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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Woodhouse Family

January 13, 2008 09:20 PM by DA Southern

Woodhouse Home Courtesy of ABC Network The Woodhouse family of Calahan, CO were astonished to learn that Ty Pennington and the gang would build them a safe and “cool” home in just seven days as part of the 50 state Extreme tour.

The family had relocated to frigid Alaska in the hopes to decrease any recurrences that daughter, Kayla, might face due to her rare neurological disorder that lowers her sensitivity to pain and temperature called Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy but finally settled in Calahan, CO. Kayla is one of only 25 people in the world that has this disease and it has taken a tremendous financial toll on the Woodhouse family as they have tried to cope, finally sending them to live in borrowed home.

Ty and the gang watched the submission video detailing the trouble the family has had since learning of Kayla’s illness and learned how Kayla’s cooling functions don’t kick in until her body reaches a lethal high temperature. Her skin is overly dry, and she doesn’t feel pain until it’s 20 to 30 times the normal intensity. Kayla also suffers from severe allergies and can only go outside to play after sundown, which means she is forced to stay inside their home most of the time.

Ty Pennington and designers Eduardo Xol, Ed Sanders, Tanya McQueen and Rib Hillis wielded the big bus quietly into the sleepy town of Calahan, CO, hardly making a noise. Ty was so quiet as the bus, without making a sound, stopped in front of where The Woodhouse family was staying and Ty quickly summoned the family to come to greet them with his megaphone.

The family were truly grateful to see Ty and knew that their lives and the life of Kayla was essentially going to be saved by the Extreme crew.

Ty told the family that they were going to go to Breckenridge, Colorado for a cold vacation so that Kayla could be comfortable, but first Ty wanted a look at some of the challenges they face in day-to-day living since they spend the majority of their time in the house.

Ty looked at the house with Mom, Kim and Kayla and saw some of the challenges they needed to keep Kayla cool. Since the house was just being used by the family, Ty got a handle of what they enjoyed. Ty determined that Kayla loved swimming and wanted to give her a room that allowed her to feel like she was a kid and a chance to be normal.

Ed was seen with Dad, Jerry, and talked about the challenges he faced to try to provide for his family, so Ed decided on an Entertainment Center theme for the basement since the family spent so much time together.

Rib was seen talking to son, Joshua, and determined that he loved Medieval dragons, so, A castle themed room it would be. Finally, Ty was seen with Mom, Kim, and wanted to try to fully understand the way the family has changed and then sent them off to their vacation in Breckenridge.

Day 2 found the local builder Premier Homes and hundreds of volunteers and workers arriving for the demolition, but, they had nothing to demo since the family was, essentially, homeless. So after we met Matt Swanson of Premier Builders, Ty donned his trusty video camera for the family and showed them the new piece of donated land for the home and all of the volunteers. Because there was no house to demo, which was a boon to the builders as they had more time for the build, Ty had a model of a house brought out and a toy crane thing and destroyed the model. Funny stuff. No, really, it was funny.

Day 3 found us gazing at the ever so beautiful Tanya as she showed us the outline of the 2100 sq. foot home, both above AND below where she stood, where the family will spend most of their time. Rib was knee deep in the construction of the Medieval room for Joshua and even had a special designer to get all Medieval on our ass-ignments that needed to be done for the room.

Ed was off having fun at a local Family Entertainment Center to get ideas for the family’s room that they will ultimately spend many hours in and Eduardo was seen designing the Master Suite for Kim and Jeremy. And in a crazy display, Ty was underwater showing us cards that explained his secret room.

Day 4 started bright and early at 11:42 am with Ty showing us how important it was in the utility room for this family. It had the look of a commercial building with all of the vital systems that were needed to maintain all that Kayla needed to keep the house at a constant 62 degrees.

Ed was seen calling the other designers over and took them over to the Family Entertainment Center to participate in a silent auction to raise funds for the family’s medical bills. To top off the day, Tanya was seen talking to the family on the video manned by Eduardo. Tanya was showing them the support of the community that had come out to support the fundraiser and that their favorite Christian Singer, David Phelps, performed for the benefit.

Day 5 arrived at 12:25 with Rib showing us the dragon that he was cooking up for Joshua’s room and Ty was seen visiting the family on vacation. Ty was visiting the family to check on them and to introduce Kayla to another child, Gabby, that had a condition similar to hers. This would give the girls a chance to meet and bond so that Kayla did not feel alone.

Day 6 found Ed once again consumed with the Entertainment Center as he showed individual pieces being put into the room and truck loads of furniture were being delivered to fill the home. Ty was seen with two men who had a special heat-sensing camera to make sure that the rooms were not allowing unnecessary heat into the house so as to maintain the 62 degree temperature.

Move-That-Bus Day 7 arrived and Ty announced that the house was a perfect 62 degrees and that the family could come home. The family arrived and Dad, Jeremy, was seen telling the camera, and us, that he was amazed as to how many people were involved in the build and how grateful he was. Mom, Kim, said she realized, when she drove up, that this house was a house that they would not lose and how important that was to Kayla’s feeling safe.

After a quick meet-and-greet with the builders, Ty sent them into their new home. The family was amazed how colorful the home was and Ty pointed out that the home would be a constant 62 degrees and alarms would sound should something happen to disturb that.

Joshua was the first one into his room and his was definitely the coolest with the Dragon and the castle bed. Jeremy and Kim’s Master Suite was very tranquil and feminine looking and Ty’s secret room for Kayla was a complete shock. It was full of hand-drawn fish on the walls but did have a very cool salt-water tank. Ty has definitely been into animals on the walls the last couple of episodes.

Ty then took everyone out to see their new 2009 Ford that had a refrigerator system to keep Kayla’s ice packs cold. It is refreshing to know that 2008 is barely started and already 2009 cars are being driven out.

In the final segment of Day 7, the family was shown their 2100 square foot Family Entertainment Center with a full-size bowling alley, a drive-in theatre with real Ford Mustangs as the seats and a full size Old Fashioned Ice Cream counter. The final piece of the family’s sanctuary was a beautiful room to be used for home schooling that Kim must do for the kids. The designers met the family for the final time as Ty game us the “Welcome home, Woodhouse family, welcome home” and this RealityTVMagazine.com writer looks forward to the next episode as Ty and the gang change another family’s life.

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  1. losingelaine Says:
    February 15th, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Actually, the family was living in Falcon, Colorado, not Calhan (not Calahan). BIG difference :-)

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