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Project Runway: What A Girl Wants

January 09, 2008 10:27 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway Kevin and Jessica Photo by Barbara Nitke The designers finally had a chance to come down from their sugar high from the delicious Hershey candy design competition. During the last episode we saw our moon-child, Elisa, be told by Heidi that she was “Auwt” and watched Rami win the Hershey challenge and were teased of an episode where even Christian seemed to be unnerved this week.

The sun rose on the New Gotham apartments where the designers slept between being run ragged by Heidi and the gang and we had a chance to see Rami in a confident mood as he proclaimed that he has now won two of the challenges. He continued by saying that he was confident that something sets him apart, which is never a good thing to admit. We certainly hope that Rami’s words don’t come back to haunt him in the end.

Victorya expressed how much she missed Elisa the moon-child as the designers headed out the door to Parsons and their next challenge. Heidi greeted them and said this challenge was all about creating memories and that they would now have a chance to see their models. The designers expected their usual skinny, leggy models to embrace the runway, but we knew immediately that the models were not the usual crew.

Immediately, nine teen girls in Catholic uniforms marched out to stand next to Heidi and the designers knew right then and there that they were in for an unusual ride. Heidi announced that they were each to design a prom dress for their clients that they will eventually wear to their St. John’s Catholic High School prom. The twist; each of the girls choose their designer they wanted to create their dress.

Each of the girls announced their designer and Heidi informed them that Tim was waiting for them in the designer’s work room and would fill them in on the details. When they arrived, Tim told the designers that the girls would have strong ideas but to be very careful so to not lose who they were as designers when dealing with them. Tim told them that they would have a $250.00 budget and the rest of the day and all day tomorrow to finish their designs.

The girls came in and each of the designers had to get ideas of what they wanted and then incorporate their own style. Our confident, Christian seemed to have the most trouble dealing with his girl, Maddie, who had VERY strong ideas and Sweet P had to deal with her girl, Nicole’s vision of a plunging neckline.

When our designers returned, they immediately swung into action to incorporated their ideas for the remainder of the day. Chris was hilarious throughout the entire challenge when he kept wondering why his girl, Krista, choose him. Obviously, the girls had each of the designer’s portfolio in which to choose their designer. Chris laughed because his portfolio consisted of him in very wild dresses with huge breast. The frustrated Christian, which we rarely get to see, was getting very depressed as he tried to incorporate all of Maddie’s ideas. Ricky was seen telling how his mother influenced his design style as he watched her when he was growing up and Jillian said that she had never made a prom dress. The clock hours flew by and the designers, for the most part, seemed more confident and not as frustrated with their challenges as the day closed out – except Christian.

Day 2 started with the designers readying themselves for the grueling second day. Sweet P was heard telling us that she needed to “kick ass” as the designers headed out the door. As soon as they arrived at Parsons, Tim was in to announce that he was sending their clients and in to be fitted and, once again, Christian was seen clashing with his girl, Maddie. Not only was he struggling with Maddie, but all of the girls had their mothers with them. Kevin’s client, Tizi, was shocked to how her mom was displeased with his design and Victorya’s client, Jessica, had a mother who was thrilled with the design. In a another classic, “Chris Scene”, we saw the in-depth pictures from his portfolio and he truly was wild in his pictures. His girl must have seen something in him that she wanted him to be her designer.

With a little under two hours left, Tim was in to check on the progress of the designers and told Kevin that he was worried about his design and to be VERY critical because of the way the judging had been going this season. Tim then told Rami that his design was much too matronly and that it concerned him He loved Victorya’s design but saw that she had a lot of work to do. In the final designer-looky-see, he cornered Christian and found him completely dejected. Christian truly was humbled with this challenge and fully expected to be sent home. Tim actually had to give him encouraging words and to “rally”. You have to love Tim’s witticisms.

The Day of the Runway Show found the usual frantic pace as the hour of the show approached. Tim was in to tell the designers that they had one hour to fit their models and send them to the Tresemme Hair Salon. Jillian commented on how noisy the girls were as opposed to the regular girls they dealt with. I guess Jillian was never a loud teen. Sweet P told the girls that she was a Catholic girl and that she would not divulge what her prom consisted of and Chris was seen saying that, even with all of the drama he had with his girl, he thought the dress came out OK.

The Runway show started with Heidi telling the designers that they were to create a memory for the girls and introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and special judge, Gilles Mendel and then started the show. The girls and designers were, Nicole/Sweet P, Jessica/Victorya, Krista/Chris, Tizi/Kevin, Erica/Jillian, Maddie/Christian, Brie/Kit, Katie/Ricky and, finally, Bianca/Rami.

The scene quickly shifted to the designers in front of the judges and Heidi announcing Chris, Jillian and Kit as safe and to leave the runway, leaving Sweet P, Victorya, Kevin, Christian, Ricky and Rami from which a winner and a loser would be crowned. Heidi brought the models out and the judges tore into the designs, both good and bad.

The judges uniformly liked Sweet P’s and Victorya’s designs and had problems with Rami, Christian, Ricky and Kevin’s designs. As the designers start to be whittled down, we get to see more interplay with the judges and the designers as well as the discussion in the judges final deliberations. We knew that either Sweet P or Victorya was going to win because all of the judges loved their designs. What was interesting were the comments about the designs that they were not as fond of.

Kevin’s design – too heavy
Christian, who blamed his model for being to difficult – Nina thought was way too lacy and he should have not blamed his model for his difficulty
Ricky – Michael Kors told him that it was way too bland; that the volume should have been “ratcheted up”
Rami, last week’s winner, therefore immunity – His design was too sophisticated for a 17 year old girl

Heidi called the designers out and announced that Victorya had won the challenge between her and Sweet P and that they could leave the runway. Heidi then announced Rami and Ricky as safe, leaving Christian and Kevin, which spelled diaster for Kevin as Christian is much too colorful to go just yet. Christian was indeed safe and Kevin was “Auwt” and Heidi kissed him and sent him off with the kiss of death. Tim immediately told him that they would miss him but to get his stuff and get out, but nice. Kevin was great as he said that he got to at least kiss Heidi and that made Project Runway all worth while.

And to that, this humble Reality TV magazine writer says, Amen.

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