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Dance War Introduces “Team Bruno” and “Team Carrie Ann”

January 15, 2008 05:39 AM by Mary


ABC cut some of the mystery out of how their new show Dance War would work when they aired the second episode of the 7 week reality series last night during a 90 minute episode which featured Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli selecting members of their respective teams. Drew Lachey told the audience their votes would matter during the next episode and then took some time to explain that one of the 7 final guys and one of the 7 final girls would be going home tonight.

The final 14 took to the stage in the opening moments of the episode in a group performance singing and dancing to a medley of disco tunes which lead off with the old favorite “Get Ready”. Lachey then briefly spoke to Carrie Ann and Bruno about their strategies for selecting their teams. Bruno stated he would almost be building a football team where each player would have to be in synch with every other player. He stressed that the end result in his mind would be total teamwork. Carrie Ann on the other hand was basically clueless about the football thing and wanted her team to blend effortlessly on the dance floor. She wanted her team to simply demonstrate soul.

First up were the final 7 guys who were split into two groups to perform. The first four, Maxx, Qis, Chris and Bradley performed a Backstreet Boys number dressed in suits wearing cute hats. The second group of guys, Zack, Tony and Philip then enter wearing jeans, T-shirts and leather vests as they perform to “Hard to Handle.” After the performances, Carrie Ann and Bruno banter back and fourth about how everyone did. They both agree, the final three, Zack, Tony and Philip represent the 3 strongest voices on stage. Both of them want Zack, Qis and Bradley on their teams but we know it won’t play out all that easily.

Lachey returns to the stage with a couple of envelopes for Carrie Ann and Bruno. Bruno lets Carrie Ann pick her envelope first which reveals that she will be the first to choose a team member. Carrie Ann jumps right in stating she wants some heart on her team. She selects Bradley and states she will build her team around him. With 6 of the 7 left, Bruno then picks Zack as his leading man. We go back to Carrie Ann who selects someone she claims she did not consider initially. She picks Chris because she believes he has the voice of an Angel. Finally, Bruno selects Tony because he managed to touch his soul. Maxx, Philip and Qis are left standing and are told they must perform again at the end of the show knowing that one of them will be sent home.

The seven girls, Allysa, Kelsey, Corina, Lacey, Charity, Elizabeth and Mariel hit the stage next dressed in glittery mini dresses, stilettos and boots to perform to Donna Summer’s “Bad Girl.” They then split into two groups with their foursome consisting of Charity, Corina, Allysa and Kelsey. The four girls perform to “The Beat Goes On” dressed in black and white dresses and white go-go boots. Drew Lachey clearly had a thing for the boots. Next up was Elizabeth, Mariel, and Lacey who managed to wow Carrie Ann and Bruno with their rendition of “Lady Marmalade.” Bruno claimed these three are ‘dream girls’ in the making and Mariel totally blew Carrie Ann away. Selecting the girls would clearly be a tough job for the team captains.

This time out, Bruno gets first pick and he goes for Lacey because he wants a ‘diva’ on his team. Carrie Ann immediately goes for Mariel because she’s got so much soul. Bruno then selects Kelsey based upon the fact that she’s such a strong, solid dancer and according to Bruno, she’s also hot and sexy. Carrie Ann makes the final pick and goes for Elizabeth who she says is not the best all around performer but she’s got a solid voice and has managed to demonstrate that she’s got fire. Allysa, Corina and Charity will have to dance one more time for a shot at remaining on the contestant roster.

The three girls perform to Destiny Child’s “I’m a Survivor” and the final 3 guys perform to “End of the Road” by Boyz to Men. Bruno again gets to pick his final two team members first leaving Carrie Ann in the awkward position of eliminating two players after selecting her final two. Carrie Ann is aware that she will be making dreams and breaking hearts all at the same time. In the end, Bruno selects Philip and Charity and Carrie Ann chooses Qis and Allysa. A disappointed Max and Carina are the first two to exit the show. Carina, the 22 year old from Connecticut was clearly grateful for the experience and says she won’t ever forget Bruno and Carrie Ann. Maxx who hails from Tennessee told the audience the experience was a phenomenal one for him as he expressed his gratitude to Carrie Ann and Bruno.

Drew Lachey finally stressed how important the audience votes will be in subsequent episodes and the show ended with Carrie Ann dancing with her team members (Allysa, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, Mariel and Quis) and Bruno shaking his booty with Charity, Kelsey, Lacey, Philip, Tony and Zack).

While the alleged war atmosphere this show promises remained rather low key in tonight’s episode with Carrie Ann and Bruno engaging in some friendly bickering while selecting their team members, one can only imagine that things will heat up as the two go head to head fighting to protect their professional reputations as Team Bruno goes up against Team Carrie Ann to capture the winning title.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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