidemia (a condition causing extremely high cholesterol). Needless to say, the family has to contend with high medical bills.

Helping Ty Pennington and the designers rebuild the home are local builder Broughman Builders and hundreds of volunteers. The design team features John Littlefield, Didiayer, Paul DiMeo, John Littlefield and Eduardo Xol. Extreme Makeover Home Edition airs on Sunday, January 6 from 8PM to 9PM ET on ABC.

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