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American Gladiators – Adonis Lockett and Siene Silva Advance!

January 08, 2008 01:10 AM by Rich

American Gladiators LogoWelcome back American Gladiators aficionados! Tonight boasted another night of furious competition between Jeff Chapman [Radiation Control Technician, 6' 4", 224 lbs] and Adonis Lockett [Engineer, 6', 196 lbs]. For the women Christie Philips [Karate Instructor, 5' 7", 130 lbs] squared off against Siene Silva [Gymnastics Instructor, 5' 4", 127 lbs].

The first event for both men and women was the Gauntlet. The men were first to compete against the gladiators. Titan, Mayhem, Toa, and Justice defended to keep the competitors from getting past them. In blue, Jeff was the first to take them on. Battling past Titan, Mayhem, and Tao, he came up against Justice. Managing to get past him, Jeff did not manage to get through the wall to score the full ten points. Adonis, in blue, took his turn at the gladiators. Adonis got past the first three gladiators coming up against a real challenge in Justice. Managing to get past him and into the grey scoring area, Justice continued to block him, forcing backwards into the course. Time ran out leaving Adonis with eight points and tied with Jeff. It was decided by the referee after review of the event that Justice had barred Adonis’ after he entered the scoring zone. This competitor was awarded the full ten points as a result. The women were next up pitted against Venom, Stealth, Siren, and Hellga. Christie, in red, took to the course first, fighting past Venom and managing to get past Stealth with ease. After working to get past Siren, she was held up by Hellga who used her pads well to hold Christie down until time expired earning her six points. Dressed in blue, Siene took her turn at the gladiators, having no trouble getting past Venom, Stealth, and Siren. Hellga managed to hold her up, but Siene overcame the last gladiator to get past her and through the wall for the full ten points.

The men next took to the Wall. Jeff was matched with Toa while Adonis was pitted against Mayhem. With a seven second head start, Jeff quickly started up the wall gaining ground on his fellow competitor. Mayhem gained on Adonis easily, and grappling with him briefly, managed to pull him off the wall and into the water. Jeff managed to remain out of Toa’s grasp gaining ten points when he made the top of the wall.

Joust was the second event for the women facing Crush with the pugil sticks. Christie put up a good fight but was quickly overmatched by the gladiator. Her only reward was a quick splash when she landed in the water after being knocked off the platform. Siene faired only slightly better, using the tactic of going low into an almost sitting position to battle Crush. She nearly managed to outlast the gladiator before a solid shot knocked her into the water.

Earthquake pitted Adonis and Jeff against Militia on the moving twelve foot platform. Jeff, called Big Country by the Hulkster, went right at Militia as soon as the whistle sounded. Grappling with him, he nearly lost his footing a few times before taking Militia down with a wrestling move. While the gladiator tried to get the upper hand, Jeff took him off the platform with him, earning the full points for the event. Adonis gave a good showing, grappling with the large gladiator who finally managed to get a neck hold on him. As they went over the edge of the platform, Militia grabbed one of the supporting ropes, and managed to swing back up to the platform while Adonis landed on the pads below.

Venom faced off with the women in Hang Tough. Christie went first, swing out towards the far platform on the rings. Coming at Venom, they locked legs in what resembled aerial wrestling more then gymnastics. Venom let go to grab Christie around the neck, ultimately carrying them both into the drink. Siene’s gymnastic background certainly showed when she faced off against the gladiator. Swinging out she avoided contact with Venom handily. The gladiator tried to get a hold of her but with a quick swinging move, got onto the platform and a reward of ten points.

The men were next up in Hang Tough facing Wolf. Adonis swung out first managing to avoid being grabbed by Wolf. Moving around him, just as Wolf was going to get to him, Adonis made a diving move to the platform. Just beating the gladiator he earned ten points for the event. Jeff came right at Wolf, swinging to him while the gladiator made a grab for him. Holding on to Jeff for a moment, Wolf lost his grip allowing the competitor to get away. Getting past Wolf, Jeff managed to get his feet onto the platform but did not have enough momentum to get fully on before Wolf grabbed him from behind. His reward to a bath in the water below, being taken down with Wolf.

Assault challenged the women next with Fury manning the tennis ball cannon. Christie managed to make it to the first position and fire the sling shot which missed. While moving to the cannon at position two, she was hit in the thigh which ended the competition for her. Siene’s attempt to defeat the gladiator with the slingshot was also unsuccessful. Scrambling to position two, she managed to load and get the cannon shot off. Missing again, she peered around the barrier and made a dash for the sand pit. Just short of the pit, she took a hit from Fury’s cannon.

The Eliminator was the final event. The men faced off first with Jeff having a four second head start over Adonis. Quickly getting over the rope wall and into the water on the other side, Jeff maintained a good lead. As he finished the barrel roll and started over the hand bike, Adonis gained the top of the cargo net. Falling from the hand bike, Jeff gave Adonis a chance to make up some time. The deciding obstacle was the travelator. Both competitors falling down the incline several times before Adonis finally made the top finishing with a time of three minutes, forty seven seconds. The women’s run gave Siene a seven and one-half second head start. Going up the rope wall and under the fire, she was starting up the cargo net while Christie was still swimming under the fire. Siene fell from the hand bike having to climb out of the pit while Christie was coming down the barrel roll. Fighting her way up the pyramid, down the zip line, and up the travelator, she won in a time of two minutes, twenty-two seconds moving on to the next round of competition.

This was another great installment of this reborn classic! Tune into Reality TV Magazine to get the highlights of next Monday’s episode! Thanks for reading!

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