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Celebrity Apprentice: “I Love You, But Nadia, You’re Fired”

January 10, 2008 10:09 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Nadia Comaneci Courtesy NBCWhat fun could Celebrity Apprentice possibly be with the only Playboy model gone, you ask? Looks like we’re about to find out, as egos loom large and true colors begin to shine in some of the celebs, beginning tonight.

In the wake of Tiffany’s dismissal, snarky opponents, Omarosa (who Piers lovingly calls a “gobby, self-confident creature”) and Carol, make a pact to “leave it in the boardroom” while on the way back to their Trump Tower penthouse (That’s right, ladies. Nobody will know how ugly it got between you. Just you and Donald and Ivanka and Donnie Jr. ,And all the guys up in the penthouse watching you over closed circuit television. ,Oh yeah, and millions of TV viewers). In the penthouse, Omarosa is less than impressed with Piers’ tendency to call ‘em like he sees ‘em and goes on the personal attack, calling him an alcoholic and telling him to tuck his shirt in. Piers responds by saying he “feels sorry for” poor gobby Omarosa.

We get to see Stephen enjoy the fruits of Hydra’s hot dog labor, as he greets Mama (accompanied by Sis) Baldwin and hands her a fat check. She cries, so happy to receive more than $60,000 for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Carol herself is a survivor. You go, Carol!)

The groups gather to meet up with The Donald (shiny purple tie), who introduces them to Terry Lundgren, CEO & Chairman of Macy’s, who will be Donald’s eyes and ears in lieu of Donnie Jr. for tonight’s task. He then introduces the group to Pedigree executive, Rob, who explains that they will be creating a 30-second television commercial to help promote pet adoption in celebration of Pet Adoption Month (February, in case you were wondering). The Donald makes the teams choose their Project Managers on the spot. Empresario chooses Nely; Hydra goes with Gene Simmons.

Nely begins by having Team Empresario stand, hold hands, breathe deeply, and envision a white light entering their bodies. “I’m just really not into that existential bull#$%@!” Omarosa says. Cleansed, the team gets down to business, meeting with Rob to find out exactly what he’s looking for.

This could prove to be Team Empresario’s leg up, as Gene Simmons sees no reason to waste time schmoozing with execs. He wants to get right down to business. Already, in the brainstorming session, egos take over and Stephen Baldwin’s ego wins. He virtually takes over the task, declaring himself the director. Ivanka comes in to see how the team is doing. Gene asks ifshe’s their “hired spokesmodel.” When, instead, she asks them what theirstrategy is, Gene tells her she’ll have to wait and continues the meeting without her. He then adds insult to injury, questioning Ivanka whether or not she’ll go blab to Empresario about Hydra’s plans out of some mysterious sisterhood bond. Ivanka’s clearly not impressed. “What wasn’t smart was Gene Simmons to say I’ll wait when I asked a question,” she gripes.

Things seem to be going pretty smoothly for Empresario. Omarosa doesn’t like Nely’s style, but chooses to hang back and silently work with the program, most certainly knowing that her best strategy this season is to not end up in the boardroom. Nely, meanwhile, isn’t too thrilled with Nadia’s performance (which earned her a score of 5.9, 6.0, 5.9, 5.9,oh wait,that was the Olympics,nevermind…).

But Hydra is still struggling along. Stephen and Gene send the rest of the guys home to “watch cartoons” while they edit the big production. The guys don’t like this and try to bust back in, but are sent out once again. “I don’t trust Gene. I don’t trust Stephen,” Tito seethes.

Presenting their commercials to The Donald (blue tie) and Rob, Empresario gets Annoying Overachiever Award as they try to present print ads, an Internet plan, and a radio spot along with their commercial. But Gene runs away with Grating Abrasive Rude Celebrity With a ‘Tude Award as he defends, quite smugly, his plan to not meet with Rob before shooting the commercial.

In the boardroom, we watch the ads, and Hydra is clearly going to bethe winner (despite Lennox Lewis’ cheesy cereal-commercial grin at the end – although it worked for Omarosa, who declares, “,I think you’re hot,but you’re married.”). But before The Donald (pink tie)gets a chance to get down to business, Ivanka has some business of her own: the business of filleting Gene Simmons for insulting her. “Nobody insults my daughter,” The Donald says. Gene apologizes.

The Donald declares Hydra the official winner. “So far, ladies,” he says, “it’s not looking so good.” The guys are dismissed to go gloat in front of the closed-circuit TV.

The Donald tells the ladies that everyone (himself and Ivanka included) thought Hydra’s commercial was better. He’s surprised at Nely’s performance, given her experience in working with television. Nely is going to bring Nadia and Carol into the boardroom with her.

Although Nely says as Project Manager she has to take responsibility for the failure of the commercial, it’s Nadia that’s getting all the heat. Terry wonders, where is her competitive spirit? The Donald’s surprised at Nadia’s lack of leadership, since she’s such an athletic winner. “I know a lot of people, and most people are losers,” he says (wait, was that supposed to make her feel better?). “I don’t see you able to lead a team,” he continues. “I love you, but Nadia, you’re fired.”

The girls leave the room. “That was as tough as it gets, I think, but you made the right decision,” Ivanka says to Daddy Donald.

In the cab, Nadia is disappointed in her release from the show. “I don’t think I should’ve been fired,” she says.

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:Watch out, girls! Gene’s coming over!

Watch out, guys! Alec Baldwin’s in the house!

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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