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Project Runway: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

January 16, 2008 10:27 PM by DA Southern

runwaychristianhair-392Ãâ2611.jpg Last week’s episode seemed to really take its toll on several of the designers with Ricky and Christian barely making it off of the runway in one piece. We saw Kevin being “Auwt” as Heidi gave him the final kiss of death and Victorya reigned supreme as the winner of the challenge and immunity for the next challenge.

The designers were quickly getting ready for the next challenge as we saw Christian bitching that he, of course, thought that his design was so exceptional and that he should not have been in the bottom two. Did he see the same show we did? Kevin was seen sitting thinking that he had to step up his game a bit as he has escaped elimination several times and knew he was doomed if he did not do better in challenges.

Heidi greeted them on the Runway and immediately brought out their models for the next challenge and the designers noticed that they all had weird hair styles. Since the designers used teen girls for the challenge last week, two of the models would not make the cut and be “auwt” this week. The designers choose and left two gangly looking models named…oh, it doesn’t matter, does it? Suffice it to say, there were plenty more where they came from. Heidi explained that this week’s challenge would be an “avant garde” challenge based on the hairstyles of the models and that Tim would explain further in the Parsons Designer’s room.

Tim explained that their “avant garde” design was not necessarily a design that would be wearable in the sense of an everyday design, but one that was “ambitious”. Tim then announced that they would be working in teams, which sent immediate looks of disapproval as most of the designers hated working with someone else.

Tim drew lots from a bag and lined up the teams; Kit/Ricky, Sweet P/Rami, Chris/Christian and Victorya /Jillian. Tim told them that they had 30 minutes to sketch and then off to the fabric shop to, well, shop. After a brief confab of design ideas between the designers, off they went to get the perfect fabrics.

With thirteen hours left until the end of day one, all of the designers looked like they had all of the time in the world as they started working on their designs, which usually spells trouble on Project Runway. Most of the teams seemed to have a fairly congenial working relationship, except for Sweet P and Rami. Rami immediately began to question all of Sweet P’s decisions, even to the point of micro managing her every move. Most of the designers seem to have a fairly good sense of their designs and the time that they had left as Day 1 drew to a close.

Day 2 found Sweet P up and already concerned with the state of the relationship between her and Rami and how it might affect their overall progress. Ricki said that he was very confident in his design and the way he and Kit worked together.

As the designers got to Parsons, Tim was in fairly quickly with the standard Project Runway “surprise”. Why are they not surprised when they are surprised by a surprise? Ummm? Tim told them that not only will they have their avant garde designs but now must create an additional look that will be a ready-to-wear look that will have the essence of the avant garde design. Immediately, the designers were horror-stricken. Tim told them that they would be given and extra $50.00 for the challenge and a whole extra hour to finish the designs. Tim explained that, as designers, they must be able to adapt and create quickly as instructed. I am sure that made them all feel so much better. Thanks, Tim. Kit, Christian, Sweet P and Jillian went with Tim to shop, which relieved Sweet P because it gave her a break from the micromanagement that Rami was hurling her way.

With 12 hours left, the designers were now seen in high gear with the extra workload and several more of the designers now seemed concerned about finishing. Jillian was worried about Victorya having immunity and that she, Jillian, would naturally be eliminated if put in that position and Sweet P was concerned that Rami was piling on way too many ribbons and jewels all over the front of the design which she thought looked hideous.

In a positive note, Chris and Christian seemed to have the perfect ying-yang relationship as they meshed together perfectly. Chris even said that he wanted Nina Garcia’s jaw to drop when she saw their design and he hoped that the judges would never forget what they had seen.

With 8 hours left, Rami had a melt-down for all of the designers to see which immediately sent Sweet P into a rumpled pile of tears and soon after Tim was in to spread cheer around. Tim was in to give the designers another “surprise” and had Nathaniel Hawkins from Tresemme come by to announce that they would each have consults with their models for hair styles for the show and that the winner of the challenge would be featured in a Tresemme photo shoot.

Tim was then immediately concerned about team spirit and was first seen visiting with Christian and Chris. Tim expressed concern as to the intricacy of the design and the time left. Christian was his ever confident self, which usually means he is going to win or about to be eliminated. Tim then visited with Rami and Sweet P and sensed the inability for the team to work together. He was also concerned that the avant garde design was not “high enough” essentially saying that it was not very ambitious in his eyes. Tim was very pleased with Victorya and Jillian’s design and thought it had a fabulous look. The day finished with an exhausted group of designers dragging themselves to their apartment.

Day of the Runway Show found Sweet P figuring that she was going to probably end up in the bottom and hoping that her and Rami would not come to blows. Tim was in telling everyone that they needed to get the models ready and the last minute rush was on.

Heidi addressed the designers at the Runway and told them that they were to have created an avant garde design and an additional design that had the essence of the first design for a ready-to-wear look. She introduced the usual suspects, judges Kors and Garcia and special guest judge, Italian designer, Alberta Ferretti. I guess Ms. Ferretti has done a bunch of avant garde designs in the past, or not. We are never quite sure as to why some guest judges are there.

The show began with Rami/Sweet P’s designs, followed by Christian/Chris, Kit/Ricky and, finally, Victorya/Jillian. After the walk-a-bout, Heidi immediately announced that the winner would be either Christian/Chris or Victorya/Jillian, leaving the losers either Rami/Sweet P or Kit/Ricky.

Of all of the designs that Christian has done, I have to admit that this was completely over the top, just as it was supposed to be. Victorya is so creative and her “apocalyptic” inspired design was indeed incredible, but the judges awarded Christian/Chris the top award and Christian with immunity for the next challenge since he was the team leader.

The judges savaged Rami and Sweet P’s design and were especially harsh on Rami for not being a team player and for “throwing Sweet P under the bus” and Kit’s “Gone With The Wind” design “took them back”, Kors announced, “instead of forward.”

In the end, Rami and Sweet P were safe as well as was Ricky, sending Kit home with “no regrets”.

Heidi sent Kit “auwt” into the cold, but know that you will always be “een”, as Heidi says, with RealityTVMagazine.com and the Project Runway recap.

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