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Biggest Loser Couples: Curtis & Mallory Say Goodbye

January 08, 2008 10:01 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest Loser Couples Curtis & Mallory Courtesy NBCThere’s nothing like fear of elimination that will put the game into perspective for you in a hurry. That’s exactly what’s happened to the Biggest Loser Couples contestants, especially Maggie & Jenn, who feel they were handed a miracle in last week’s elimination.

Everyone seems a little apprehensive tonight, and Bob and Jillian are about to make matters worse. They gather the teams together in the gym. “What better time than the present to be the Dynamic Duo,” Bob says, as he lays it on them that he and Jillian are now pairing up as well, ready to take the fat off the players double-time. “There’s no telling what kind of weight loss you’re going to see this season,” says Mr. Yoga (Jillian’s quite catchy name for Bob).

And man, do they ever intend to make these poor people suffer! The workouts look long and intense, so much so that when Bette-Sue falls off the treadmill and eats about 1/2 mile of conveyor belt, Jillian’s thrilled to get the poor woman back on it to finish out the workout.

They do get a break, however — just long enough to join Alison (I wonder if they’ve noticed yet that whenever Alison is around, it’s not going to be good…?) at the Hall of Truth. The couples are shuttled into a room, one couple at a time, and faced with big TVscreens, where they get to see themselves talk about the food that they love. As their filmed selvestalk, the live couplesget to see a caloric and/or fat breakdown of what they so love to eat. Most of the contestants are embarrassed and shocked. Curtis & Mallory, however, are shocked and embarrassed to tears. “We’re killing ourselves,” Curtis sobs. “We’re literally killing ourselves. We can’t do this anymore.”

Neill’s seriously fighting homesickness, even with wife Amanda by his side. As such, he’s slacking off in the gym while Amanda busts her buns to take up the slack. The other teammates are noticing (Dan & Jackie make fun of him relentlessly). Jillian, however, catches him slacking off and is in his face again. “I don’t care if you’re dying,” she screams at him. “You’re gonna die and be born again!” She decides that she won’t let anyone leave the gym until Neill has walked for one hour — not a good way to make friends oncampus. Later, Jillian will have another standoff with Neill and will pull him outside to try to get an epiphany out of him. Whether or not it worked remains to be seen…

Finally, it’s challenge time. The couples are challenged to see-saw on giant 12-foot see-saws (or, as Paul so eloquently puts it, “steel dental floss up your butt.”). The first couple to go up and down 100 times wins the challenge. The prize: two calling cards to use to call home.

On only the 7th see (or is it a saw? Not sure…), Curtis smashes his knee and is out for an injury. It’s a pretty close race, but Jay & Mark (perhaps taking a page out of last season’s Bill’s book?) win…yawn…again. Not only do they win the cards, but they also win three more sets of calling cards — to give to three more couples of their choosing. After some deliberation, they choose to give the cards to Curtis & Mallory, Roger & Trent, and Neill & Amanda, all teams who have small children at home.

Get out your hankies, ladies & gentlemen, because hoo-boy, those phone calls are one big cryfest. Let’s just say there were enough cute little voices and “I love you’s” and heartfelt promises to makeme run to the Kleenex box,not once but twice. After the calls, everyone feels rejuvenated to get back to the program and dothe folks back home proud.

The couples gather aroundAlison again, and this time she takesone member ofeach team and shuttles them offto another room. Once separated, she informs each team that there will be another challenge — a temptation challenge.

Outside, Biggest Loser has been kind enough to set up a huge, delicious-looking barbeque feast. One by one, the players are to go outside and be tempted by the food for five minutes. The team to collectively eat the most calories in that five minutes wins $5,000.

Most players pass, but Mallory scarfs down a few chocolate candies. Paul has 900 calories tosparefrom missed mealsearlier in the day, and he eats. Problem is, he also talks, anduber-competitorMark listens. Mark goes outside and eats just 13 more calories than Paul, for the (no surprise here) win…yawn…again. Who knows how the weigh-in will go, but Mark & Jayare $5,000 richer and poor Paul is just 900 calories heavier (“That’s what I get for talking too much,” Paul says).

It’s time for the “What the heck happened?” weigh-in. Everyone is shocked when virtually nobody puts up any good numbers (there are a lot of -1′s and a zero and even a +1 on the scale this week), and Bob worries that the Dynamic Duo may be the cause.

Jackie & Dan are the top dogs again this week, losing a combined 16 pounds, and are declared “Biggest Loser Team of the Week.” They’re promised a special “prize” in their near future. Hmmm…

Two of the three Temptation Splurgers end up in the bottom two — Curtis & Mallory, who, even though all she ate was a handful of candies, gained a pound, and Kelly & Paul, who feels guilty for letting down his teammate.

During their one hour of deliberation, Paul & Kelly beg for their Loser lives, pointing out that this is not a matter of losing weight for them; it’s a matter of saving Paul’s life. Curtis & Mallory choose not to lobby, believing that if people choose them to stay it will be because they have seen something in them to make them believe they should be there.

Grab those hankies again, because it’s an emotional elimination as well. It’s another close race, but the last vote sees off Curtis & Mallory, who cry openly but try their best to encourage their teammates (I don’t care what anyone has to say, this is one cool team!). “I wish you all the best,” Curtis says. “We have no regrets.”

Today, Curtis has lost 58 pounds (woot!woot!) and Mallory has lost 20 (you go, girl!).

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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