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Amazing Race 12 Season Finale: Who Will Cross Finish First?

January 17, 2008 09:29 AM by Jennifer_Brown

ronald-christina-courtesy-c.jpgWe’ve been following them from the word “Go.” We’ve traveled thousands of miles with them and seen them through tasks that have challenged their minds, their bodies, their relationships, and their fears.

And now they’re bearing down on the finish line, racing for the bragging rights of being Amazing Race season 12 winners and for the cash prize of $1million.

So who will come across the finish line first?

Ronald & Christina — “Who’s your daddy?” all of his shirts say, but they probably should say “Who’s your daddy? And if you answer incorrectly I’ll criticize you relentlessly for hours on end.” Maybe that’s not fair — Ron is trying, we can see at least that much, and Christina seems as pleased about that (or maybe more pleased about that) as she is about being in the final three. If anyone deserves the win, it would be Christina, who has endured not only the physical rigors of the race without complaint, but has showed good use of intelligence, and has endured her father’s criticism with grace. However, it’s doubtful this team will be able to hold it together under the stress of the final leg and hang onto their first place position.

Nicolas & Donald — Go, Gramps, go! This guy belongs on the cover of AARP’s next issue…or maybe on the front of the Wheaties box. Who’d have expected 69-year old Donald to be able to keep up with the “younguns” this far, eh? But keep up, he has, and with little stress and no explosions. Lately, however, he seems tired out and perhaps out of the amount of gas it will take to get him across the finish line first. Nicolas, who has taken on the lion’s share of this team’s tasks as of late, doesn’t seem to show the intensity and tiger-like drive that it will take to win the Amazing Race.

TK & Rachel — Peace, man! These two will go down in history as the most Amazing comeback in history. To be down by 3 hours just 2 legs before the finish line and come back to be in the final 3 — despite a Speed Bump challenge — shows skill in patience and perseverance. In fact, if it’s patience, cooperation, and perseverance that win the Amazing Race, this team is already there, man. And if karma has anything to say about it, these guys will walk to that $1million (the question is, will these guys wave the check under Nateifer’s nose and sing, “Nyah, nyah, nyah…”? Probably not; it’s not their style.).

On this week’s season finale episode, one team who normally works together will have a breakdown, and another team will misread a vital clue, jeopardizing their position in the Race. Someone will cross the finish line first, and be crowned Winner of Amazing Race 12.

Amazing Race 12 airs on Sundays, 8:00 PM (ET) on CBS.

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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