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Celebrity Apprentice: “I have no choice…Gene, you’re fired!”

January 17, 2008 09:34 PM by Jennifer_Brown

gene-simmons-courtesy-nbc1.jpgOkay, please allow me to begin my recap with a little happy dance. Those of you who read our Sunday Night Predictions this week might recall that I made a certain prediction about a certain article of The Donald’s clothing. I predicted a gold or yellow tie. And guess what?! That’s right, tonight The Donald wears…a GOLD TIE! (Don’t try this at home, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am a professional).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Because tonight’s episode actually begins with Piers teasing Jennie about letting fellow athlete, Nadia, get thrown under the bus in last week’s harrowing board room. Jennie feels bad about it, but nowhere near as bad as Nely, who’s out in the hallway sobbing into Carol’s shoulder. “I feel terrible,” she keeps repeating. They enter the apartment and Omarosa whisks Nely away, apparently attempting a bit of female bonding. “I like Nadia, but I like you better,” Omarosa tells Nely. “We can win,” she adds.

The Donald (in his GOLD TIE) assembles the teams. First he grants Gene $20,000 for his charity project (Pediatrics AIDS Foundation) for winning last week’s task as Project Manager. Then he gives Gene the choice of whether or not he’d like to jump ship on Team Hydra and move over to help the ladies of floundering Empresario. Of course Gene, the self-proclaimed “King of All Women,” agrees.

The teams then learn that this week’s task will be to operate a mobile printing station for Kodak, who is wanting to advertise and sell their new printer. The teams are given an Airbus, cameras, and printers, and sent their merry way.

Right away, Gene’s ego gets in the way of winning the task. Once again, he chooses not to meet with the executives of Kodak, sending just Nely and Carol to do that work, while he concentrates on being “outside the box.”

Problem is, Nely talks too much, and Carol lets her. They don’t get the gist of what the Kodak execs are looking for; not that it would’ve mattered, as Gene thinks he’s got it all figured out anyway. Calling himself a “benevolent dictatorship,” (and annoying Omarosa in doing so), he comes up with “It’s a Kodak World: Welcome!!!” and sticks with it, regardless of what the people judging the task might think.

Team Hydra, however, meets with Kodak and gets a crystal clear picture of what Kodak is looking for. Afterward, Stephen goes into “brainstorming” mode, which can best be described, in Piers’ words, “like a demented rhino with a spear in its back.” Finally they decide to once again capitalize on Lennox and Tito (who, by the way, is the most silent Project Manager in the history of The Apprentice) and come up with an idea of Kodak’s ink “knocking out” the competition.

Stephen gets a grand idea of getting a shot of Lennox and Tito, both shirtless and wearing boxing gloves (“Looks like something for a sex magazine,” Vincent complains), sprawling, “knocked out” next to a Kodak printer. After the shot, as Lennox and Tito try to get off the table that they’re laying on, the table tips, dousing the team’s laptop with coffee and frying it — and all of their 8 hours’ worth of graphics — into oblivion. Time for Plan B. Team Hydra heads to an all-night printer to get replacement graphics.

On to the task itself. Team Empresario’s presentation is impeccable, but the concept is weak (and not at all what Kodak was looking for, although Gene believes that “they’re wrong.”). Team Hydra’s concept is right-on, but looks, in guest “eyes and ears” Jim Cramer’s opinion, “like a dumpster.” The Kodak execs make their rounds, too, but the big visitor to Team Hydra’s “dumpster” is Stephen’s brother, Alec Baldwin. “There’s no one more full of crap than Stephen,” Alec says of Stephen’s sales-style. But Stephen’s style must work for Alec, because he buys up a bunch of printers at a grand a pop.

In the boardroom, The Donald (white tie) gives Gene grief about once again not meeting with the executives. Then he gives Tito some trouble about the amateur look of their Airbus. But, he announces, amateur-looking or not, Team Hydra takes the win again (that’s #3 for the guys). Tito will receive $20,000 to give to the charity of his choice (St. Jude’s).

After The Donald sends the guys out, Gene sticks to his convictions that his presentation was the best and that the Kodak executives were “wrong.” He has a head-to-head moment with Ivanka once again (I wonder if she has nightmares starring Gene Simmons). And then he makes the strange (and seemingly random) decision to bring Omarosa back into the boardroom with him. The Donald basically tells him that would be a huge mistake (and also basically tells him to bring Nely instead), but Gene is hard-headed and insists on bringing back Jennie as well. It makes no sense for either of those women to be in the boardroom. The Donald is perplexed, but his hand is forced. He can’t fire either of the women; they’ve done nothing wrong. “I have no choice,” he says. “…Gene, you’re fired.”

In the taxi, Gene says, “I stand by my convictions.”

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Piers and Stephen have it out.

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