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Introducing…. American Gladiators

January 07, 2008 04:00 AM by Rich

Welcome to Reality TV Magazine’s coverage of American Gladiators!!

American Gladiators Logo

In 1989 America was introduced to a new show, American Gladiator. Reminiscent of the gladiator games of ancient Rome, without the loser having to worry about getting a thumbs down, this show pitted contestants against gladiators in a variety of challenges. Who can forget Blaze, Laser, Diamond, Viper, Elektra, and the other similarly monikered gladiators who kept us thrilled by their antics. Many times even being preferred than the men and woman who entered the arena to challenge them! Sadly, this show ended in 1996 after six seasons.

On January 6, this show is being revived! With hosts Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali a new group of Gladiators are going to thrill us as they work to defeat modern day contestants. These gladiators will keep the tradition of having unique names to identify them. The show will start with them evenly split between men and women, seven of each.

The list of gladiators for 2008 is:

  • Blast – Jennifer Barry *
  • Crush – Gina Carano
  • Fury – Jamie Kovac
  • Hellga – Robin Coleman
  • Siren – Valerie Waugaman
  • Stealth – Tanji Johnson
  • Venom – Beth Horn
  • Hammer – Michael Briehler *
  • Justice – Justice Smith
  • Mayhem – Romeo Williams
  • Militia – Alex Castro
  • Titan – Michael O’Hearn
  • Toa – Tanoai Reed
  • Wolf – Don Yates
  • * Reserve

    Michael O’Hearn was one of the gladiators on the original series during season six. He did not compete on television during that season and is the only original gladiator returning for the 2008 revival of the show.

    The different games were the main stay of this program. They were fun to watch as well as physically challenging to the contestants. Many of the games from the original series have been brought back for the 2008 revival. The events planned for this year include:

    Hang Tough
    Hit & Run
    The Wall
    The Eliminator

    Certainly enough variety to keep things interesting! Each week we will cover these events in more detail.

    The show will feature a men’s bracket as well as a women’s bracket. Two of men and women will compete against each other to move on. There will be four quarter-final matches, two semi-final matches, followed by the final. Each winner of the final will receive $100,000.00. Debuting Sunday, January 6, 2008, on NBC stations, the show will then move to the 8:00 p.m. Time slot on Mondays.

    Each week we will bring you a summary of the events, more in depth information about each event type, and information on the gladiators. Be sure to check back each week!

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