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Biggest Loser Couples: Neill & Amanda Go Home

January 15, 2008 10:29 PM by Jennifer_Brown

neill-and-amanda-courtesy-nbc-losers-go-home.jpgWhen trainers Bob and Jillian join the contestants around the fire pit tonight, they’re shocked at who survived last week’s elimination. “Oh, okay,” Bob says, of Curtis & Mallory’s elimination last week. “Game’s on. …Curtis & Mallory, they could’ve gone all the way.” Jillian agrees, saying it’s “very convenient” for contestants to say they voted off the Brown Team because they felt Curtis & Mallory could continue the loss at home. The truth being, in Jillian’s opinion, that Curtis & Mallory were a bigger threat than Yellow Team Paul & Kelly.

Mother and Son team, Dan & Jackie receive their reward for being “Biggest Loser Team of the Week,” but they have to hike up a mountain to get their hands on it. Once at the top of the mountain, they must choose one of three envelopes: “Luxury,” “Family,” or “Gameplay.” They mull over their decision as they walk, and though there’s some disagreement, they finally decide on “Gameplay” and learn that their reward is a biggee: a double vote at this week’s elimination. “I think that’s going to be pretty huge,” Dan says. “It only really matters if a strong team falls below the yellow line,” Jackie corrects.

Meanwhile, in the 24-Hour Fitness Center, Bob and Jillian, stung from last week’s low weight loss numbers, are merciless. “This next week is going to be tough,” Bob warns the players.

Bette-Sue, who will have her fair share of emotional moments tonight, gets aggravated with Bob for expecting her to keep up with the 20-somethings. Neill puts up a good front, trying to make it look like he’s trying harder this week, but on the sly he’s slacking off (Score one for Jen’s Sunday Night Predictions!!!). Later, when Jillian catches him, she’ll get Neill & Amanda a WHOLE BUNCHA fans in the house by making everyone stay on their treadmills for an extra five minutes for each time Neill hangs on to the side of his.

Later, Jillian plays Dr. Phil, hooking up Ali & Bette-Sue for a family talk to work out their past differences and disappointments. You gotta like Bette-Sue, who’s probably the most bald-face real person to grace reality TV in a long time (and she’s got Project Runway contestant, Christian’s, hair, which is so neo-retro!).

On to The Super-Ugly Challenge. The teams find Alison standing before a giant muddy waterhole. The challenge: each team chooses one member who will have to repeatedly traverse through the water, grab a medicine ball at the other end, traipse back through the water, and put the medicine ball in the rack of an opposing team. The last team whose rack gets filled up wins immunity at tonight’s weigh-in. It’s a challenge that will necessitate friendships, partnerships, and alliances, not just within each team but across teams as well.

And boy does it get ugly. As teams strategize to take out other teams (of course Team Orange — Dan & Jackie — and Team Black — Mark & Jay — are at the tops of everyone’s lists), barbs are slung and tempers flare. This ends up being the first challenge not won by Mark & Jay. Instead, quiet (but I’m guessing quite forceful, once they get rolling) Trent & Roger win.

Afterwards Brittany makes it clear that she was totally not down with Mark’s bad attitude toward Jay. Mark gathers everyone together to apologize for snapping at his brother. “I had to eat crow and I’m not particularly happy about it,” he says to the camera. But, as Bette-Sue comes to Mark’s defense, the whole house gets in an uproar, everyone accusing everyone else of playing dirty. “There goes the harmony in the house,” Mark says (Score another one for Jen’s Sunday Night Predictions!!!).

After a gruelling Last Chance Workout, the teams assemble for the weigh-in. After last week’s poor numbers, everyone’s nervous, yet hopeful. As they should be! We get some great numbers this week (-23 for Paul & Kelly, who win Biggest Loser Team of the Week status; -22 for Roger & Trent). But Maggie & Jenn once again fail to put up big numbers (a combined -10 is all), and Neill’s paltry -6 plunges him and Amanda below the line as well.

Though Amanda cries her eyes out and tries to convince everyone that she and Neill are in it for the long haul, Neill’s lax efforts in the gym have spoken much louder. They’re voted off unanimously (Oh, and by the way…score another one for Jen’s Sunday Night Predictions!!!).

After Alison sees them out, she tells the remaining contestants that there will be a twist to tonight’s elimination. She suggests that the Biggest Loser is “about to enter a new phase” (yeesh, that doesn’t sound good, does it?) and tells them that they are about to make an important decision. “If you could vote off one more team right now, who would it be?”

At home, Amanda & Neill are using their former contestants’ lack of faith in them as motivation. “I hate that they didn’t believe us and didn’t believe in our ability,” Amanda says. “We’ll just have to prove to everybody when we come back in April that they were wrong.”

Today, Amanda has lost a total of 43 pounds, and Neill has dropped 48.

Next on Biggest Loser Couples:

It’s 6 teams vs. 1 couple.

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