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Make Me A Supermodel: Heatherette

January 17, 2008 10:04 PM by Lisa Stauber

bravo-tv1-make-me-a-supermodel.jpgLast week, host Tyson Beckford deemed Dominic, Sarah, and Katy the least likely to become a supermodel. While most of the models are wishing bad tempered Dominic a quick good riddance, Frankie’s still looking out for number one. “I hope it’s Sarah, because she poses more of a threat,” he says unapologetically. “It’ll be better if she’s out early.”

America voted, and Frankie gets his wish. Sarah’s the first to leave the runway.

The girls are not pleased to see Dominic return. “He just puts stress on everyone,” Holly complains. Maybe a new look will give him a new attitude: the first challenge is a spa day.

The girls totter off to Cutler Salon, where they get new looks. Katy becomes a redhead, and Holly is divested of her signature bob. “You can’t get attached to your hair,” she’s told. Jackie’s ears are mocked, again. They seem to be a favorite flaw for the judges to pick on.

The men stay home and the day spa comes to them. They’re going to be branded like merchandise for the agency. There are no hot irons in the fire, but there’s plenty of hot wax and the men get it everywhere – butt, belly and back. Perry, still sporting crutches, gets no reprieve, but Frankie is the most dramatic, actually leaping off the table when his turn comes.

It’s time to take their new looks and move it in a new way, and the photographer has an aerial shot in mind. The contestants are harnessed up, groomed, and dressed. Some of the contestants are naturals, but not everyone flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Jay is stiff, Katy can’t quite give the right pose, and Ben lacks energy. He’s really struggling with his feet off the ground. As usual, Jackie nails it and Ronnie gets a thumbs up as well. Frankie takes advantage of the wires, flipping sidewise, but Dominic is the one who gets high praise. “His features are perfect for the camera,” the photographer gushes.

The models quickly change into their black leotards for the next challenge: measurements. Poor Katy is forced to reveal that her hormones have, indeed, caused her to go up an inch in the bust as she outs her cycle on national television. That’s embarrassing, but not as much as what happens next. Aryn’s lost three inches in one week and the room falls silent. She backpedals and defensively claims she’s just been working out really hard. She had better stop losing, or she’ll be ordered to pack the pounds back on.

Debbie Dietering reappears as the runway tutor. I don’t know what she’s been telling Dominic, but it’s not helping!

The models gather for a family style meal and some not-so-family-friendly sharing. Jackie takes Aryn to task for being too private; Dominic hears some hard words – again – about his attitude. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, Dom, but when everybody tells you to stop complaining, over and over again, maybe you should stop complaining! Of course, he whines that everyone’s picking on him. Ronnie reveals his not-so-secret crush on married prison guard Ben. Ben flirts back, but in the interview seems to need convincing that this is a good thing.

The final challenge is a catwalk, provided by Heatherette. “It’s theatrical,” designer Richie Rich explains, “Like a rock concert.” The fashions are unusual, and the makeup is dramatic. The men all have chains attached to their face and bold body glitter.

Jackie rules the runway, and Aryn struts her stuff. Jay finally shows some improvement, and Casey does better, too. Katy is less sure of herself, and judge Cory Bautista tells it like it is. “She’s just not supermodel material.”

Dominic, and his sense of entitlement, is insulted again. “He’s like a stiff, cardboard cowboy,” Tyson comments, and it’s true. Even Ben’s prison guard walk wasn’t as bad as Dom stomping around in spurs!

Niki Taylor has glowing praise for the three best models this week. “You have shown the most improvement,” she tells Aryn, who is safe to walk another day. She commends Jackie’s brilliant catwalk, and tells Ronnie “We are truly impressed.” Jackie wins this round, leaving the final four.

Jay’s minor improvements have earned him another week on the show. It’s up to us, America, to decide if Dominic, Katy, or Ben will be sent home. Dom and Katy have been through this before, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Ben, half naked in a glitter covered baseball cap, hearing that he’s on the chopping block! Vote by 3 am Friday, Jan. 18 at www.bravotv.com for your favorite!

Photo courtesy Bravo TV

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