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American Gladiators – Monica and Andy emerge victorious.

January 15, 2008 12:17 AM by Rich

American Gladiators - Demolition Ball Welcome back to Reality TV Magazine! This action packed episode had Sharoud Moore [ School Teacher, 5' 11", 205 lbs] in blue facing off against Adam Levin [Shark Fisherman, 5'9", 175 lbs] in red for the men. For the women Belinda Gavin [ Rodeo Bull Rider, 5' 7", 130 lbs] in blue competed against Monica Carlson [ Fitness Model, 5' 7", 120 lbs] dressed in red.

Sharoud and Adam were first to face the gladiators in Power Ball. Mayhem, Titan, and Toa lined up to keep them from getting to the canisters. Right out of the gate the action was quick and competition fierce. The Gladiators gave no mercy keeping the contestants from getting to the canisters with relative ease. Adam was taken down and landed hard on his left knee, but got up hobbling to get another ball. Getting to the area he went into the ball holder, collapsing to the ground stating he was out. Sharoud continued on facing three opponents. Adam got up, grabbed a ball, and started towards a canister where he was taken to the ground. And that was all she wrote for Adam Levin. The medics came into evaluate his knee. Titan did come over and tell the prone Adam that he was a true fighter, encouraging the crowd to applaud for him. Each contestant scored two points before time ran out. The women also competed in Power Ball as their first event. Facing Stealth, Venom, and Crush, they were more successful then the men in getting to the canisters. The gladiators held Belinda to four points while Monica managed to score 6. The competition was strong but not as physical as the men had been this time.

Due to the injury sustained by Adam Levin, Andy Konigsmark [Youth Minister, 5' 10", 185 lbs ] was called in to replace him. Stepping right into battle, he faced Titan in Joust. He did not back down to the large gladiator giving Titan a good beating with the Pugil Stick. Titan gave back as good as he got, failing to knock Andy off the platform. Andy did take a swim when he took a misstep and fell off into the water below. Sharoud stepped up next and when the whistle sounded he went after Titan with no mercy. The gladiator managed to get in some solid hits, but Sharoud dominated this competition. Nearly knocking Titan down, he missed an opportunity when the gladiator turned his back trying to keep from going off the platform. A few seconds later he landed a solid shot that sent Titan for a plunge. Sharoud earned ten points adding to his lead. The ladies followed in Joust with Venom taking the platform. Belinda aggressively went after Venom making the mistake of stepping onto Venom’s platform. This earned her a disqualification after she sent Venom into the water below. Monica was no less aggressive when she faced the gladiator. She quickly sent Venom into the water below earning ten points.

Hit and Run had Wolf, Titan, Toa, and Mayhem trying to remove the contestants with the demolition balls. Sharoud made short work of this event completing four trips and just missed completing the fifth as time expired. Ducking under the demolition balls he managed to avoid several near misses including completing his second trip without having to dodge anything! Andy also completed four trips just missing completing the fifth. While he did not manage a single trip without having to dodge the demolition balls, he did manage to keep on the bridge after a glancing blow to the head. Each man earned four points for their effort in a very close contest.

Hellga went after the women with her cannon in Assault. Monica was first into the fray dodging the gladiator’s first shot getting to the first position. Firing the slingshot she missed the target and started to the second position. On the way Hellga hit her with a well placed shot and Monica’s trip through the course came to an end. Belinda was next into the course easily getting to the first position. Getting off the shot despite a barrage of tennis balls she missed the target. Getting to the cannon she quickly loaded and fired sending Hellga backwards into the water in a burst of smoke. Belinda is the first contestant to hit the target this season. The ten point award put her right on Monica’s heels in the point total. The men faced Justice in Assault, their last event, with Andy testing his luck first. Andy got through the first position and on to the second quickly. Missing both times he ran to the third position and searched the sand for the arrow. Finding it he tried to make it to the crossbow but was hit on the way. Sharoud did not fair well. At the first position he misfired the sling shot not getting the tennis ball launched towards the target. Getting to the cannon he turned the protective shield the wrong way giving Justice an open shot which ended his chances.

Pyramid was the final event for the women, Belinda faced off against Fury, Monica paired with Crush. This event quickly became one sided when Monica took Crush to the bottom of the pyramid from about half-way up, and scrambled up the pyramid to the top before Crush caught back up. Grabbing her foot to pull her back Monica shoved Crush back down the pyramid. Getting to the top, and hitting the button, she earned herself ten points and an important lead. Belinda gave it a good fight with Fury making her almost a non-contender for this event.

Going into the Eliminator Sharoud had a four second head start over Andy. Getting up over the wall and into the water first he struggled when swimming under the flames. Andy quickly made up the time going under the fire with ease getting to the cargo net first. After that it was all Andy. Getting down the barrel roll and past the hand bike he made quick work of the balance beam. Sharoud got across the hand bike without falling and over the balance beam. Andy was up the pyramid and sliding down the zip line while Sharoud navigated the balance beam and started up the pyramid. Hitting the travelator he got nearly to the top before he fell, but fought his way up and over the top. Andy completed the course in two minutes, four seconds with Sharoud finishing the course several seconds behind him. Andy goes on to be in the running for the final eight.

Monica went into the Eliminator with a six and one-half second lead over Belinda. Grabbing the top of the wall, not using the rope, Monica pulled herself over the top and into the water. Belinda was right behind her getting over the wall and nearly caught up during the underwater swim. Going up the cargo net Monica got to the top with a slight edge over Belinda. Getting to the hand bike both contestants fell while trying to get across, Monica getting up and over the balance beam first. Belinda’s fatigue soon showed as she got out of the pit when Monica was nearly up the pyramid. Monica made short work of the zip line and travelator finishing the course in two minutes flat, and well ahead of Belinda.

Tune in next Monday at 8pm EST for what is sure to be another action packed episode of American Gladiators!

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

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