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American Idol Auditions To Be Like Torture

January 14, 2008 08:01 PM by Joe Reality

Michael Becker / FOX

One thing that viewers can always count on in the early episodes of American Idol is plenty of bad auditions. In a recent media conference call, American Idol judge Simon Cowell likened these auditions to torture. Cowell said “It is becoming increasingly like torture, but you have to give most of the people who come in at least three or four minutes, but it has gotten harder over the years.”

Simon Cowell went on to express his surprise that the bad auditions keep on coming. Cowell explained “What’s amazing, even after seven seasons, and we’ve had some shockingly bad people this year, is how much they still believe that they’re right and I’m wrong and they got more argumentative with me this year. All I’m trying to do is help them.”

Perhaps most surprising is that one of the bad auditions for American Idol 7 had a connection to a previous American Idol winner. Fantasia’s brother auditioned, but Simon Cowell said “He can’t sing and I think I’m right in saying this. From memory, he was terrible. I remember, ‘Oh, great. Fantasia’s brother has come in.’ It was all fantastic until he started singing and then I think we disputed the fact that he really was Fantasia’s brother because he doesn’t have his sister’s talent.”

As unbelievable as it is that people who can’t sing keep showing up for the auditions, Cowell was quick to point out that it’s an important part of what makes the show a success. Cowell said “I think that you have to have that mix within the show. I think that if it was completely sanitized, the audition process, that everybody came in and they were just competent, I think it would probably be the most boring show on TV. So, it’s fun for me to watch. It is torture for me to do it.”

Photo Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

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